Hidden identity // H.S

His green orbs drew me in and now i am stuck. Stuck between his Angels and his Demons. Stuck within his hidden identity...

No matter how confident someone might seem they're always fighting an inner demon.


8. Chapter 8


Oh shit...



"There will be no personal relationship between Mr.Styles and the subject"

I kept repeating the rule in my head like a mantra. 

He was the one who broke that rule.

I stood staring at myself in the full length mirror in my room.

Rose said that Mr.Styles left as soon as just before i came in from the garden.

He hadn't been home since. It was 10 at night. Rose has gone home and i was left by myself.


I sighed and stared displeased back to myself when i saw my reflection, picking out my flaws.

Short, chubby, fat, ugly. I could go on and on.

When i was at school my friends disagreed and said i wasn't. I know they were lying. My friend took photo's of me for her photography and i could see the truth right in front of me. I hated my arms, legs and nose. I mean i'd lost weight since then after living on the streets but i still hated it. A tear silently fell down my cheeks as i continued to stare.


I heard the front door slam, making me jump. I turned and held my hand against my heart as it pounded and walked over to the bedroom door. I turned to doorknob and pulled it towards me, walking out into the hall. I ran half way down the stairs and looked at the front door to see who had come in.

I didn't recognize him.

His hair was a rich blonde and swiped up messily. He was dressed casually in a pair of light blue denim jeans, a baggy white t-shirt and He wore white nike hightops on his feet. He looked around and his blue eyes looked up into mine. 

I was in some basic cream pj's and embarrassment flooded me.

"Hello, how may i help you?" I asked. He must have a code to get in through the gate so he must be close to Mr.Styles.

"I was looking for the master if the house" He said in a mocking posh voice like Mr.Styles.

"He's not here and i don't know when he'll be back" I replied.

He frowned but it quickly fleeted when there was a loud banging on the door. 

We both looked over simaltaneously and the man walked over and opened it. He doesn't live here.

Once he opened the door the body of Mr.Styles fell lifelessly on the floor.

Oh shit.

My heart began to pound.


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