You Again || Luke Hemmings

I'm Charlie. I live in Sydney, Australia with my mom. My best friend is Luke Hemmings. Well, you can say ex-best friend. He left Australia to go on tour about three years ago and never spoke to me again. But I'm okay with that, somewhat. He has his own life now, without me in it. This has always been Luke's dream, to become known to the world. I didn't want him to leave because I loved him, but I guess he didn't have the same way.


8. Chapter 8

I'm glad that everything is somewhat okay between Luke and I, or it would be more awkward. Sure he apologized, but that doesn't mean that I fully forgive him, and I'm pretty sure that his reason for acting like that to me yesterday was a lie.

After breakfast, we all get ready to go to the zoo. I brush my teeth and take a shower, then change into my black tight crop top, dark blue flannel, black skinny jeans, and my white Vans. I sit in front of my mirror and inspect my face. After about ten seconds, I decide to just do my regular makeup, which is just putting on eye liner, mascara, and my eye brow filler. I put on my Raybands sunglasses and get up to stand in front of my body length mirror that was leaning against my closet door. Ok, maybe I was trying to impress Luke, but you can't blame me.

I walk out of my room and down the hall, so lost in my own thoughts that I didn't see Calum running into me. "Whoah there!" he says as he bumps into me.

"Oops." My cheeks turn a bit red. "Sorry."

Calum laughs and says, "You're in a good mood." He wiggles his eyebrows and gives me a look that said 'I know why you're happy'.

"Why are you giving me that look?" I question then laugh afterwards.

"Awwww," he says as he gives me a sudden kiss on the cheek. "It's ok, just don't let him hurt you."

He walks away from me without another word, leaving me confused. Who's he?

"Wait, Calum, what are you talking about?" I call out, but all I hear is the door closing.


"Ermergosh!" I exclaim excitingly. "I haven't been here since Luke's birthday."

"Yup," Michael says as we walk through the crowds kids and adults.

"Remember when Calum smashed Luke's head in the cake and Liz had to go and buy a new one? She was pissed." We all laugh while Calum rubs Luke's head, messing up his hair. Luke groans annoyingly, but smiles afterwards, which made me smile.

'Stop, Charlie!' I yell at myself. I'm over Luke, and I can't go through the whole process again when he leaves.

"Where shall we go first?" Ashton asks us. The boys shrug their shoulders and I think for a moment, then suggest, "We can go see the giraffes. I want to see if Luke is taller than Baby Mary."

"Oh yeah! I totally forgot about her." Luke comments with a grin.

"Ok then, let's go." Calum says, holding out his arm for me. I shyly take it and we walk with Ashton, Michael, and Luke behind us. We walk for about five minutes until we reach where the giraffes are.

"Charlie, I'm going to go feed the giraffes with Ashton and Michael. Do you want to come?" Calum asks me as he lets go of my hand.

"Nah, I'll stay here."

He nods his head and leaves me. I watch him walk to Ashton and Michael. My first thought was, where is Luke? I look around me and see him standing away from the boys. He seemed to be staring at Calum in a weird way. I frown, trying to read his expression. He looked, kinda mad. With a hint of jealousy.... Wait, Luke, jealous of Calum? Luke notices me staring and a smile is immediately brought to his face. He walks up behind me, puts his arms around my waist, and rests his head on my shoulder, but he had to squat a little since he was pretty tall. I laugh before saying, "You're like a giant compared to me now."

"Yup! I'll always be a giant." he replies cheerfully. Then I hear him say something else, but it was mumbled.

Luke starts to say something. "Hey Charlie, you know how before-"

We suddenly hear someone clear their throat, interrupting Luke. I turn around and see a group of girls.

"Hi, Luke, we were wondering if you could take a picture with us?" a girl in the front asks.

"Uhhh, sure." he hesitantly agrees, then looks at me as if he needed my permission.

"It's ok, go." I tell him with a smile. I find the other boys, who were also taking pictures with some girls. I sigh, then walk to Baby Mary, petting her neck.

"I guess it's just you and me, huh." I whisper. Once I say that, she turns around and walks over to a group of other giraffes.

"Wow Mary! Thanks for leaving me." I say sarcastically, then realize that I was just talking to a giraffe. I mentally face palm myself and walk over to a bench. I sit down and watch people pass by me. Is this what being famous is like? Not getting to go in public without being recognized? Well, this is Syndey, Australia, where the boys are from. Of course people would recognize him.

I see Calum, Ashton, and Michael walking over and they sit on the bench with me. "Hey." I say lightly.

"Sorry, Charles, the fans wanted pictures. " Ashton apologized as he runs his fingers through his curly hair.

"It's ok." I bend over and rest my elbows on my thighs then put my chin the palm of my hand. "Where's Luke?"

"He's still taking pictures with the girls," Michael says, then looks over at him. "Such a lady's boy."

I laugh as I watch Luke get squished by some girls that were crowding him. "Aren't you guys gonna help him?"

"No, it's funny to watch." Calum replies. "Plus, he's too nice to say no."

We watch him get mobbed by girls for a while, until I hear a girl shout Luke's name. "Luke!" a voice cries.

"Luke!" she cries a again. A blonde-haired girl suddenly appears in front of the big group of girls.

"Lukey!!!" she cries, engulfing Luke into a hug.

"Aleisha...." Luke replies, surprise evident in his voice. I look at Calum and ask him, "Who's Aleisha?"

He looked confused, but answers me. "His, uhh, ex-girlfriend?"


Hallelujah I actually updated! This is super rare for me to update after I just posted a chapter so yeahhh.

So there's drama going on with Luke and his "mystery girl" who is Arzaylea... I need answers.

Tomorrow's Monday so that means school :( Not sure if I'll be able to edit some more chapters. But I will asap. ily guys

Katie X

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