Hidden identity // H.S

His green orbs drew me in and now i am stuck. Stuck between his Angels and his Demons. Stuck within his hidden identity...

No matter how confident someone might seem they're always fighting an inner demon.


5. Chapter 5

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His eyebrows furrowed as he was deep in thought...



Hands pulled at my body. Stopping me from reaching the beautiful angel that glowed in the light. "Get of me!" I sobbed as I tried to reach forward. I was so close and was about to grab the hand of the marvelous creature until i was pushed down onto the hard concrete floor. It was pitch black and the Angel had disappeared. I heard my mother screaming and begging. "Mum?" i screamed out and it all went silent. A bright light shone on me and there he stood. A knife held in his hand. He plunged it down towards me.

I screamed and shot up in the king size bed. My chest rose quickly and blood rushed through my body in fear. The basic pajamas's I wore where drenched in sweat. I pulled the earplugs from my ears which Mr.Styles had suggested and rested them down on the beside table. 

He was right that i would need them. It was no formal party. Instead it was a large house party with booming music and cheers.

I checked the digital clock beside the earplugs. 4:30am. I slumped back onto my pillow annoyed that It's most likely i wont be able to fall back asleep. I turned on the lamp and pulled the covers from my body. I stood up pulling on the converse I wore the day before and decided to go downstairs to get a glass of water. I walked over to the door which i locked as Mr.Styles had asked. 

As i stepped out the room there was a crunch under my foot and i looked down, able to see as the house lights were softly illuminated, to see i'd stood on the red cup.

The house smelt of sweat and sick. Most likely from being intoxicated by alcohol and dancing. I walked down the large stairs and to the kitchen making sure i dodged all the cups and rubbish left behind. I grabbed a glass and filled it with water. Well after looking in different cupboards to find a glass even though Rose had shown me. I took small sips as i leaned against the worktop before gulping the last half down. The cold water refreshing. 

Knowing there was no point going back up to bed, I decided to tidy up and grabbed a black bag from under the sink, which surprisingly i knew the location of.

Once i'd finished tidying and just finished the hall,and i was surprised not to find any strangers passed out, Mr.Styles came walking down the steps in sweat pants and a bare torso. He looked so laid back.His body was toned and black marking were spread across his body each in extreme detail. He was beautiful. He pushed his hands through his messy bed hair which made him look so irresistible. I felt the need to grab and tug at his hair myself. Stop Felicity! i scolded myself. 

As he reached the last step his eyes flicked up to meet mine. He was caught off guard and quickly composed himself back to being serious. I looked down and blushed furiously as if i'd been caught in some dirty deed. I stood embarrassed in the basic cotton pj's as he brushed passed me and into the kitchen.

I tied up the rubbish bag and put it in the bin just outside the front door. I walked back into the kitchen where Mr.Styles stood leaning against the counter popping some advil into his mouth and flushing it down with a glass of water. I washed up the plates that had food on from the tables and dried them forgetting where they went. I searched the cupboards before Mr.Styles opened one beside his head. He put his glass down beside the sink. I tried to reach up and put the plates on the shelf but i feel just short.

"Here" Mr.Styles said. He stood behind me. My back against his chest as he took the plates from me and put the on the shelf. I blushed at the close contact and when he moved back and leaned back on the counter i proceeded by cleaning his cup and putting it away. I grabbed a damp cloth and wiped over the table to move away. I felt his eyes following me.

"You don't start until six. Why are you up?" He asked as if not understanding.

"Erm, i-i woke up and couldn't get back to sleep. So i decided to get a drink and tidy up." I stuttered. I didn't like talking about the nightmares.

I turned to face him and saw his eyebrows furrowed as he was deep in thought.

I rinsed of the cloth and put it to the side as i drained the sink. I quickly dried my hands on a tea towel and started to walk out from the beautiful black marble kitchen.

"Breakfast at Six" He said. I looked at him and gave him a small nod returning to my room.

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