Hidden identity // H.S

His green orbs drew me in and now i am stuck. Stuck between his Angels and his Demons. Stuck within his hidden identity...

No matter how confident someone might seem they're always fighting an inner demon.


6. Chapter 6

I got changed into the maids uniform once again. It was six and i heard the front door ring. I quickly pulled on the converse after taking them off to change and sprinted downstairs. 

I walked over to open it and pulled it back to see Rose. I stepped to the side to let her in and gave her a tight hug. When we pulled away she gave me a heartily smile. Her eyes traveled up to the stairs.

"Sir." she slightly bowed her head formally. 

I turned and saw him dressed and a white shirt with a black tie and suit with matching pants. He just stood emotionless watching us both. My smile quickly disappeared and i gave him a small nod as Rose did.

"Come" Rose said grabbing my wrist lightly and dragging me to the kitchen. "We need to start preparing breakfast".

I nodded and we stood by the black marble counter. "You know how to cook don't you?"

I blanched. "Er I was never any good." A sharp stabbing pain went through my head. I screwed my face and rubbed my temples to rid the pain but it got worse and began to pound my skull.

"Are you okay?" Rose asked putting the back of her hand on my head. "Jesus Felicity. Your burning. Must be from being caught out in that terrible weather yesterday when you came back all wet."

She looked almost alarmed. "Here sit" she pulled a chair from the table and i sat down. "Stay here" she said and quickly rushed off.

I stood up and quickly grabbed some Advil and a glass of water and flushed it down quickly. I rested my hands either side of the sink and bowed my head down waiting for the pain to disappear. I closed my eyes.

"Okay Felicity." My mum started "We are going to make a basic spaghetti bolognese"

"Muuumm you know i can't cook to save my life" I moaned and we both laughed.

"Well, today you will cook. Practise makes perfect as they say" I rolled my eyes at her. This will never work.

"Okay put the oven on" she said.

"How?" I asked twisting all the knobs and pressing all the buttons on the cooker.

She stepped in and moved back everything on the cooker to how it was. "There's a switch there" she said pointing at the wall and i flicked the red switch.

... In the end she gave up and cook the meal herself.

"Calm Felicity. Calm."

I took deep breathes and began to return to reality.

I opened my eyes. The blurred figures in front of me coming into focus. I was sat on the floor, my back against the cupboard below the sink. Rose sat on the chair she'd pulled out for me biting her nails in worry.

Mr.Styles was knelt beside me. "Rose go fetch a damp cloth from the bathroom" Rose turned her head to look at me and stood up leaving the room.

I rubbed my head. "I'm okay" I said and attempted to stand. 

"NO" He said his eyes wide and he pushed my shoulders down stopping me from standing. 

"Seriously, i'm fine. I've had things like this before its just messed up mem-" I stopped not wanting to reveal anymore. "Now get off me. Please." I pulled his hands off my shoulders and quickly stood. Maybe a bit too fast and held my head closing my eyes waiting for the dizziness to pass. 

He came to support me but i just pushed him away. I walked through to the hall and the headache began to fade.

Rose came up to me. "I'm fine now thankyou" I said not accepting the cloth. "I'll be back in a minute" I said walking to my room and closing the door behind me. I sat on the bed with my head in my hands.

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