Does forever exist?

Well... That was a surprise...

Maybe next time we should use a condom hmm?


1. 1

"Please don't go.." She mumbled as she wrapped her arms around my waist "don't leave me here." She whined "awh, baby... I'll be home soon." I promised "8 months! I'll be old by then!" She said dramatically

"Okay.. No need to be dramatic.." I chuckled "harry." She said "I'm not! I'll have gray hair when you get back." She said I smiled and kissed her forehead "how bout this? I'll come see you in a couple months?" I suggested "okay.." She said looking up at me

She leaned up and pressed her plump lips to the corner of my mouth "I'll miss you." She said closing her eyes "stop.. I'll have a hard-on if you keep this up." I mumbled in her ear as I pressed my hips into hers. She gasped but giggled "sucks for you.." She smiled

"Styles let's go!" Gary barked I looked down at London "I love you baby girl." I smiled kissing her lips "I love you more." She said I shook my head picking up my backs "I love you most." I said she giggled "I love you to the moon and back." She insisted "well I love you to infinity and back." I pressed kissing her one more time "styles!" Gary yelled "coming!" I yelled "bye baby! I'll call when I land." I promised and then I was shoved towards the plane and she disappeared

London's POV

Once he disappeared the tears started building up and i slowly turned and walked back to harry black range rover he gave to me while he's gone.. I slowly unlocked his car and got in I blasted his music and noticed it was already 5 am so I drove to Starbucks and decided to go and relax. I walked in and ordered a pumpkin spice frap. because it was November and I feel like I should have one. Once I got my drink and sat down I pulled out my phone, put my earbuds in turning on the music and then going to twitter.

I scrolled through looking at everyone's posts and then decided to go to Harry's page. "Leaving for America.. Going to miss my baby girl @harrys_girl love you baby!" He tweeted I smiled and looked and all the comments "you guys are so cute! I'm going to your fight on Monday Harry!! Good luck!" "Eww Harry why are you dating her? She's a slut." Someone said making me frown but I looked down and noticed someone who stuck up for me "I think hey are a cute couple, and if Harry's happy then let him be. I think London is a beautiful girl who deserves everything Harry gives her." I giggled I decided to tweet something

"Missing my boyfriend @harrystyles he's going to be gone for 8 months and I already miss him. Love you!" I said and he immediately commented "awh, baby, I miss you more! Love you." He said I giggled and went to Instagram.

I took a picture of my drink and said: "missing my boo... Come home as soon as possible!" I wrote and then posted it. I had a lot of followers because i was friends with zayn, Louis, Liam, and Niall.... Then I got even more followers when I started dating Harry.. Plus I the followers I had before.. I immediately got a bunch of likes and comments but Harry commented so I looked at it "I'll come home every month if I have to... So I can see my baby!" He said and then I got another bunch of comments "y'all are soo cute!!" "I'm so glad you guys are dating" "do t worry London... Harry will come home soon." I smiled

I smiled and kept scrolling until I felt a presence in front of me I looked up and saw a boy who looked about Harry's age I pulled my earbuds out "can I help you?" I asked staring at him "I was just wondering what a pretty girl like you was doing here all alone." He asked "I'm trying to ignore people like you." I said "hey.. Let's just calm down alright?" He said "fuck off." I said "London?" I heard I turned and saw Louis I jumped up and ran into his arms "Louis!" I squealed "hello sweetheart. Is he bothering you?" He asked I turned and looked at the boy and he looked a little scared "no.. We were just talking." I assured

Louis just gently pushed me away and turned walkin away "goodbye London..." He said and he was gone I sighed "I miss you..." I said and picked up my drink throwing it away and going out to Harry's car.

I sat there and started crying. Louis has completely abandoned me and now Harry is gone, I have no family left and I'm done... With everything.

I went home and decided to make a YouTube video. I sat right next to the window with my camera set up and me in front of it. "Hey guys!" I started and then I went on talking about my life and how everybody else was doing..

I looked at the time "mmmm..." I groaned it was already 6:30 "I need food...." I mumbled standing up I walked to the kitchen and heated up the food Harry made for me before he left

*warning!! Sexual scenes!!* *FB*

"What are you cooking?" I asked Harry when I went into the kitchen Harry turned around and smiled "I'm making you some food so you can eat real food while I'm gone. Liam is going to bring you some food once a week. You can put it in the freezer and just take it out when your ready for it." He said I looked down "do you have to go?" I asked letting a couple tears roll down my pale cheeks. "You need money... I need to make it for you." He said walking over to me I looked up into his green eyes "I don't care about your money... We could be living on the streets and I would still love you." I told him he chuckled and wrapped his arms around me resting his head ontop of mine "I'll be back before you know it.." He said rubbing my back "that's too long." I whined

"Are you done making the food?" I asked he pulled away "yeah just let me put it in the freezer." He quickly pushed it into our empty freezer and turned to me "can we please cuddle today?" I asked making a pouty face "for you..." He said picking me up bridal style "I'd do anything." He said kissing my cheek I smiled and kissed his dimple and then rested my head on his shoulder as he made his way upstairs "my room or yours?" He asked "mine." I whispered he nodded and he went straight into my room and he laid me down on my bed and walked to the other side and laid down. I immediately pulled him towards me and I wrapped my legs around him so they were on each side of him so I was straddling him. As I sat on him and leaned down and kissed his nose "I love you." I whispered in his ear and then nibbled behind it making him moan a little "I love you too." He said "what time do you leave tomorrow?" I asked "early..." He said I nodded "can we stay in bed all day?" I asked "all day? You realize it's already 3 pm..." He notified I rolled my eyes "for the rest of today..." I corrected "if that's what you want... Then of course." He smiled I nodded and leaned to kiss him on the lips.

I slowly leaned down and rested my lips on his he grabbed the back if my neck with his big hands and pulled me even closer. His tongue swiped across my lip asking for entrance which I obviously excepted. Our tongues didn't fight for dominance... No, they just danced together, while I linked out hands together pushing them up next to his head so I had full dominance. He slightly pulled away "London..." He mumbled "can we please do it?" He asked I pulled away "harry I do-" "please... Let me make love to you..." He begged I stared into his eyes "you'll make fun of me." I said hiding the fact about my scars "I wouldn't ever do that to you." He said

And I believed him "I'll be really careful." He said "okay.." I whispered leaning down and kissing him again. He slowly and gently pulled off my shirt and flipped me around so I was on my back. He kissed down to my shoulder and then down the middle of my breasts down my stomach, all the way down to my sweats. He hooked his fingers inside and started pulling them down. I closed my eyes tight waiting for him to start laughing at my scars... But it never came.

I was shocked when he did something else... My eyes shot open as I felt his warm lips trailing along my cuts and scars. He then looked up at me as I started crying. He came up and rested in between my legs, and he kissed my warm salty tears. "Beautiful." He whispered "there like battle wounds... Every single one has a meaning... But from now on, no more bad memories should be left behind." He said and kissed me

"Harry?" I whispered as he kissed my face "I'm scared." I said "you realize that everytime my dad raped me, he left those scars that I made...." I explained "those memories will come back." I said "I'm not your dad London. I'll be gentle and I would never hurt you okay?" He asked "okay." I nodded

Fb ended*

I smiled as I took my food out of the microwave harry didn't lie either.. He was gentle and nothing like my father. Being with him, letting him make love to me, and me to him, it just made me feel closer to him than ever before. That closeness is causing me to hurt more because he left. He's going to be gone for a whole 8 months and I can't see him every single day.

Harry's POV

As I sat in my seat I felt every bump the plane made making it nearly impossible to sleep. Instead if trying more I got up and walked over to Gary (my manager if you haven't realized that yet) "what's up?" He asked as I sat down in front of him "I want to know my schedule.." I said and he proceeded to tell me what we have planned for the next 3 weeks and how many fights I have, along with interviews and play offs, party's.. Etc.

after an hour of talking I went back to my chair and sat down thinking of London...


I slowly took her bra off "so perfect.." I mumbled as I pressed my lips in between the valley of her breasts she let out a small gasp and I licked all the way down the middle of her stomach to her underwear.. I slowly pulled them down and kissed every inch of her legs on the way down. Then I came back up and kissed the inside of her thigh. He jerked just a little bit and I gently rubbed her hip for assurance. Then I kissed her folds and she immediately gripped onto the sheets. I poked my tongue in and found her bud... I started licking, sucking and lightly nibbling at her.

Soon she was gasping and muttering my name. I lifted one finger to her and slowly pressed it into her making her buck her hips. I slowly started pumping making she breathing get heavier and slower. Then I added two and she started to shake slightly. I added one more finger and then she was shaking uncontrollably and then she arched her back and then her warmth flowed onto my fingers. I pulled them out and slowly licked them off and groaned "you taste so good!" I said I climbed ontop of her ms leaned down kissing her plump lips. She leaned up and pulled my shirt over my head and then she unbuttoned my pants and we pulled them off. I kissed her neck hearing small moans leave her perfect lips.

I kissed behind her ear and she bucked her hips and connected with my crotch. I groaned and pushed her back to to the bed and I dug our hips together. She stopped my hips and she kissed my shoulder. Then she pulled my underwear down.

I lined myself up with her and treated the tip of myself on her. "Are you ready?" I asked she nodded

FB ended*

I smiled as I remembered her big green eyes looking up at me and I went in... She was so scared she would remember. I also remember her pink plump lips parting as a small moan escaped after I started pumping. Her arms wrapping around my neck pulling me down closer to her so she could kiss me.


"God your so tight!" I moaned "go faster!" She begged and I did as she asked pumping faster and faster then slow and then fast again. Soon she was shaking and I felt myself ready to go. I pumped two more times and then slammed myself into her really hard and stayed there and that's when we came undone together.

I kissed her and pulled out laying next to her pulling her to me and that's where we fell asleep together.

FB ended*

London's pov

It's been a whole week and it's just dawning on me that Harry really is gone and he won't be back for months. I've been hanging out with Liam and Danielle's a lot lately. They are super nice and I love Danielle she's a cutie. Obviously I'm not going to trust anyone completely. I only trust them enough not to murder me... And I'm not bestfriends with any of them and probably never will be.

*ding dong*

I walked over to my door and looked through the peep hole. "Ooh Chinese is here!!" I called to Niall I opened the door and took the food from the guy. I set it on the side table "how much?" I asked pulling out my phone case that was a wallet.. "35." He said I nodded and gave him 40. "Keep the change." I smiled he smiled back and I shut the door.

I grabbed the food and walked into the kitchen where Niall was sitting "finally!" He said "in starving..." He said dramatically I giggled and handed him his noodles. I sat down and started eating my lemon chicken and rice. Then my lap top stared dinging. I ran into the front to see Harry face timing me "Harry!" I squealed "hi baby!" He beamed I sat down on the couch "who is it?" Niall called "it's Harry!!" I yelled and all the sudden I hear loud footsteps and Niall flipped himself over the couch "Harry!" He yelled like a gay man I giggled at him "your so gay!" I laughed Harry laughed too "hey niall!" He smiled

"Where are ya?" Niall asked "I'm actually on the plane.. I'm headed to Washington." He said "lucky.." I pouted "I'm stuck here with this idiot." I said pointing to Niall "hey!" He yelled I laughed and turned to Harry "how's the states?" I asked "it would be better with you..." He said "awwwwhh!!" Niall squealed "you guys are so cute!" He smile "go eat your food!" I said pushing him away

"What time is it there?" I asked as I got comfortable "it is... 7 am" he said "that's early! Why are you awake?" I asked "I had to be on the plane by 5:30 and I couldn't go back to sleep so I decided to call you." He said "I miss you Harry...." I mumbled "I miss you too baby girl." He said "but only 7 1/2 more months!" He smiled "only..." I mumbled "harry that's too long!" I groaned

"Trust me they will go by fast!" He promised and I nodded and we talked for another two hours until we finally hung up. I looked up at Niall who was asleep next to me. I smiled and stood up walking upstairs and grabbed a blanket off my bed. I ran back downstairs and gently laid it on Niall. I went into the kitchen and made Harry's favorite drink... My mothers tea that she taught me to make and a very young age.

I poured it into a mug and slowly made my way upstairs. I walked into Harry's room and sat down on his bed with my mug in hand. I logged onto my laptop. I logged on to tumblr.

I scrolled through looking around at a bunch of pictures while I drank my tea. I logged off tumblr and went to Facebook. Eleanor was on so I talked to her for awhile and then I got off that too. I got into Netflix and turned on mean girls. I paused it and ran back down to the kitchen. I washed my mug and put it back in the cabinet. I checked on Niall to see that he was still asleep but his blanket was on the floor.. I giggled and covered him back up.

I went back to Harry's room and laid down on my stomach with my laptop in front of me. I pressed play on the movie and watched.

*beep beep beep*

I jumped up "what?" I looked around and turned Harry's alarm off... 6 am.... I laughed I always get up around 6:30 and Harry always liked to get up before me to make breakfast. I smiled and got up. I grabbed one of Harry's tshirts and walked to my room. I put my clothes on my bed and walked into my bathroom and got in the shower.

I washed my hair with coconut shampoo and conditioner. Then I shaved everything that needed to be shaved and then washed my body with vanilla body wash. I got out and wrapped my hair with a towel and then out another towel around my body. I leaned over the sink and washed my face and brushed my teeth. I walked to my room and dried my body and dropped the towel to the floor.

I walked to my dresser and pulled a pair of underwear and a bra out. They were black spandex and a black poka dot bra. I pulled on my black skinny jeans and Harry gray t shirt. I went to my vanity and took the towel off my head and dried it. It fell in curls down my back resting just above my bum. I pulled it up into a pony tail and started my makeup. I put foundation on and then a little bit of mascara and lip gloss. I went and grabbed my phone and unplugged it putting it into my back pocket.

I looked at the clock and it read 6:47 I sighed and walked downstairs. I looked over to see Niall still asleep.

I grabbed Harry's keys and my made sure I had money in my wallet phone case. And then I walked out of the apartment. I walked down the hall and down to the lobby. "Hello miss London!" The doorman greeted "hello jerry! Please call me London." I smiled "goodbye... London." He smiled and I nodded and walked to Harry's car.

I drove over to a donut shop and got 4 donuts, then I went to Starbucks and got myself a pumpkin spice frappe. Then I got Niall a vanilla bean frappe. I drove back to the apartment and it was already 8. I walked in to see Niall still sleeping. I sighed and went to put the donuts and drinks in there. I put the donuts on a plate and took it out the the coffee table. Then I went back to the kitchen and grabbed our drinks. I sipped on my pumpkin drink and sat on nialls feet. "Wake up!" I said

"Niall you need to get up!" I said again poking him "go away..." He mumbled "nope!" I giggled "I got Starbucks" I said he shot up "I'm awake!" He yelled "give it to me!!" He said "I handed it to him "I even got donuts." I said picking up the plate of donuts.

"Ooh! Chocolate.." He smiled grabbing the chocolate sprinkled donut. "Thanks gurrrl!" He said acting gay I giggled "are you sure your not gay?" I asked he rubbed his pretend beard "it's a possibility." He said I shook my head and laughed...

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