Welcome {Michael Clifford}

Y/n closed her eyes…and never woke up.

Now y/n's in the afterlife and meets people from all over who have passed.

But she takes special interest in demon Michael Clifford-who has a horrid past

What will happen when y/n has to choose, stay in the afterlife? Or leave back to earth for a second chance?

What about her boyfriend on earth,Troy!?

Read to find out!☺️❤️thanks��


28. Chapter 28

Hey babes, I can't sleep, haven't been able to for a while, been up for more than 24hours now but whatever, y'all finally want an update? Thought so ;-)


Warning: Cussing, Alcohol, Prostitution, Violence (wowza, loads of warnings...)


Michael's P.O.V


I relentlessly pounded my fist into this guy's face, completely paying no attention to the fact he had done nothing to me.


He had been at the wrong place, at the wrong time- as simple as that.


I wanted to get her out of my mind.


She had no idea what she was saying, when she left me... When I made her leave me... When I left her.


Tony sure deserved a hell of a lot more than a beating, I should've fucking gutted him like the gold-digging fucker he is.


But never mind Toby. Never mind Y/n. They're nothing to me.


I don't need anyone. I've gone this long without someone, I think I'll manage.


"S-sir, I-I have a daughter, please, let me go.." The pathetic man begged.


"Love is nothing." I growled.


He somehow smiled under my hold. "That's where you're wrong boy, love isn't nothing... It's everything."


Before I could hear the rest of his bullshit, I heard sirens and quickly transported the hell out of that alley.


I could smell the alcohol on my clothes. I still haven't left earth yet, I'm waiting until I bump into my fellow Australian mates.


So I can kick their asses.


They were there; when he called her names. They knew he had cheated on her and still was. And now he abuses her physically as well? This shouldn't have been let go.


This should've been handled. By them, so I wouldn't have to drag myself here and defend the damsel in distress.


Yeah... damsel in distress. That's all Y/n is. And she needed me to be her hero, her knight in shining armor.


But I'm not those things. I feel the urge to kill, to drink away my thoughts, to fuck a stranger into oblivion.


That was the plan. And now I take action.


Finding a piece of ass around here, isn't so hard, but when you don't want a clingy one- you really gotta look.


"Want some company?" A tall lady asked, blowing smoke out of her cracked lips and putting her hand on her bare hip.


"No thanks, I don't pay for trash." I smiled, walking away coolly. No way was I going to pay to fuck someone, when I could get it for free.


I found yet another bar around the corner and my eyes lit up.


I needed some more whiskey and maybe even something stronger.


"One whiskey on the rocks." I said, putting change on the counter as the bartender smiled and filled my cup.


"What are you here doing by yourself?" She asked, propping her plump breasts on the counter in front of me.


"I won't be alone for long." I smirked.


She winked at me and wrote on a napkin to meet her in the restrooms in a minute and she asked her boss for a break.


---sorrrry don't feel like smut rn---


"Wow, you're pretty rough!" She exclaimed, pulling on her vest and touching up her hair.


I stayed quiet, buckling my jeans and leaving the restroom stealing a bottle the vodka left unattended on the counter and walking out the crowded doors.


"Michael? Mate, why are you here?" An Australian accent brought me out of my blurry thoughts and filled it with red fury.


"WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING HERE?" I screamed, swinging the glass bottle, it hitting the brick wall and becoming the weapon I wanted.


"Michael, you're drunk. Please, just come with us- we'll take care of ya." Calum said, a wide smile on his face.


How dare he smile at me.


"Like you took care of Y/n? Huh? Letting her be talked down to, letting her hate herseLF, LETTING HER BELIEVE SHE DESERVED THE BEATINGS THAT MAN IS GIVING HER?" I screamed again, stepping forward with my weapon in hand.


"Michael, fuck, calm down okay?!" Ashton begged.


"Beatings??" Luke whispered, "we need to go back, like right now."


Yeah yeah, I know it's short. But here's a little insight on how Mikey's doing with all of this. Comment your thoughts ;-) Thankyou for reading so far<3 Love y'all



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