You Again || Luke Hemmings

I'm Charlie. I live in Sydney, Australia with my mom. My best friend is Luke Hemmings. Well, you can say ex-best friend. He left Australia to go on tour about three years ago and never spoke to me again. But I'm okay with that, somewhat. He has his own life now, without me in it. This has always been Luke's dream, to become known to the world. I didn't want him to leave because I loved him, but I guess he didn't have the same way.


30. Chapter 31

We walk down the stairs awkwardly and into the kitchen. Ashton is microwaving popcorn and getting snacks. 

"You guys pick the movie." he says.

"Ok." I reply. 

I walk into the living room and look through the stacks of DVDs. Luke follows behind me. Instead of helping, he jumps on the couch and gets comfortable. 

"Luuuuuke." I say. "You need to help me pick a movie."

He stares at the ceiling and says, "I know what I want to watch. Mean Girls."

I look at him confused. 

"What movie is that?" I ask. 

Luke sits up from the couch and stares at me in shock. 

"You, never watched Mean Girls?" he says in disbelief. 

"No?" I say, making my answer sound like a question. "I never heard of that movie before."

"You have to watch it."

Luke yells Ashton's name. "ASHTON!!!! COME HERE QUICKLY!!!!"

"What?!?!" Ashton says, running into the living room with the food. "What happened?"

"Charlie, has, never, watched, Mean Girls." Luke pauses after each word. 

Ashton puts the snacks on the table and giggles loudly. 

He says, "Oh my god Luke, you are such a drama queen."

"No I'm not!" Luke shouts. 

"Yes you are!"

While they argued, I turn on the tv and search Mean Girls on Netflix. Then, I go upstairs and come back down carrying three blankets and pillows. Putting the blankets and pillows down, I plop on the couch. 

"The movies starting girls." I say. 

Luke and Ashton stop bickering with each other and sit down on the couch. 

"We're not girls." Ashton mumbles. 

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