Welcome {Michael Clifford}

Y/n closed her eyes…and never woke up.

Now y/n's in the afterlife and meets people from all over who have passed.

But she takes special interest in demon Michael Clifford-who has a horrid past

What will happen when y/n has to choose, stay in the afterlife? Or leave back to earth for a second chance?

What about her boyfriend on earth,Troy!?

Read to find out!☺️❤️thanks��


30. Chapter 30

Wow haha, you guys really love this story, huh? So here's a short update, since y'all wanted another <3 Happy New Year


Warning: cussing


Michael's P.O.V


"Morning baby." The girl beside me said softly.


I was already glaring at her.


She was pretty, I guess.. just nothing really interesting about her. She's bland.


Just another fuck.


"Get out." I hissed, staring at the ceiling, while laying on my back.


"But babe- last night was soo fun. How about round two?" She whispered, kissing my jaw.


I sighed loudly, quite annoyed with the woman in my bed.


"Do you even remember my name?" She whispered in my ear, "say it."


"Get out, now." I warned, staying still and closing my eyes.


When she didn't move, my eyes snapped open and I brought my hand to her neck, flipping us, so I was on top of her.


"Ooh. There you are." She smirked.


I don't know what it was, maybe because this girl was very seductive, but before I could think properly, round 2 began.


Y/n's P.O.V


My neck and back were starting to get sore from the couch, but I was tired of complaining.


In 2 hours, I had my doctor's appointment, so I headed to the neighbors flat to shower.


Our neighbor didn't know anything that happened within our apartment, but she was a nice old lady who let me come over all the time when I needed a break, and she gave me her key, since she was gone for the month on vacation.


I unlocked her door and made my way inside, closing the door behind me and locking it.


Once I got to the restroom, I stripped out of my clothes from yesterday, took off my bandages, and started the shower.


Without waiting for it to heat up, I stepped inside, letting the freezing water pierce my skin.


After my cold shower, I stepped out and wrapped one of the towels around my hair, then another around my body.


The plan was to stay here until I had to leave for my appointment, but I had forgotten my phone in my own apartment, and that's where I fucked up.


I sighed loudly to myself, before going into Mrs.Potterfields's room spare room and putting on a white t-shirt and jeans from the pile of clothes I leave here.


Once my clothes were on, I went to the cabinet, and bandaged my eyebrow again and put more Neosporin on my lip.


After I dried my hair, I was ready to go back to my apartment to get my phone.


As I climbed the stairs, back to my flat, I felt the queasy feeling in my stomach, that's around every time I'm around Troy, come back.


I hurriedly got inside and raced to the living room to find Troy on the couch with my phone in his hands.


I froze.


"I was waiting for you to realize you left this." He spoke, smiling and finally making eye contact, "I see you cleaned up your face?"


I nodded.


"Answer me." He hissed, pounding his fist on the coffee table.


"Y-yes. I cleaned up my face." I replied.


"Good. Now, about your phone." He stood, "Who is 'Lu', and why the FUCK is he texting you to meet up!?"


Sorry it's short, but I wanted to leave a cliff-hanger XD Poor her... Stupid Luke, texting early in the morning. Comment your thoughts? Thankyou for reading so far<3 Love y'all




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