Welcome {Michael Clifford}

Y/n closed her eyes…and never woke up.

Now y/n's in the afterlife and meets people from all over who have passed.

But she takes special interest in demon Michael Clifford-who has a horrid past

What will happen when y/n has to choose, stay in the afterlife? Or leave back to earth for a second chance?

What about her boyfriend on earth,Troy!?

Read to find out!☺️❤️thanks��


32. Chapter 32

It's been forever guys! I feel like maybe y'all are losing interest.. Which I really hope isn't the case, because these stories aren't done yet! Xx

Warning: cussing and LasHTON

Y/n's POV

"You think the boys will be okay with this?" I asked as we pulled into the hotel that the boys have been staying at.

"Duh." Luke laughed, "we love ya!"

"I love you guys, too." I laughed, getting out of the car and getting out the bags I packed from the trunk.

"Need help?" Luke asked, seeing my troubled form.

"No, thanks, just shut the trunk and get the door, please.", I huffed.

He nodded and raced in front of me, opening the door, then closing it and leading me to their hotel room.

He slid his card into the machine and the door beeped, unlocking, and we walked through to see Ash and Cal cuddling on the bed facing the TV.

"HEY! ASHTON'S MY CUDDLE BUDDY! WHAT THE HELL CALUM?!" Luke exclaimed, looking actually upset.

"You left." Calum huffed.

"That gives you NO right!" Luke ran toward them and pulled Calum off of Ashton by the legs.

"ASHTON! LUKE'S BEING A LITTLE BITCH!" Calum whined, as he hit the floor.

"Hey, don't swear." Ashton laughed, "and you can cuddle Y/n instead."

Calum's face lit up as Luke's dropped.

"W-wait." Luke scrambled to his feet from the bed, "that's unfair too!"

"You get Ash!" Calum smiled, grabbing my waist and hugging me tight, while walking us to the other bed and plopping onto it.

"I want both! This isn't fair! You're a jerk, Calum!" Luke complained, hitting the nearest pillow with his fist.

"Get over it, wimp." I giggled, cuddling Calum back.

Luke feigned a hurt expression and stomped to Ashton, and cuddling him so hard that Ashton began to struggle for air.

"Lu-Luke. I can't breathe. Dude!" Ashton wheezed.

"Oops, sorry man." Luke smiled cheekily.

"So, Y/n, whatchya doin here so late?" Calum asked, pushing his face into my neck.

"Are those stitches?" Ashton exclaimed, jumping off the bed with Luke still clinging to him.

"Yeah, I got a few earlier today, also, Luke said it'd be okay if I stayed with you guys for a while?" I bit my lip as all the boys stared at me.

"Duh." Calum laughed after a long silence.

I sighed in relief.

"Fine by me." Ashton winked, going back over to his bed, Luke following like a lost puppy.

*** later that night ***

Around 2am, Calum had fallen asleep beside me, and Luke and Ashton were whispering to each other in the bed beside us.

"What would Michael think, Luke?" Ashton whispered.

"Why would I care?" Luke hissed back.

"Dude, he's one of our best mate's. We can't just be dicks about it." Ashton pleaded.

I snuggled closer into the pillow, my eyes shut to seem less obvious of eavesdropping.

"Michael is the one who gave her up. Not my fault. She's up for grabs now." Luke replied, easily.

"For grabs?" Ashton questioned, "like an object?"

"No no!" Luke said, before a 'shhh' came from Ashton, "I was saying like... I don't know.. Michael had his chance, ya'know? She loved him-"

'LoveS'* I silently corrected Luke in my head.

"He rejected her" my heart sunk, "it's not my fault if she starts to like me, is it?"

"Luke, you know very well Michael loves her too, he just sucks." Ashton argued, obviously fed up.

"Really? If he loved her then why did he let her go? Why did he sleep with that girl the other night?? Hmm? So much for love. That's bull shit. You know, and I know." Luke growled, "I'm done talking, good night."

I froze in my place, my eyes wide as they watered.

Michael had sex with someone else..

That's all for this chapter babe, haha! Planning on Michael showing up in the next chapter! Be prepared! Please please continue commenting- it motivates me to continue updating these stories. Thankyou for reading so far <3 Love y'all

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