Hidden identity // H.S

His green orbs drew me in and now i am stuck. Stuck between his Angels and his Demons. Stuck within his hidden identity...

No matter how confident someone might seem they're always fighting an inner demon.


1. Chapter 1

Copyright 2014. All rights reserved to Skylar Styles <3.



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"I'll help you if you do something in return..."



I looked up to the gloomy sky. Rain poured down disguising my tears as I fell into a sob. Pressing my back against the stone wall, I slid down onto the dull grey concrete. Please just let me die. Please. 

The road was dark. I looked among the houses that surrounded me. The windows were lit and curtains drawn. All I could do was reminisce of when I was younger and remember when my mum would tuck me into bed on stormy nights and read me a story to comfort me. I wished it was still like that. But it's not.

"Ello love, why you out 'lone on a stormy night eh?" He was obviously drunk. The words continued to slur off his tongue. "Come on dear. I ain't gonna 'urt you." I pulled my knees to my chest for protection. Not that it would've helped anyway. He was extremely tall and large. His wet dark stringy hair clung against his face. He stunk of smoke and alcohol as he brought himself closer to me. Suddenly, he grabbed my chin in his hand and forced my face right in front of his.

"Let go of me!" I spat and pulled my face from his grip and moved to the side, quickly standing up. 

He towered over me and looked at me intimidatingly. His eyes grew dark, anger evident. A smirk grew on his lips. "Feisty eh?" 

"Please just leave me alone" I cried.

"I'm afraid i can't do that love. I want some fun and guess whose gonna give me it?" He hissed.

"No!" I cried. 

He grabbed my wrists and slammed them against the wall above my head pinning me. He began to grind against me. His hips rolling into me. I looked up. Sobs escaped past my lips. 

"No" I whispered but he ignored me. I closed my eyes trying to escape and ignore what was happening. All of a sudden he stopped and I opened my eyes to examine why. A shadow began to trudge down the road towards us.

"Help! Please!" I shouted towards the dark shadow heading towards us. 

The shadow grew closer and the man pinning me just continued to stare and see if he passed. But he didn't.

He was tall an slender, wrapped in a dark brown trench coat that went down to his knees. His dark curls were swept back into a slight quiff kept dry by the large umbrella he was holding. His face was shadowed so I couldn't see his facial expressions.

He faced the man who still held my wrist.

"She wants you to get off" he stated politely. His voice was husky and friendly. But you can't judge people on that.  

"Why would you care?" the man slurred in his face.

"No one likes seeing a pretty girl get hurt" my cheeks heated and I stared at him shocked. What?

He stepped closer so his face was clearer. His heart shaped lips were perfectly sculpted and his dark green orbs were so intoxicating. His sharp jawline drew me in. He was beautiful. The man instantly dropped my wrists and began to tremble. "I'm sorry boss" he said clearer as if the recognition of the dark man had made him sober. Boss?

"Now shoo" He whispered and the drunken mess waddled away. I stood breathless. My chest rising quickly in fear of this superior man who just saved me...

"You want my help?" he asked.

Well he stopped me from being raped and he'll have a home right? Staying out here... Well anything could happen. At anytime. It can't be as bad as it is living on the streets. Can it? No, not really. i gave him a small nod.

"On one condition." He said "i'll help you if you do something in return..."

"Whats that?" my voice cracked.

"Be my slave"


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