You Again || Luke Hemmings

I'm Charlie. I live in Sydney, Australia with my mom. My best friend is Luke Hemmings. Well, you can say ex-best friend. He left Australia to go on tour about three years ago and never spoke to me again. But I'm okay with that, somewhat. He has his own life now, without me in it. This has always been Luke's dream, to become known to the world. I didn't want him to leave because I loved him, but I guess he didn't have the same way.


11. Chapter 11

Luke and I aren't a thing, ok? We've been best friends for a long time and it's ok that he kissed me. Ok, maybe not, but we were really close so maybe he kissed me because he missed me?


"Huh?" My head flicks up towards the call of my name.

"We're going to the beach. Do you wanna go?" Michael asks. He was staring at me intently, as if he was trying to see what was bothering me. My eyes try to avoid his gaze as I nod my head.

"Yeah, sure," I answer, then look down at the floor as my mind continues to wander.

The boys, Aleisha, and I walk out of the zoo and into the parking lot. As we walk, Calum stops me by the shoulder and tells me quietly, "So, uhh, Luke told me that he's back in a relationship with Aleisha."

The hope that I had quickly dissolves and my heart starts hurting in an instant. That's what I get for getting my hopes up. Luke doesn't like me and now I'm certain.

"You ok?"

I look away from Calum so he wouldn't see the tears forming in my eyes. "Yeah, of course, why did you tell me anyway?" I say lightly and quickly wipe my eyes.

"I just thought you wanted to know."

I nod my head and we continue to walk in silence. Ashton and Michael were deep in conversation, Calum was glancing at me every few seconds, Luke and Aleisha were swinging their hands together a few feet in front of us, and I was trying not to think too much about the whole situation. I'm just confused as to why Luke got back with Aleisha after he kissed me. Like who does that? Luke.

We find Ashton's car and walk over to it. Everyone piles in, except for Luke. He looks at each of the boys, his eyes settling on me. He looks almost, sorry? My eyes widen a bit and I quickly turn my head away to avoid his stare. I don't want to have feelings for Luke anymore. I don't want to feel hurt whenever he's with Aleisha. It's better that I get over him, but it's gonna be hard, since I haven't gotten over him after many years after he left Sydney.

"I'm going to go with Aleisha. She's coming with us to the beach. We'll meet you there after we stop by our houses to get our stuff."

Michael twists his body around to look at me from where he was sitting on the passenger's seat then outside the window. He shoots Luke a glare and says sassily, "And why is she coming?"

"We just got back together and it would be rude to not let her go with us when she asked if she could." Luke replies, a sigh being heard afterwords.

Calum quietly groans and Ashton says, "Whatever, fine. We're just going to stop by Charlie's house so she can get her stuff. Bye."


The ride to my house was quiet. My eyes were closed as I rested my head on Calum's shoulder. He strokes my hair and didn't question why I was acting all sad, although I felt like he knew why.

"Sorry Charlie," Michael speaks, breaking the silence. I open my eyes and raise my head. Calum pulls his hand away and rests it on my thigh, like as if it was for reassurance.

"Why?" I question, my voice sounding monotone.

Michael looks over at Calum and they have a silent conversation with their eyes. Michael nods and that's when I felt a feeling in my stomach that signaled a surprise was coming. I sit up in my seat turn my head towards Calum.

"What, you guys?" I say, getting a bit irritated. Why are they acting like this? I just want to go home and be alone. I want to cry in peace, the way I did after the boys left to go on tour. I want to cry because my heart turned into a deflated balloon in a matter of seconds.

Michael glances at me, looking almost afraid and I wanted to laugh. He looks at Calum and tells him, "You tell her."

"Just tell me!" I groan, the suspense killing me by the second. "I can take it, geez, you guys."

I knew I was being harsh, but I couldn't stop myself at the moment.

"Fine! We knew you liked Luke, for a long time now," Ashton speaks out and glances at me from the rear mirror before looking back to the road.

"You guys could have just told me, it's not that big of a deal," I say, rolling my eyes. "I figured you guys knew."

"Um, yeah, but that's not all of it," Michael adds a bit nervously. I sit up straight and stare at him.

"Well," I say. "What is it?"

He takes a breath before replying, "Luke was in love with you."

My eyeballs nearly pop out of its sockets. "What?!?!" I screech, the car breaking suddenly.

"Charlie, stop yelling, you're distracting me!" Ashton shouts and I murmur an quick apology.

"Yeah, Luke was in love with you. He never told us, but we figured it out after we left Sydney." Calum explains, then continues. "He was always sad when we were in the tour bus. He distanced himself from us for a long period of time, but he eventually came back."

I try to process everything in. Luke loved me?

"Wow," I say, staring at Calum, then at Michael. "Wait, did you guys tell him I like him?"

"No, but we're trying to get him to realize that you're the one he wants, not Aleisha. That's why I was acting lovey dovey to you. I wanted Luke to get jealous and dump Aleisha. At the booth, he was pissed at me for kissing you, but after, he got with Aleisha again. I don't know what's wrong with him." Calum says with a sigh.

"We're sorry Charlie," Michael says, giving me a sad look.

"Yeah," Ashton adds, looking back at me. I was trying to process everything. Luke, loved me. He loved me! But that doesn't mean that he still is or has feelings for me.

"You guys have nothing to be sorry for. And thank you guys, for telling me." I say and give them a forced smile.

"Well, don't force yourself," Michael laughs. This time, I smile a real smile.

"We're going to help you win Luke!" Michael exclaims suddenly.

I laugh, because that's not going to happen. "Wow, ok."

"Seriously though, you're going to wear the most sexiest bikini that will show off your boobs so that Luke will be all over you. And you and Calum will fake flirt!"

I think about what Michael had said. It sounded like the idea might work, but it also made me feel wrong.

"I don't know guys, I don't want to make him feel jealous," I say quietly.

"Come on! It will be fun," Calum begs, putting his hand on my thigh.

"And it will be extra fun for us to see you half naked," Michael says with a laugh.

"Ughhh, no!!!!" I shout, giggling.

"Just kidding, but please? I have a feeling it will work."

Well, I don't really like Luke and Aleisha together.



The latest update in history. I'm so sorry. This update is shitty af and was due wayyy long ago and I'm so so sorry. Hope you enjoyed.

KT xxx

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