Welcome {Michael Clifford}

Y/n closed her eyes…and never woke up.

Now y/n's in the afterlife and meets people from all over who have passed.

But she takes special interest in demon Michael Clifford-who has a horrid past

What will happen when y/n has to choose, stay in the afterlife? Or leave back to earth for a second chance?

What about her boyfriend on earth,Troy!?

Read to find out!☺️❤️thanks��


9. Chapter 9

I'm back :) I'm so excited for my stories so I'm just gonna jump into this one too!






I sat there with the air no where to be found.


I started hyperventilating.


Everyone stayed quiet and still.


"I-I have to go...Thanks..." I mumbled and ran out of the store and to an empty road and no idea where to go.


Michael started calling after me and running towards me.


I went to the middle of the street and just stopped.


"Y/N?! WHAT THE FUCK?!" Michael yelled.


I didn't know what I was doing...I was still in shock.


"Y/N! A CAR'S COMING! MOVE Y/N! BLOODY HELL!" Michael yelled.


I didn't move, I couldn't.


As the car came closer I closed my eyes, but instead of being hit, I was on the side walk with Michael on top of me, groaning.


I just stared at him wondering why he was groaning when I was the one on the cement.


He got off of me and stood up straight.




I started to cry.


"NO STOP CRYING!" He yelled still irritated. I looked up and his eyes were black.


I continued to sob while standing.


"Y/n....I'm sorry, I didn't mean to yell...But seriously what, the, fuck?" He asked his black eyes going back to green.


"What's that?" I asked pointing at Michaels ripped shirt with a red liquid staining it.


"What? Oh...When I ya'know SAVED you, the car hit my side..." He looked down and pulled off his shirt entirely.


There was a large gash bleeding out and black bruising around it.


I couldn't help but stare as the wound healed itself but was still bruised.


"What?" He asked smirking.


"Nothing....I wanna go home Mikey." I said looking away blushing fully.


"Okay princess." He smirked. He lifted me bridal style. "I wanna carry you!"


"haha..." I mumbled blushing a whole new color of red.


A tall, attractive and muscular demon is carrying me without a shirt on...This is like a better version of Twilight.


We arrived at my house and went to my room, where Michael sat me down carefully and sat with me on my bed.


I broke down crying and cussing.


"Shhhh...Y/n, he's stupid, so fucking stupid y/n." Michael mumbled holding me in his lap.


"I thought he loved me Mikey..." I sobbed.


"I know, shhh" He whispered, holding me tighter.


I stayed quiet and continued to cry into his chest.


"I would've never cheated on you y/n..." He mumbled mostly to himself.


I stopped crying.


"I know...If only you were on earth when I was..."I mumbled.


"What'd you say?" Michael asked staring at me shocked.


"I said if only you were on earth when I was, maybe we would've worked...if we met...I don't know, sorry." I mumbled embarrassed.


"Earth sucks." He laughed breaking our serious tension.


"Yeah..." I replied laughing as well.


He always makes me laugh.


"So-Are you gonna finally tell me, how you got here?" I asked turning back to seriousness.


"Sure, Why the fuck not..." Michael said. "Have any whiskey?"


"No...We drank it all the other night." I giggled.


"Gah, fine, I'll try to tell it sober..." He mumbled getting serious again.


We sat quiet for a while till I spoke up "How?" I asked shifting awkwardly.


"You're going to leave me y/n...If I tell you, you will want nothing to do with me anymore." He said looking down at his hands.


"Never Mikey." I looked into his eyes.


"Fine...Okay..." He said. "I'll tell you."


"Okay." I said. I grabbed his hands and held them and stared into his eyes....


"I arrived here when I was 8..." He looked at me like he was going to cry.


"That young? You died THAT young?!" I exclaimed shocked. "I'm sorry..." I apologized.


"It's okay, yes, I died when I was 8." He said whipping his face of any tears that might occur.


"Did you get sick?" I asked brushing his hands over with my thumbs.


"Probably would've been easier if I died that way...less painful..." He mumbled to himself.


"Wow...How'd you die painfully, you were only 8." I asked curious.


That's all for now! Cliffhangers on point ;)! I'll try to update again today but idk! Michael's secret is coming out! YAY! Thankyou<3 Love y'all










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