Hidden identity // H.S

His green orbs drew me in and now i am stuck. Stuck between his Angels and his Demons. Stuck within his hidden identity...

No matter how confident someone might seem they're always fighting an inner demon.


4. Chapter 4

a/n: they fixed my movella's!! yayyy!! no i have a cover and profile picture. I contacted them about it yesterday so they must of seen it if it's fixed today :D and this chappy is going to be a long one so i hope you enjoy it :* xoxoxoxox



"I'm sure you know the little saying curiosity killed the cat."



"This Is the living space" Rose said as we concluded our tour. The mansion was stunning. On the second floor there were 3 other guestrooms alongside mine, an art studio that was pretty much empty other than the occasional unfinished painting. Downstairs through the kitchen is a large meeting room with a long, wide table throughout with about twenty comfortable chairs around it. Of course we missed out the third floor but I was curious to find out why we weren't allowed up there. 

The living space was lively and i could see it was probably used for formal parties. There were two large cream sofa's in the center of the room facing each other. Each one could probably seat around six people. On the ceiling, of course, hung a giant crystal chandelier matching that of the ones in the hall. On the wall where giant abstract painting making the room look slightly more modern. 

"Oh and i forgot, the garden is through those glass doors. Yet you can't see it well with this weather. Maybe tomorrow. It is truly the best feature of the house though i must say." Rose said rather giddy like a young child as she talked about the garden.

"What's on the third floor" I asked nonchalantly. 

"Well Mr.Styles room. Oh and-" 

A voice was cleared behind us.

Rose and i turned simultaneously. There he stood the beautiful man who saved me. Stop thinking like that! remember one of the rules. 'There will be no personal relationship between the subject and Mr.Styles.'

"Rose" He started "you may leave and go home please." 

"But sir-"

"GO. Now" He said more seriously.

"Sir, please." she challenged "Let me make dinner for Felicity and then i shall go."

"Fine but cook something quick" He said not taking his eyes off me. Rose scurried off towards the kitchen leaving me with Mr.Styles.

"Miss.Smith" He started "Why do you seek the need to know what is on the third floor?"

I was about to speak but he continued.

"Is it that your human nature of curiosity has taken over you. I'm sure you know the little saying curiosity killed the cat."

I nodded as his voice remained serious.

"Well, there is no need for you to know what is on the third floor so, I will be having words with Rose. You are not allowed to speak with her about it. If i find out you have then I will end the contract with you instantly."


"I understand" I said looking down.

"Oh and look at me when i am speaking with you dear. Another thing. I am having a party tonight so you shall stay in your room tonight. And it will be loud. There are ear plugs in your bedside table if you require them" He said with a smirk across his face. Is he finding the fact he's having a party funny? or that he's said it will be so loud i wont be able to sleep?

"Yes Mr.Styles."

"Now go and have your dinner and then go up to your room. You're dismissed." With that he quickly strided from the room and i let go of a breathe i didn't realize i was holding. He's more intimidating than i thought. 

I quickly walked to the kitchen to see Rose and Mr.Styles talking. There heads stopped to stare at me as i walked in. 

Mr.Styles muttered something to Rose and she nodded. He stood up straight and walked towards me not breaking eye contact. He barged my shoulder as he walked over. Ouch. What is his problem? I thought.

I rubbed my shoulder dulling the pain as i walked over to Rose.

"I'm sorry about that"

"No. I'm sorry i shouldn't have asked." I said looking down in shame.

She gave me a forced smile which i returned.

"Now, I must be off. Your dinner is on the table. Good Luck." She gave me a tight hug and walked off into the hall grabbing her coat and keys on the way. 

Good Luck? What for?

I pulled back a chair from the dining table and sat down grabbing the fork. I took a scoop of the spaghetti hoops and tore off some of the toast. I know kids food but i didn't care. I swallowed the food enjoying the warming sensation as it slipped down my throat. The last time i had this meal my mum had cooked it for me. We would sit on the sofa with a pillow on our laps like mini tables watching trashy tv. But I loved it. Only for the reason we were together. Mother and Daughter together. That was the last night before the nightmares began. 

Tears brimmed on my waterline as the thought started to haunt me once more. I pushed them away and stood up wiping my eyes. I took my plate over to the sink and washed it up before running upstairs to my room and slamming the door behind me. 

Tonight the memories will haunt me. Tonight i will scream...

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