Welcome {Michael Clifford}

Y/n closed her eyes…and never woke up.

Now y/n's in the afterlife and meets people from all over who have passed.

But she takes special interest in demon Michael Clifford-who has a horrid past

What will happen when y/n has to choose, stay in the afterlife? Or leave back to earth for a second chance?

What about her boyfriend on earth,Troy!?

Read to find out!☺️❤️thanks��


8. Chapter 8

I'm actually updating from the computer from now on lol...This is kinda late but I have A LOT of stuff going on at the moment....ready? Okie dokie! here we go!


Warning; cussing, sexual mentionings, SMUT


SMUT: HIGHLY inappropriate for young readers (Not 100% detailed in this chapter) But please know, if you continue to read it is by your consent!




Today was the day. Today was the day I see my family and their lives from afar.


I wiggled around but found myself in a struggle when I realized I was wrapped in someone's arms.


Now, who could that be? Michael... was my first thought and I was right. Only he snuggles good like this.


"Mikey, wake up it's 10o'clock and I wanna go see the Seer!" I said softly but with anticipation.


"Go get dressed I'll be ready in a sec..." He responded.


"YAY!" I yelled and ran to take a shower.


After my shower I got in a pair of ripped light blue skinny jeans and a Nirvana tank top. The tank top was large so it flowed. I always bought my shirts a size or 2 bigger because of my 'curviness' so these always looked slimming.I also put on black convers.


I blew dried my hair so its golden color fell gracefully to its long length and put on mascara and eyeliner that was dark enough to make my blue eyes 'pop', but light enough to be descent. I was finally ready.


"Ready to go y/n? I've been ready for 8minutes now, listening to you sing 'Go Radio'." Mikey said annoyed coming behind me.


"Could've told me, I would've stopped singing..." I said fake pouting. "And yes, I'm ready."


"I love you're singing y/n...beautiful" He mumbled the last part, but I still heard and slightly blushed.


"Thankyou Mikey!" I exclaimed and hung my arms around his neck, hugged him and kissed his cheek longer than expected...lingering, wanting more, for some reason.


"Y/n we need to go..." Mikey said walking off. Is he pissed?


As he turned the corner I saw his eyes we now completely black.


What were the reasons his eyes got black again?.....OH YEAH! Ashton said his eyes go black when he's mad, jealous, scared(rarely happens), and.......horny. I blushed slightly because I knew 'horny' was the correct one.


I followed him and looked outside and saw no car in the lot.


"MIKEY!?" I exclaimed.


"Right here, babe!" He whispered from behind me inching closer to my neck, making the hairs stand up.


"......y-you're right we should go..." I said awkwardly....Now I was the horny one. NONO Y/N HE'S MY BESTFRIEND! I said to myself.


"Okay..." He grabbed my waist from behind which made me jump and close my eyes.


When I opened them I was in a small room with maroon colored curtains hanging. Every window blacked out with spray paint. "Where are we?" I asked getting scared turning fast looking for Michael.


"It's okay y/n...I transported us here...This is the Seer place." He said kissing my cheek.


I followed Michael into the back room that said 'open' on the door.


*knock knock*


Michael knocked on the door.


"Come in!" A familiar voice said from inside....Who's the Seer?


"AYE!" someone said and hugged Michael "Hello mate! Whatchya doin' here?" He asked.


Who is he...I know the voice from somewhere...


"Y/n?" The tall blond asked inching towards me.


I backed away slowly, "Yes...And you are?" I looked at Michael and he was too busy looking at the décor.


"It's Luke sweetheart" 'Luke' giggled. OH YEAH! Luke is the one I talked to on Mikey's phone.


"Oh...You're a Seer?" I asked standing straight instead of scared,


"Well...I believe so." He answered grinning. "What'd you bring her for Michael? I don't have time to meet sexual friends..." He said rolling his eyes turning fast on his heels to face Michael who was already RIGHT behind him.


They were forehead to forehead now.


"What'd you call her...Mate?" Michael asked. His eyes got black.


"You don't scare me Michael, this room means no magic other than mine." Luke smiled.


"Don't scare you? How about now?" Michael pushed him against the wall with his hand around Luke's neck. Michael didn't go as fast as he could because of the limited power, but he was still fast.


"S-stop...Michael, it's not worth it." I said getting in between Luke and Michael, which made him let go of Luke. I grabbed Michael's face with the palms of my hands, and stared into his pitch black eyes.


I wasn't scared.


Why wasn't I scared?


Luke stayed quiet behind me admiring my bravery and rubbing his neck, I assume.


"Y/n let go of me, I'll just hurt you.. MOVE SO I CAN DEAL WITH HIM!" Michael yelled at me grabbing my hands trying to rip them off his face.


Everytime he knocked my hands down, I just as easily out them back.




I kept staring into his eyes and I didn't break my gaze.


He finally stopped resisting my hands and stared back.


His shiny black eyes, slowly fading to a gray, then back to his beautiful green.


"W-what'd you do y/n?" Luke asked from behind me making me jump and break my too long of a stare into Michael's eyes to look at Luke instead.


"What do you mean?" I asked turning around.


"You made his...Y-you...You stopped him..." Luke stuttered.


"Anyone could've done it." I said smiling and giggling at the curiosity from Luke.


"No...Not...anyone.." Michael mumbled from behind me.


"What? Something wrong?" I asked.


"Shut your mouth Luke, ANYWAYS we're here for a reading." Michael said changing the subject.


"Okay. How can I help you guys?" Luke asked all cheerful, sitting in a chair at a table with a screen on the wall beside it.


I followed and sat down across from him. Michael came over and sat beside me also across from Luke, staring at me.


"You know.." Michael whispered still staring at me but talking to Luke.


"Oh...Okay! So do I warn her or you 'Mr.Protector' ?" Luke asked cocking an eyebrow.


"Warn me? I'm just gonna see how my family's holding up!" I giggled.


"It's hard y/n..." Michael said finally looking away.


"How?" I asked putting my hand on his arm.


"Not everything is how you think it's going to be...I just want you to be prepared. Hope for the best. prepare for the worst..." He said looking into my eyes.


"Okay..."I mumbled "I'll be okay." I smiled.


"Okay show the family on the screen!" Michael said hurriedly to Luke.


"Sure..." Luke mumbled.


I saw the screen on the wall light up and show a beautiful sunset on the city I once lived in.


It stayed there till I realized Luke wasn't zooming in on my home.


"Zoom in Luke." I said keeping my eyes on the screen.


The screen zoomed to show my apartment and showed the inside.


It was a mess, clothes everywhere and alcohol bottles all over.


"Wow.." I whispered mostly to myself. "Where's the people?" I asked.


"In the rooms.." Luke mumbled.


"Zoom in the rooms Luke!" I said laughing.


The screen zoomed in more to the first room which was the game room.


It showed my mother and father on the couch crying holding each other, cursing the lords name in grief.


"I love you guys." I whispered knowing they couldn't hear me.


I felt Michael hold me from behind but I kept my gaze on the screen, as it went to another room.


There was no one else in the house and Luke zoomed everywhere.


"Where's Troy?" I asked.


"I don't know...Give me his full name and I'll track him." Luke said getting ready to type.


"Troy Anthony." I answered looking back at the screen as it relocated to a place I've never seen before.


"Who's house is this?" I asked.


"Uhh- Ashlee Johnson... Know her?" Luke asked.


"Well,... She came to a BBQ I had once, but Troy invited her, I don't know her well." I answered. remembering seeing her face and meeting quickly.


"Okay, Let's check it out." Luke said.


He zoomed into the house and it was dimly lit. Michael's grip went tighter around me.


He kissed my neck and put his chin on my shoulder.


Luke zoomed the house.


(Earth's view)


The living room was a mess. Clothes ripped on the floor, and couch cushions off the couch.


Luke zoomed into the first room.


There was a woman. On top a man. Her back arched backward and hair a mess. The man on the bottom.


"SAY MY NAME BABY!" The woman exclaimed while bouncing up and down on the man.


"ASHLEEE! ASHLEE!" A man moaned.


I knew this voice somehow.


When they finished their sexual activities they laid together and kissed.


"I can't believe y/n never knew." 'Ashlee laughed.


"Haha, yeah! I was actually going to marry her, I mean she had good money,  I could've broke it off, married you and I'd be rich from the divorce!" The man explained laughing.


Suddenly I recognized the voice...It was Troy.


That's all I know cliffhanger, lol, sorry, this is a long chapter! What's the big sercret Michael's keeping from Y/n?! ;) I will try to update soon! Leave comments about your thoughts and feelings or just whatever! :) Thankyou for reading so far <3 Love y'all.





















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