You Again || Luke Hemmings

I'm Charlie. I live in Sydney, Australia with my mom. My best friend is Luke Hemmings. Well, you can say ex-best friend. He left Australia to go on tour about three years ago and never spoke to me again. But I'm okay with that, somewhat. He has his own life now, without me in it. This has always been Luke's dream, to become known to the world. I didn't want him to leave because I loved him, but I guess he didn't have the same way.


18. Chapter 18

"Ok," he answers. 

Calum and I walk in the booth and sit on the opposite side of the couch. Luke looked frustrated. 

"What the hell are you doing Calum?" he growled. 

"What? I'm just helping the poor out." he answers. 

Luke mumbles something.

"Ok, you guys ready?" the man asks. 

"Ready!" Calum answers. 

"In positions!" he calls. 

I turn my body around and face Calum. Luke and Aleisha do the same. I just noticed that Luke was staring at me. I frown. 

"What?" I mouth. 

Calum must have saw me, because he asks, "Charlie, are you okay?"

"Yeah, just nervous. This is going to be like my first kiss." I say. 

"Your first kiss?" Calum says. 

"Wait, her first kiss?" I hear Luke say. 

He walks up from the couch and pulls my hand. 

"Come on!" he orders.

"What?" I say. 

"Just follow me."

"Ok, geesh."

"We'll be back in a minute." Luke tells the man. 

He leads me out of the booth so that we were alone.  

"Why are you going to kiss Calum? Do you have feelings for him?" he asks. 

"No, Luke. I'm just doing it because Calum said Aleisha hates losing. I'm just trying to make her mad." I answer. 

He sighs from relief. 

"Yeah, I get you trying to make Aleisha mad."

I don't say anything. 

"You never kissed someone before?" he asks. 


I look at the floor, embarrassed that I haven't kissed somebody. 

"Do you know how?" 

"No....." I reply. 

"I'll show you."

I looked at him with big eyes. 

"You're going to show me how?" I ask. 

"Yeah, that's what friends do. Calum's going to kiss you. And he's your friend. So that means I can too."

Really? I don't think friends are supposed to teach you how to kiss. 

"Ok," I say hesitantly. 

Do I still like him?

"So, you have to face me." 

I shouldn't. 

"Close your eyes, and just lean in."

But I still do. Our lips touch and I feel my heart dance. So this is what kissing is like. I feel him smiling. His hands go to my waist and my hands go to his neck. 

"Awwwww," Michael fake cries. "They look so cute together."

Luke and I stop kissing and see Michael watching us. My cheeks turn red and so does Luke's.

"Uhhhh, it's not what it looks like!" I say. 

"Oh yes, it is." Ashton says, suddenly appearing from the side of the booth. 

"It's ok. Now, just go in there and smog it up!"

I laugh. While Luke and I walk in the booth, I whisper, "Why did you want to kiss me?"

I knew that him teaching me go to kiss was an excuse. 

"I didn't want your first kiss to be with Calum." he replies, smiling. 

"Thanks, for being my friend." I say. 

Luke says, "Yeah, just a friend." 

His smile fades a little, and I wonder why. We sit in our original spots. 

"Why were you with Luke?" Calum asks. 

"He needed to show me something."

"What? You mean his dick?"

"No Calum! You and your dirty mind."

We laugh. 





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