You Again || Luke Hemmings

I'm Charlie. I live in Sydney, Australia with my mom. My best friend is Luke Hemmings. Well, you can say ex-best friend. He left Australia to go on tour about three years ago and never spoke to me again. But I'm okay with that, somewhat. He has his own life now, without me in it. This has always been Luke's dream, to become known to the world. I didn't want him to leave because I loved him, but I guess he didn't have the same way.


10. Chapter 10

The man smiles and Calum and I walk under the tent and sit on the opposite side of the couch. Luke's eyes immediately dart to Calum, who had a smug look on his face.

"What are you doing, Calum?" he asks in an annoyed voice. Aleisha takes hold of his hand and rubs it in an attempt to sooth him, but Luke just ignores her. I almost snicker when she scoffs and pulls her hand away.

"What? I'm just helping the poor out." he answers innocently. Luke mumbles something when the man asks us, "Ok, you guys ready?"

"Ready!" Calum answers excitingly and I nod my head. I turn my body around and face Calum. Luke and Aleisha do the same. Calum and I stare at each other, well, we were having a staring contest, and I try not to laugh when his eyes start to water. This was going to be strange for the both of us and I admit, I am a little bit nervous. Here I am, waiting to kiss my friend and have my first kiss. My knee begins to bounce up and down and I catch Luke staring at me.

"What?" I mouth to him with a confused look. Calum must have saw me, because he asks, "Charlie, you okay?"

I clear my throat and nod. "Yeah, just nervous. This is going to be like my first kiss."

"Your first kiss?" Calum asks in surprise and I nod my head while trying to hide my red face behind my hair.

"Wait, her first kiss?" I hear Luke say loudly. He stands up abruptly from the couch and walks over to me and Calum. He grabs my hand that is resting on my still bouncing knee and pulls.

"Come on!" he orders.


"Just follow me."

"Ok, gosh." I murmur and stand up.

"Wait, Luke, where are you going?" Aleisha asks, her blue eyes beginning to brim with fake tears.

"We'll be back in a minute." Luke tells the man, ignoring Aleisha once again. I ignore the happy feeling I got and he drags me out of the tent and to the side where there was a small gap to fit the both of us.

"Why are you going to kiss Calum? Do you have feelings for him?" Luke asks quickly.

"No, Luke. I'm just doing it because Calum said Aleisha hates losing. I'm just trying to make her mad." I answer quietly, embarrassed at how childish I was acting. I'm sure my cheeks are a deep red now and I felt like disappearing and never coming back. He sighs as if he was relieved of my answer.

"Yeah, I get you trying to make Aleisha mad." he murmurs.

"What?" I say, not sure if I heard him correctly.

Luke's eyes widen a bit and he quickly replies, "Nothing."

He clears this throat and looks around. It looked like as if he was, nervous? But what for?

"You never kissed someone before?" he asks as he avoids eye contact with me.

"Yeah..." I look at the floor, embarrassed that I haven't kissed somebody at my age and for having to repeat that I haven't for the second time.

"Do you know how?"

I pause for a second. "No?"

"I'll show you."

I look at him in surprise. Luke, show me how to kiss? He must be joking. This whole thing is probably just some joke. His girlfriend and my best friend are inside the tent waiting for us to return from... I don't even know.

"You're going to show me how?" I say, staring at him with an "are you serious" look. He finally looks me in the eye and replies, "Yeah, that's what friends do. Calum's going to kiss you and he's your friend. So that means I can too."

Really? I don't think friends are supposed to teach you how to kiss.

"Ok," I hesitantly say, looking around to see if anyone could see us for some unknown reason and then realized that no one could. My heart rate was quickening at the thought of Luke and I kissing but this time, it was going to be reality, which made my heart beat even more faster than before. All of those times I imagined how my first kiss was going to be like, it's going to happen now. And it's going to happen with Luke, my first ever crush.

My heart fluttered at the thought of him being my first. Wait, but it shouldn't. I told myself that I moved on. I don't like him anymore, do I?

"So, you have to face me, which you're already doing," he says and laughs nervously. I do the same and stare into his piercing blue eyes. They stare back into mine and I suddenly felt self conscious. What if I had some food on my face? That would be embarrassing.

"Close your eyes and relax. You don't have to be so tense," he says softly. I nod my head and close my eyes. I feel soft big hands cup my cheeks, and then finally something warm pressing against my lips.

I feel my heart skip a beat. This is actually happening! I feel Luke smile and wow, I'm kissing Luke Robert Hemmings, a famous celebrity and also my ex-best friend. I move my hands away from my sides and wrap them lazily around Luke's neck.

"Awwwww," I hear a familiar voice cry. "They look so cute together."

Luke and I both freeze and pull away from each other, both of our cheeks now coated with red. Michael stares at us with a smirk.

"Uhh, it's not what it looks like!" I exclaim, although it came out like I was uncertain of my answer.

"Oh yes, it is." Ashton says, suddenly appearing from behind Michael with the same expression. "It's ok. Now, go in there and snog it up!"

I force a laugh and quickly walk back under the tent. I notice Luke walking beside me and I ask quietly, "Why did you want to kiss me?"

I knew that him teaching me how to kiss was an excuse and I want to know the reason why he wanted to kiss me.

"I didn't want your first kiss to be with Calum." he replies, smiling.

"Oh, umm, thanks." I reply awkwardly and mentally smack myself in the head. My brain had to choose now to go back to being awkward.

Luke's smile falters a bit but he just shakes his head as if he was having a battle against himself and goes back to his seat on the couch. I do the same and wonder about what he was thinking about.

"What took you so long? And why did Luke need to bring you?" Calum asks once I'm settled on the couch.

"He needed to show me something." I reply and quickly dart my eyes at Luke. I see him already staring at me and I quickly look back at Calum.

"What? You mean his, you know, the lower region?" he whispers loudly with a horrified expression. The man in charge of the tent looks over at us and tries to stifle a laugh. I send him an embarrassed smile.

"No, Calum! You and your dirty mind." I respond and we laugh.


HIIII!!!! SORRY ITS BEEN LIKE FORVER SINCE I'VE UPDATED AND I APOLOGIZE. HAPPY LATE CHRISTMAS, AND THANKSGIVING. OOPS. I CANT BELIEVE ITS BEEN THAT LONG. AND HAPPY LATE BIRTHDAY TO MY LITTLE HEDGEHOG LOUIS TOMLINSON!!' Ok I'm back to lower caps now lol. So I'm going to back to school next week and New Years is coming up so I'll try to write some more. Ok I didn't mean for this author's not to be this long.

IMPORTANT!!: I've realized that I did not post the first part of when Luke and Charlie first met so I've just posted it and it's chapter 4, I believe. Thank you to @mia_is_a_penguin for mentioning it :)


KT xx

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