Dancing With Dan


1. Dancing With Dan - Chapter 1

  Dancing With Dan

Chapter 1  

  Harriet's P.O.V     

 "Harietta dear!!" My mum spoke in her usual posh tone, the high pitched squeaking filled my ears and I shook my head in disgust. I sighed at the use of my full name before replying.  

"What!!" I yelled down the spiral staircase that lead to our grand hall. I froze on the spot waiting for an answer, but when she didn't reply I sighed and reached out for my door handle. I ran down the stairs my hand skimming the glossy white railing. As I approached the hallway I could hear my parents gossiping to each other. The sun coming threw the large glass front door sparkled off of the expensive chandelier making the place light up. I narrowed my eyes at the other the top lamp shade and continued to the kitchen.    The smell of freshly baked food filled my nose as i pushed on the white door. My father turned to me and smiled enthusiastically.   

"Harrieta there's someone we want you to meet sweatheart !" He hopped off the bar stool that tucked neatly under the stone counters. My eyes briefly drifted to my mother opening the oven to check on the food she had prepared. I returned my gaze to my father who was now at my side. He took my hand but I pulled away before following him through the large archway that connected the kitchen and the lounge. He looked down at the tiled flooring that covered the small corridor connecting the too rooms. His eyes narrowed and he looked me up and down.   

"Why aren't you wearing those new clothes we bought you dear?" He asked tilting his head in confusion. I coughed slightly holding in my laugh.   

"Have you seen them!" I put my hand to my mouth to avoid sneezing on my father. Although I covered my mouth he still looked shocked. He ran his fingers along the wooden surface we were passing and picked up the hand sanitiser before placing it in my germ filled hands. I chuckled before doing as he pleaded. The conversation continues as we arrived at the lounge door.  

"Yes I have seen them actually and they're  beautiful!" He grinned wildly and I hit my forehead with my hands stopping by the door way.   

"Um, I prefer the clothes that I'm wearing thanks" He opened his mouth to reply. Probably to yell at me for back-chatting or something, but was interrupted by a squeal followed by a clap.   

"What was?" I begin to ask but my father pushes open the lounge door to see for him self what the noise was. My older sister Erika was sat cross-legged on the white leather sofa clapping her hands wildly. The sun that came through the large window, hitting her face perfectly and she grinned enthusiastically. Her shiny blonde hair was scooped up into a high pony tail and draped over her shoulder. She wore her tight white shirt paired with a peach blazer and black skinny jeans. She looked dreadful! She looked as though she was going out for a fancy dinner with her family, when actually she was sitting in the lounge with…who is that?   

"Daddy!" She squealed spotting us entering the room. She jumped up and hugged him tight and he chuckled lightly.   

"Daddy, look what Daniel got me!!" She waved the box around in his face and he eventually got hold of it to have a look. He tugged on the red ribbon that was tied around it before opening the box. He pulled out the glass heart shaped bottle that was covered in glitter. The clear liquid had a slight pink tint to it and a little charm tied around the top. It read 'Erika' in gold letters.   

"Isn't it amazing!!" She clapped her hands again and jumped up and down before taking the bottle away from my sight. I blinked, shaking my head realising the thing I was admiring had gone.  

"I see she has decided to leave her room" Erika diverted her eyes over to me and scanned my outfit.  

"She doesn't even look presentable! Please make her leave daddy" She pleaded, fluttering her eyelashes.  

"She's only here to help Daniel with his stuff dear" He smiled and turned his attention to me.   

"Harrieta this is Daniel, Daniel this is Harrieta" He gestured between us and I stood awkwardly starring at our guest. A simple outfit just like mine and and a deep brown fringe. At least I'm not the only normal person in this room. Everyone else is posh and stuck up.  

"Let me guess another way to get Erika more popular?" I smirked knowing I'd guessed right. This girl was already a model but on top of that she has dated at least 10 famous people to up her popularity,  Including people like Justin Bieber, Niall Horan, Peter Andre and Olly Murs.   

"What is he, a singer? Footballer? Actor?" I laughed at the shocked looked on my fathers face.  

"No! Erika and Daniel have been together for a while now Harrieta and they are pretty close actually!" He defended his favourite daughter and I laughed.   

"What they going to get married or something?!" I fired back. I directed my gaze over to our guest, he looked awkward and uncomfortable with the situation.   

"Daniel owns his own YouTube channel" Erika smiled proudly slithering her arm around his waist.   

"It's called 'danisnotonfire'". I laughed at how funny it sounded when someone posh said it. I'm sure she doesn't even know what YouTube means, or that this guy probably get's called Dan and not Daniel. Just like me- Harriet or even Harry instead of Harrieta. I looked around waiting for someone to respond but the conversation had fortunately come to an end.   

"Right! So will you help Daniel with his bags please honey? He will be staying in the spare room, opposite  from yours" I didn't answer and just left the room knowing I had no choice in helping him or not. He quickly followed behind me and eventually caught up. I could tell this guy felt awkward so I didn't try to start a conversation and see what he could come with.   

"So, um, nice place you got here" He spoke unsurely smiling awkwardly. I tried not to laugh before replying. 

  "Uh, guess you could say that" I pulled at the handle of the door in front of us and held it open for him to follow.   

"What do you mean?" He asked finally relaxing at my choice to make this situation less awkward.   

"I hate it" I chuckled gesturing to the mushy quotes on the cushions and the expensive vase that held the roses that my father gave my mother on there wedding day.   

"I think it's crazy how rich you are" He laughed and I couldn't help but join in.  

"Not being rude, but why Erica?" I sniggered a little under my breath but I stopped incase I offended him.  

"She's hot" He simply stated and I laughed   

"You know she's using you?" The words fell from My lips before my brain functioned what they said.   

"Yeh I know" His response  only made me laugh harder and I dodged the doorway in the last second; my head skimming the wall. I could finally see the front door after walking down endless corridors. It was still rather bright outside which surprised me as England was normally extremely cold.    I picked up the keys from the fireplace and unlocked the front door. I walked out onto the freshly cut lawn and turned back to Dan.   

"What one's your car?" I asked gesturing to the five or six cars that were parked in our massive drive way. There was our usual black Mercedes and white Lamborghini that my parents owned. My creme mini but the others I didn't recognise. Properly Erika's or something.   

"Over there" He pointed to the silver Astra that was parked by mine. I headed over to it and heard the clicking of his car keys as the lights flashed. I pulled open the boot revealing 2 suitcases. I reached in and pulled out the first case I handed it to Dan and he thanked me with a smile I took out the next one and closed the boot as Dan locked it.  

"Do you want me to take it?" He gestured to his suitcase I was lugging up the stone stairs that led to my front door. I shook my head no.  

"I can manage" I smiled pulling the suitcase up the last step and opening the door.  

"So how long you staying for?" I asked locking the door after Dan had got inside.  

"Not sure. I live in London so when I leave, I'll be about an hour or so away" He guessed the distance and made his point that he'll be here for a while. I gestured to the stairs so that he would follow behind me.  

"How do you not get lost?" He joked and I stumbled with the suitcase. Tripping up the stairs.  

"Come here" He laughed slightly picking up the suitcase that was in my hand.   

"Thanks" I smiled, although I felt bad about him having to carry two suitcases. I stepped up the last step and pulled open the spare room door. I watched as his eyes lit up as he scanned the room. It had a double bed placed opposite the window and a soft cream rug. There was a wooden dresser and bedside table too.   

"Sorry, it's not as fancy as the other rooms, you can always personalise it later" I smiled gesturing for him to enter.  

"Sorry?! This is properly better then my own bedroom!" He grinned and ran forward diving onto the soft blue sheets the covered the bed. I chuckled at his childish side and wheeled his bags inside the room. I slowly shut the door not sure whether I should leave him to unpack or keep him company. I decided on heading back to my bedroom to do a bit of research on this Dan guy. 

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