Hidden identity // H.S

His green orbs drew me in and now i am stuck. Stuck between his Angels and his Demons. Stuck within his hidden identity...

No matter how confident someone might seem they're always fighting an inner demon.


7. Chapter 7


a/n: It's the last day of the holidays today *tear silently rolls down cheek* And i don't really know how often i'll be able to update as i have revision classes after school and school is just draining. Urgh. I could just start updating at the weekends so it would be once a week or i could try to update after the revision classes or on wednesdays when i dont have any? it depends how often you guys want me to. xoxox


What just happened?


The day was slow.It just consisted of Cleaning. More cleaning. Blah. Blah. Blah. 

Mr.Styles is in a meeting. 

"Felicity." Rose called me over to were she stood draining some lettuce for a salad she was preparing for dinner. After what happened this morning,Mr.Styles refused i cooked. I don't blame him really.

I walked over to Rose "Yes?" I asked.

She put the drainer in the sink and turned to face me. 

"As it's sunny today. I wish to show you the garden" She smiled and i couldn't say no.

I followed her to the sliding glass doors that lead to the garden. It was stunning and not to mention huge like the house. A winding blue stone path circled in the garden going down the hill. Which led to a giant pond surrounded by large thin rocks. The water was clean and ducks sat on the water cleaning their feathers. Along the edge of a path where small light blue wooden posts linked by metal chains preventing people from walking and squashing the beautiful flowers. There were a variety of colours from bright pinks to subtle purples either side of the pathway. As we walked down, on the right hand side, was a small willow tree that reached over the pond, the leaves lightly brushing the surface of the water. A large woodlands surrounded the whole garden. 

I continued to follow Rose down the path. She quickly turned a corner where the path had stopped and walked into the woodlands. 

"This is my favorite part of the garden" she said and continued forwards and walked down some broken stone steps.

"Careful, it's a trip hazard down here" and she laughed quietly.

She stopped and sat down on a bench and i looked forward. It was beautiful. The sun had began to fall to the horizon. Blazes of vibrant pinks and orange shot across the sky. 

I sat beside Rose on the bench. It was close to the edge of a small cliff and I looked down in the clearing of trees and waves crashed against the sand below us.

"There are steps over there that lead to the beach" she pointed into the trees to the left "which also belongs to Ha-"

"Rose" A stern voice said behind us and she quickly stood and turned to face towards them.

"Go finish preparing dinner." She gave a small nod and rushed back into the woodlands. 

I slowly stood and turned around. There he stood in all his glory. Mr.Styles. His meeting must have finished early.

But how did he know where we were?

"Finish your work" He said firmly and walked away into the growing darkness of the woodlands. I quickly followed not wanting to get lost. But he had vanished. I looked around but he had rushed off and i couldn't see where he'd gone. I walked forward and found the steps, slowly ascending them, trying not to trip. I reached the top and walked straight through the trees. I looked around after hearing footsteps behind me.

Quickly, I turned and was pushed against the hard bark of the tall oak trees. My arms where pinned above my head. Lips attacked mine with desperation. With lust. I looked into their beautiful green orbs. Mr.Styles. I closed my eyes as his hips grinded into me. A moan slipped my lips. His kisses trailed down to my jawline. My heart rate quickened and my breathing deepened.

He pulled away looking down and frowned. He looked back up into my eyes, his face quickly becoming emotionless. He fixed his tie and walked forward. I quickly followed a distance behind him and found myself back in the open garden. 

I stood for a minute composing myself as he strided back up the path to the mansion.

What just happened?

I steadied my breathe before continuing into the unknown.


a/n: So this is what the garden is supposed to look like!! And did you get feels?? I know it's a short chapter but i'm really tired because i've been away for the weekend with the youth club i go to and i went to bed at like 2am and woke up at 8am two nights in a row. So im like dead haha. Please comment, like and favorite! Love you allllll xoxox

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