Always 2nd choice

So the guy i like is not into me but, wait why is he trying to get my attention, so i replied "Yes"


1. Holy

He came towards me, his fluffy hair blown in the wind i couldn't stop thinking how sexy he looks walking was he coming to me, i frowned with my eyebrows. Oh my gosh he's coming up to me, does my breath smell nice, am i sweating as i glanced down at my under-arms. Do i have something in my nose i grabbed a hold of my nose and there he was in front of me, i put my hand down. I looked down at his shoes pretty impressive sense of shoe style. He pulled my head up by my chin, gave me a smirk and let go i sighed in deeply, then he let out those words. "Hey is your best-friend Emily single?" my heart sank. My eye started tearing up, i pulled my bag back up on my shoulder, with no answer i just left tears running down my face.

***Always 2nd choice***

It was a normal day, i was hanging with my friends it was lunch yes we had revision classes but we weren't going to go to them, i'm a bit of a rebel you see. I have many friends but two close ones Emily and Charlie both being them awesome selves i loved there company you know. I would say i'm pretty popular, with the people in my school. I went to a private school, yes because i had gotten bullied before, so i transferred to Elimu Academy before starting my new school during the summer holidays i changed everything my diet, exercise plans. I lost loads of weight i started fitting in a lot more and made so many new friends. Detention was where i first met Emily and Charlie they were nice, cool and the popular kids we got close, and they introduced me to loads of their friends. This is how we met, it was normal i felt confident blowing bubble gum, wearing short skirts.

Yeah thats what i did, so heres how i got into trouble. I was walking and a teacher a male teacher bumped into me. I cocked an eyebrow "Watch where you are going sir" i said, he turned back "Excuse me" i bit my lip and looked up at the sky, "You bumped into me, all i said was watch where you're going, theres nothing wrong with that" Mr Bromfield fixed his glasses, he was a hot sub who thought he was the king. "Young lady" he said taking his glasses off and wiping them with his cloth "How dare you talk to me like that, right i'll see you in detention missy" he put his glasses back on and handed me the detention note, i took it and rolled my eyes. "Here we go" i said under my breath. Mr Bromfield walked away he still looked sexy.

I walked away, showing the detention note off. All my classes had finished, i went up to my locker which was so far away, i walked past several people and eventually got to my locker. Put in the combination, gathered my books placed them in order yes i was a bit of a neat freak, sue me. I closed the locker, popped one last bubble, made my way to the detention room, i wasn't really scared of going in there, i gulped and opened the door. I entered, i felt all of there eyes staring at me, i felt really uncomfortable, did i do something wrong? i asked my self, why are they staring at me?. I closed my eyes, sat down at one of the end tables. Where this girl was sitting black high heels, her legs resting at an open desk, she was also chewing gum. I sat right beside her she had red lipstick on, she introduced her self "Hey i'm Emily this schools badass" She giggled as she popped another bubble, i whispered to her "Hey Emily I'm Hailey this schools newbie" i smiled, she looked at me "A newbie huh? You're pretty rebellious to be a 'newbie'" she gestured, "Well, i'm trying something new"

i said as i licked my lips. She playfully punched my arm, i guess we are friends now. She then called charlie over, she whistled "Charlie, come here" He came came towards us, i could smell his aftershave from a far, he was pretty good-looking. He sat in front of me and turned towards us. "Whatsup?" he said biting his lip, i couldn't help but stare at his cheekbones as he talked. Emily gestured towards him "Thats Charlie, my best-friend, Charlie this is..Hailey" she said unsurely. I took out my arm to shake his "I'm Hailey" I could feel him staring at my lips, but there was nothing special about them or me. We both just smiled at each other, i couldn't help but think how sexy he looks oh my god what is wrong with me. So after a couple of days, couple of days crushing on Charlie i finally came to my senses and gave up on him. But we all did become really close and thats where we are today the three musketeers. Since that day we have been tighter than ever.

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