Hidden identity // H.S

His green orbs drew me in and now i am stuck. Stuck between his Angels and his Demons. Stuck within his hidden identity...

No matter how confident someone might seem they're always fighting an inner demon.


11. Chapter 11

a/n: So the last chapter was pretty weird huh? haha all the italics at the beginning was a dream just incase you didn't understand haha it wasn't really that clear. 

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"Ready?" She asked.   "As i'll ever be"


I cleaned the kitchen, wiping over the sides thoroughly. 

"Felicity?" Rose called from the living space.

"Coming" I replied looking down at the cloth and abandoned it, heading to where Rose had called me from.

She stood in the middle of the room holding a vase of flowers. 

"Where shall i place these?" She asked.

I smiled. They were beautiful. The where pure white roses.

"They're stunning. What are they for?" I asked.

"Just decoration." She lifted them up to her face examining the delicate petals. "They're Mr.Styles' favorite"

"They were my Mum's favorite too" I smiled remembering her growing them in the garden and every so often clipping their stalks and placing them in a crystal glass vase.

"Your Mum must have a good taste" She smiled at me.

"She did" I looked down remembering what happened to her.  I looked down frowning, trying to push the memories to the back of my head.


I looked up and smiled "Oh sorry."

"It's fine" She smiled back "Now where shall i put these?"

I looked around the room examining all the possible surfaces the vase could sit until my eyes came across a large black grand piano hidden in the corner of the room. 

"What about on the piano?" I asked and walked over, lightly brushing my hand over the smooth wooden surface. 

"Where about on there?" 

"Here." I grabbed the vase from Rose who had followed me over. I placed the vase on the front left corner above the keys.

"It looks marvelous there. It stands out against the wood" Rose smiled admiring the beautiful flowers.

"Can you play?" I asked her as i lifted the cover which protected the black and white keys.

"No. And I don't think I've heard Mr.Styles play either." She frowned deep in thought. "Can you play?"

"Yes. I had lessons when I was younger." I pressed down the middle C key and a rich note echoed from inside the piano and throughout the room.

"What can you play?" 

"This" I said and began to play the light notes of Fur-Elise.

I was half way through when a voice was cleared behind interrupted me.

Quickly, I put the cover over the keys and stood up to face him.

Rose stood beside me, Picking at her nails behind her back.

"I have guests coming." He said sternly looking at Rose and then to me. "Some old friends."

I nodded and looked down.

"Only six and therefore i want you both to serve drinks and a few refreshments when they're asked for."

"Yes sir" Rose said, her voice clear and confident. She'd done this before.

"They're coming at around five this evening so i want you both to have cleaned and prepared food by then."

And with that he walked out of the room. I let out a deep breathe. 

I already broke my plan of being confident. Since what happened this morning i can't bring myself to look at him.

Automatically, i rubbed my wrists where he'd held them tightly this morning. No marks.



The doorbell rang. Rose and i had cleaned all the downstairs room from top to bottom and had drinks and snacks ready on large silver plates ready for the guests.

I stood adding the last couple of touches to the mini cakes and biscuits whilst Rose went and answered the door.

She returned a few moments later and smiled at me as she came in. 

"Ready?" She asked.

"As i'll ever be" I smiled nervously and took a deep breathe preparing myself.

"You'll be fine" Rose stood infront of me rubbing both my arms to try and settle me.

I took a final deep breathe and nodded grabbing a plate of food and Rose grabbed a plate with glasses of expensive vintage wine.

"I'll go first" She smiled "Just follow me".

She walked forwards and into the living space. I followed, walking with my back straight, trying to look presentable.

As i walked into the room I looked at the six guests.

They were all muscular and were dressed formally and looked more like body guards. Apart from one. Niall.

Our eyes met and i smiled remembering our awkward encounter last night when i wore my pajamas.

He smiled quickly before looking down and frowning. 

I looked at him confused.

I carried on walking further into the room and closer to where they sat. 

I lowered the plate, which i held on my right hand, so the guests could take the snacks.

I walked along and stood infront of Niall. He looked up and took a biscuit. He smiled thankful and put his hand against my empty hand which i held on my side. "Thankyou" He said. His rich Irish accent was beautiful.

He let go of my hand and inside i held a slip of paper which he must have passed to me. 

I gave him a small nod and walked over to Mr.Styles looking down as i once again lowered the plate.

I quickly looked up at him. He wore the same attire as this morning but his shirt was done up completely and a tie fell down his abdomen. It was thin and black which i thought was quite unusual. I'd never seen a tie like it before.

I looked back down pulling the plate away. I looked back up at him and he was staring straight at me. I stood there frozen. 

An awkward silence filled the room and i felt i was the cause. I looked back down and gave a small bow and walked quickly back to the kitchen releasing a shaky breathe feeling embarrassed. 

I placed the plate on the kitchen side. Knowing i only had a few minutes before i had to return out there with the snacks again, I opened my left hand which held the note Niall passed to me. I unscrewed it and read the message.

Meet me in the garden in 2 hours. I need to talk to you...

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