Hidden identity // H.S

His green orbs drew me in and now i am stuck. Stuck between his Angels and his Demons. Stuck within his hidden identity...

No matter how confident someone might seem they're always fighting an inner demon.


3. Chapter 3

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"Good, now you may leave."


It was beautiful. Chandeliers hung from the tall ceiling illuminating the large entrance hall. There were doors either side of the room. 

"The door on the right is the kitchen and the door on you left if the living space." Mr.Styles said obviously seeing my curiosity. "Now, the third floor is forbidden unless I order you up there. Rose will give you a tour and take you to your room. She will also have a change of clothes. Now wait here, she'll be here in a minute." 

Then he disappeared into a small door between the curved stairs either side of the hall which led to the second floor.

"Hello madam, I'm Rose." I turned to see a beautiful lady that looked to be in her mid-forty's. Her eyes were a deep hazel brown that had dulled with age. Her skin had began to change as she had small laugh lines on the outsides of her eyes and faint lines around her thin pink lips. Her hair was a natural blonde with thin streaks of grey. She was smaller than me but not by much. 

"I'm Felicity Smith" i gave her a warm smile which she returned and i instantly warmed to her.

"Well Miss.Smith, Mr.Styles asked me to give you a tour, show you to your room and give you your uniform"

"Please just call me Felicity and that would be lovely thank you." 

"And he also suggested you have a shower to clean up"

"That would be amazing too, thanks" She smiled and began to walk to the flight of stairs. I followed her up until we came to a beautify crafted pure white door. 

"Here is your room." Rose opened the door and walked through to reveal a king size bed with clean white bedding.The long floor to ceiling curtains which covered the windows were black as well as the walls and carpet. the dressing and bedside table where a dark scarlet red adding colour to the huge room. A big mirror sat on the dressing table and the huge wardrobe was a dark mahogany.

"There's and en suite through that door there" she pointed to a black door to the right. She walked over to the huge wardrobe and opened it pulling out a maids uniform matching hers. She rested it gently on the bed. "This is your uniform" she sighed "There are towels in the bathroom for you and i shall be in the kitchen. So when your done come down and i will give you a tour." i gave her a nod and she quickly left.

I'm Alone but safe.

I walked into the en suite and locked the door behind me.

I walked over to the large shower and turned on the hot water. Stripping from dirty my clothes, i stepped in allowing the warmth of the water to encase my body.

After cleaning my body and hair i stepped out and grabbed a towel from the towel rack. Wrapping the towel tightly around my body, i walked back out into the large room. My room.

I quickly towel dried my dark brown hair pulling it up into a messy ponytail. Further along the bed was a beautiful white lace bra with matching panties that Rose must have set out. I quickly changed. The black dress that Rose had but down was actually quite beautiful. The skirt of the dress flowed and went down to my knees. The top half was tighter. On top I wore a white apron that went down as far as the dress. I looked in the mirror and smiled that I was finally in clean clothes. I looked in the wardrobe and saw multiple shoes of different sizes. I pulled out a black pair of low ankle converses. They were comfortable and added a bit of edge. 

I walked down to the kitchen where Rose stood preparing a meal. I cleared my throat and stood by the door. Rose turned and looked at me wide eyed. I furrowed my eyebrows. Is there something on my face? "You look beautiful, so young and innocent" she said and i looked down as my cheek began to grow red.

"Thankyou" i blushed and looked up.

"Now" she started "This meal is for Mr.Styles. You will take it to him in his study. I will come with you but wait outside. Mr.Styles wishes to speak with you"

I nodded as she walked over to me with a warm plate of food. "When do we eat?" i asked as my stomach began to growl from the warm aroma from the food reminded me that i hadn't eaten in quite a while. 

"We eat during our free periods. We have breakfast at 6:00am with Mr.Styles. Then we have a lunch break at 1pm when Mr.Styles often goes out and again at 7pm just before Mr.Styles returns but we will have dinner after your tour." i nodded and gave her a smile. "Now Mr.Styles' study is the small door between the stairs. I will take you" she ushered me from the room. 

She knocked on the door of the room Mr.Styles escaped to after we came in.

"Come in" His deep voice could be heard from inside. 

Rose opened the door and pushed it forward and i stepped in. "Sit" He demanded. 

Rose closed the door behind me and i walked further towards him and placed the plate of food, along with the cutlery, on his desk.

I sat on the soft cushioned chair opposite him. He continued to write out some paperwork. 

His study was smaller than i expected. It was dark and didn't match the rest of the feel of the mansion. In the middle of the room was his large black wooden desk covered in pieces of paper at which he sat at in a black chair identical to mine. The wall behind him was glass but the other three walls were painted black and a small bookshelf sat in the corner beside the door i came through. On the wall to the left was a large demonic painting which shocked me as i thought of him as friendly seeing as he helped me. The only light that was provided was a black lamp that sat on the corner of his desk.

"I need you to fill out a form. Just to say you consent to this arrangement. And you can leave at anytime but if you do you obviously have no where to go and You won't be paid because you are staying here instead." He said still writing on the paper.

"Okay" I replied and he looked up at me. Blue eyes met with green orbs which drew me in. They we're emotionless but held some kind of sorrow behind them.

"Miss.Smith" He pushed and pulled me from my thoughts once again.

I took the paper from him read it through.


Consent form:

For the approval of the subject Miss.Smith for the slavery of Mr.Styles.

The subject my end the contract instantly by informing MR.STYLES first.


Rules and regulations:

There will be no personal relationship with the subject and Mr.Styles.

During Parties the subject shall stay in there room with the door locked unless asked for by Mr.Styles.

If the subject feels they are unhappy with the way they are treated they may end the contract instantly without informing Mr.styles' but they will be required to leave a note with the reason for ending the contract.

The third floor is prohibited unless access is allowed by Mr.Styles himself.




I signed my name quickly.


I quickly passed the paper back to him which he quickly examined.

"Good, now you may leave" he dismissed me.

Quickly, i stood and left meeting Rose outside.

"Ready for your tour?" she smiled and we began our tour of the large mansion.


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