Dark Angel

If you had to choose between dark and light, what would you choose? Dark passion and excitement, or Light safety and happiness?
Daisy has to choose.
Luke: Dark Angel
Calum : Guardian Angel
Who would you choose?


2. Chapter One - Calum?

Daisy's POV

"Luukkkkeeeee!" I say, dragging out each letter so he will hear me better. I call out again. Nothing. "Luke!? LUKE!" I yell getting worried. Suddenly, someone grabs me from behind. I try to scream, but the cover my mouth and eyes. The person turns me around and kisses me, hard. I almost pull away but then I feel the cool metal of a lip ring on my lips. I open my eyes, to be greeted by Luke's oceanic iris' staring back at me. He sets me down and I immediately hit him in the chest playfully. We were living together and 5 Seconds. Of Summer had broken up because Calum went to live in Cheshire, England. Ashton and his girlfriend, Georgia, came for dinner every Sunday, Luke and I were both 11 months clear of self harm and I spoke to Michael three times a week, if not more. We were Happy. Luke was never as moody as he used to be, and I was a lot more optimistic since my memory had come back. It had been a year since... The Accident. A knock in the door pulled me out of my thoughts and I opened the door to find someone I was very shocked to see.

Daisy's POV

"Calum??" I said, taking in his appearance. He was wearing black skinny jeans and a Fall Out Boy sleeveless tee, some converse and cream trench coat (hahaha Castiel). His eyes were still deep brown but they looked more bright. He had light stubble on his chin, and his arms were more defined. All in all, he just looked, stronger. "Hey. Can I come in?" He said, his accent more British than Australian. "Uhh... Yeah. S-sure" I stuttered. He always could make me feel strange. He stepped inside the door and took his coat off. He kept it in his hands, he always was so polite. "Is Luke around?" He said, rocking back and forth on his heels looking slightly intimidated. His voice was deeper. "Um yeah, it is" Cal said, and I realised I said that out loud. I laughed, and he did too. He smiled, and I was reminded why I had loved him so much.

Suddenly, Luke came round the corner, a surprised look on his face "Oh my god! Cal! How are you man?" He asked, while hugging Cal. I shifted around, feeling like I was intruding their reunion. "I will go make some tea for all of us" I said, as Cal nodded at me, a silent thank you. I shuffled off to the kitchen, and heard muffled voices from the hallway. "Leave. Now. You can't have her. She is mine." Luke's voice said. "Mate, I'm not here to win her back. I missed you guys." Calum countered. I heard Luke sigh, and they came into the kitchen/dining room/ lounge of our 2 bedroom apartment. I put two mugs of steaming hot tea on the table and kept one in my hands. "Let's sit down shall we?" I say, breaking the uncomfortable silence that had blanketed the room. We sat on our soft brown leather sofa and began talking. We talked for what seemed like hours, and the gist of it was: Calum is getting married. He wanted us all to travel to England for the wedding. When he left I gave him a hug and he kissed me on the cheek goodbye. It sent fiery sparks down my body, warming me. I looked at him, his face matching the shocked expression that had stuck itself to my face. "Uh. Bye... See you later..." He mumbled, leaving the house. I turned around to see Luke standing there, seething. "He kissed you!?" He yelled. We were sat on the sofa, a mug of coffee in his hands that were shaking in anger - maybe coffee wasn't the best choice - I looked up at him and smiled, saying softly "It was a goodbye kiss on the cheek. Nothing more" His face softened. Then hardened again. "You felt something. Didn't you. Did you?" He mumbled, looking down. My cheeks turned crimson, and I looked at him, my face hopefully hiding my blushed cheeks. "It just... Brought back memories, that's all. Look. I love you you, Lucas Robert Hemmings, and nothing you, or any one else for that matter, would say to me could convince me otherwise." I lifted up his chin and pressed my lips to his. I felt him smile through the kiss as I did the same. I was in bliss. His tongue swiped across my bottom lip, almost begging to deepen the kiss. I granted him entrance gladly, and my hands went up into his hair, wrapping the longer bits around my fingers. His hands were on my waist, and suddenly he dipped me and we were kissing like they do in really romantic movies. I half expected him to lead me outside and fireworks would go off. He brought me back up and, strangely, led me outside and down to the area near the car park. "C'mon. Let's go somewhere." He said, gesturing for me to get in the car. He was 19, so he could drive. I was 21, so I constantly teased him about being 2 years older. When we were both in the car, Luke pulled out of the car park and we started driving down a road I used to walk every day home from school. He parked outside of the park I grew up going to, with a difference. A table for two had been set up in the middle of the park and a trail of rose petals and tea lights led from the old rusty gate to it. The table itself was adorned with rose petals and two candlesticks. It was, in a word, Perfect. "Awh Luke it's gorgeous!" I exclaimed as he led me to sit down. "Just. Like. You." He replied, kissing my hand. My heart fluttered.

-20 minutes later-

"Daisy. We have known each other for about 5-6 years now. And I always liked you. But you got with Calum and you were happy. Then, I had you, and you were mine. That day you woke up and didn't know who we were killed me. But then, a romance like no other blossomed out of ghastly circumstances. I'm not usually very good with words, but -"Luke got down on one knee and I gasped, tears of joy leaking out of my eyes "- I love you with all my heart and nothing with ever change that. So, Daisy Jo Taylor, will you do me the honour of becoming my wife?" He finished, and my heart felt like it was going to explode.

''YES!" I yelled and propelled myself into his arms, hugging him within an inch of his life.

He slipped the beautiful engagement ring onto my finger, and started to sing softly

Ever since the day that we met,

I couldn't get you out of my head,

There was always something about you.

Tears streamed down my face and his as he sang the rest and we just sat there in the park, singing and crying, basking in our love


So first real chapter. I know it's really overdue and I am super shitty but update days are Wednesday and Saturday starting today.



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