Always 2nd choice

So the guy i like is not into me but, wait why is he trying to get my attention, so i replied "Yes"


2. New guy

Since i've been in this school for 2-3 years, I know nearly everyone here they are nice people. I was walking around in circles trying to make my mind up about something. When i bumped into a guy. I've never seen him before, he had curly brown hair, nice eyes and a cute little dot on his nose. He was the new guy. I looked up at him as we both just gazed in to each others eyes. He smiled "Hey" and waved his hand about. It was like i was in a trance i shook my head "Hi". I was still hypnotised by his eyes. He was asking me something about a room, "Can you tell me where room 607 is? i'm new and i know nothing about this place." he said with an Australian accent. It was strong oh my gosh his voice, making me want to faint. I stuttered. This has never happened before whats this feeling is it. Aa-aa CRUSH 2.0! my life is over. 

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