Hidden identity // H.S

His green orbs drew me in and now i am stuck. Stuck between his Angels and his Demons. Stuck within his hidden identity...

No matter how confident someone might seem they're always fighting an inner demon.


14. Chapter 14


"I looked at the door in disgust"


My heart rate quickened as he continued to stare straight into my eyes.

He dropped his hand and put it behind his back.

"Stand up" He demanded, his eyes growing darker with every passing second.

I complied and stood in front of him, looking down at my black converse.

"Look at me" He growled and i looked up into his darkening green eyes. I swallowed as he took a step towards me.

From behind him he pulled out a pair of black leather handcuffs.

I took in a deep breathe as he motioned for me to give him my hands.

I don't want to get into more trouble.  I reminded myself as i debated whether to make a run for it which would more than likely fail.

I submitted to him and gave him my wrists which he handcuff infront of me.

I continued to stare at him and resisted looking down at what he was doing with my hands. 

"Turn" He said, his voice was deeper than usual.

Once again I complied, not wanting to get into anymore trouble.

I faced the bed and looked down at the neat sheets.

Mr.Styles walked passed me, sitting on the bed directly infront of me.

"Don't bite your lip" He growled as he pulled me closer to him by the leather handcuffs.

I released my lip from between my teeth and looked down at him. Scared. 

"Turn" He said monotonously and i faced away from him.

Suddenly, I was pulled by my waist onto his lap. I sat helpless as the handcuffs restrained me.

Quietly, I heard the zip of my maids dress descend as his warm fingers touched the bare skin of my back.

"No. Please!" I cried knowing what was going to happen.

Suddenly he stopped and pulled my hair gently so my back was flat against his chest.

"Talk again and it will be ten times worse!" He whispered against my ear. The vibrations travelling south to there!

No! Why am I reacting to him this way?

I looked up at the ceiling as he leaned me forwards again.

He continued pulling the zip down slowly until it reached just above my hip.

He pushed the the dress over my shoulders, the tight material of the arms of the dress holding my elbows, restricting my arms further.

"Stand" He commanded and i did as he said; A tear rolling silently down my cheek.

He grabbed the material from either side of the zip and pulled it causing the top half of the skirt of the dress to rip.


I turned and he grabbed my wrists pulling me over his leg so i was on my stomach and thigh.

He sat at an angle which meant my arms and head laid on the bed. His other leg was behind me.

"You won't be needing this" He growled in my ear the effect, once again heading south to there! 

He pulled my light pink lace panties down my thighs, exposing my behind.

"Count to ten" he said and before I had time to think about what he was saying his hand collided hard against the skin on my behind.

"Count!" he shouted.

"One!" I said quietly as the sting from the hit passed through me but before i had time to adjust his hand collided again but in a different area.

"Two!" I screamed out in agony.


He continued, never hitting in the same place twice.

"Eight" I cried as we'd almost reached ten.

By now my eyes streamed because of the pain and anger i felt towards him.

"Nine" I whispered as my voice had began to crack.

"Ten" i mouthed as his hand collided with my bare skin for the last time.

"Stay here" He said shortly and stood up leaving my limp body to fall on the floor, my arms still restrained.

I kneeled carefully not to my burning backside on the floor.

Mr.Styles soon returned and sat near to where i laid. He moved closer on the bed.

I flinched when his hand made contact with me. Pain spread from my butt as he began to spread a soothing oil across my red skin.

Once he'd finished he pulled my panties back up and unlocked my handcuffs, removing them from my wrists.

"Be ready for work at six" He simply said and left the room.


I gently sat down on my bed and rubbed my wrists where the handcuffs had held me.

Tears began to fall on the white pyjama's i'd changed into.

I shivered as i remembered the pain which increased with each contact of his palm.

I looked at the door in disgust of what he had done.


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