I closed my locker tightly and lock my love back onto it. Click I slowly walk to my next class with my head low. People I know, but they don’t know me. This is how it feels to be invisible, you see things and you know things and I am going to use that to my advantage. This is when I stand tall and make myself solid. I am going to post the Rumour List Every Week, new set of “rumours” but what nobody knows is that they are the truth and this will test friendship, trust, relationship, and responsibility. So watch your back because you might be part of the RUMOURS


2. The List

It started out with me, being a nobody in a crowd of somebodies. It was fine, because that is how it has been since Kindergarten, but hurts nonetheless.

Being "invisible" to the rest of the world has it's perks. You can listen to everyone's conversation without anyone bothering you or even questioning why you are just sitting there. You can sneak by in class, without being called out because even the teachers like the cool kids. Downsides? It was hard to find a seat at lunch, because everyone was saving seats for their friends. It was hard to pick groups in class, so I was left with the slackers. So all this invisible rage that I never felt inside of me, because I loved being nobody, because nobody judged me if they never saw me, or hated me because I never talked. But this rage took over me. 

On October 17th, I silently wrote in my notebook on the bus, in the front seat, an easy escape from the rest of the noisy bus. There were several rows of empty seats that separated the quiet ones to the popular, loud obnoxious ones.

It was then, writing about my imminent future, was how much it hurt that nobody in the back would call my name and say "Hey Beatrice, did you watch the latest episode of The Bachelor?". Of course I didn't but the thought it what counts.

But sitting here, alone, on the bus daily made me notice how immune to the pain I was and how I wanted everyone to feel it too.

My big plan? A list.

Call me a mastermind but I got the idea from the people themselves. During my many hours of being Harriet the Spy, I once heard Sabrina Carson, the Queen Bee herself talk about how she was ranked highest on the Hot List.

The Hot List? An anonymous website used to rank the girls at a school by hottest. As stupid as it was, it was brilliant all the same. 

Use something simple as a list to bring people down, but I don't care about attractiveness, but I did care about secrets.

Secrets are what the pretty girls use to keep themselves pretty. 

Sabrina Carson? Had a nose job and only does Volleyball for the popularity. 

The things you find out when you are invisible, but I won't be invisible for long.

If anyone heard my thoughts, it would make me sound like a revengeful spirit but I'm just a girl ready to show the world what Jackson  High School was really made of.


Let me say my grades are not the best, and it didn't help I spent most of Algebra making up my first list. This list was petty secrets. 

Naomi Swift cheated on her final exams, Andrew Jameston blackmails kids in the science club to do his homework, Annie Campbell takes pills to stay up and study. Stupid little secrets, but secrets nonetheless.

"Beatrice, would you like to contribute the answer to my question? Or are you too busy finishing homework for another class?" I slam my laptop closed, the class snickering at me.

"The answer is 4.553" 

"Thank you, now it would be nice if you were taking notes." I nod and open my notebook. I begin to write the notes from the board but the list is all I can think about. 

I could be cliche and print the papers out and tape them around school, but that is harder is do anonymously, but the internet is a great way to spread the word, and almost everyone has a social media account.



To Do List:

1. Make a Twitter account

2. Think of a clever name

3. Post the list

4. Follow everyone from school

5. Watch the chaos unfold.  










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