I closed my locker tightly and lock my love back onto it. Click I slowly walk to my next class with my head low. People I know, but they don’t know me. This is how it feels to be invisible, you see things and you know things and I am going to use that to my advantage. This is when I stand tall and make myself solid. I am going to post the Rumour List Every Week, new set of “rumours” but what nobody knows is that they are the truth and this will test friendship, trust, relationship, and responsibility. So watch your back because you might be part of the RUMOURS


1. ~Prologue~

Who I am doesn't matter

What matter's is why I am here.

I am here to tell you

a story about how rumors

ruin peoples lives.

So next time you make or spread one, you will at least have second thoughts because this isn't the 

"She spread a rumor,ruined girls life, she somehow fixed her life and happily ever after. 

No, this is the story about how

nothing will be normal

and nothing will be the same after this

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