Welcome {Michael Clifford}

Y/n closed her eyes…and never woke up.

Now y/n's in the afterlife and meets people from all over who have passed.

But she takes special interest in demon Michael Clifford-who has a horrid past

What will happen when y/n has to choose, stay in the afterlife? Or leave back to earth for a second chance?

What about her boyfriend on earth,Troy!?

Read to find out!☺️❤️thanks��


22. Chapter 22

Hey beautifuls <3 This hasn't been updated in a while, but as you know, I do it in routine so, next up, 'Welcome', enjoy ;)


Warning: cussing, violence...the feels



Michael's P.O.V (o deer)


"Please." The stranger gasped "please let me go..."


"Wrong place, wrong time." I said as I threw his head back into the brick wall, my hand around his neck.


"I c-can't." He continued to gasp "help...please." He softly cried.


"Stop crying. You're weak. Weak people don't make it,-" I looked at his Target employee name tag "Joseph."


"Please. I-I have a girlfriend." He stuttered. "I-I love her, PLEASE! I won't say anything to any-anyone." He pleaded repeatedly.


"Love doesn't exist, Joe." I squeezed tighter as I saw his eyes become pale enough to see my obsidian eyes and rugged features.


After disposing of the body through the unlocked incinerator of the old cathedral, I walk to the nearest liquor store.


A store being locked at 2a.m. on a Saturday morning was the least of my problems.


I looked through the long rectangular window of the door for any alarm.


People were seriously too stupid.


I tapped the window to see how thin the glass was, and punched the upper left corner, shattering the whole window.


I put my arm through the, now, open window, and unlocked the door from the inside.


Michael Clifford's back.


Y/n's P.O.V


Troy was really irritating me.


We were at the diner again for the meet up with some of our family and friends and Troy won't stop talking about how lonely he was, while I 'vacationed' with out him.


"Shut up Troy, Holly's here!" Holly announced as she entered the doors.


Thank the lord he made a girl like Holly here in the real world because she did not put up with Troy.


"Ugh whatever." Troy laughed sarcastically.


Holly put her bag down on the bar and sat in on of the stools, "So, Y/n, how was Florida?"


"Uhm...great." I bit my lip.


"Great? Like, hot guy great?" Holly winked.


"NO." Troy answered for me.


"Uhm, thanks, 'Y/n'." Holly laughed and turned to give me a questioning look.


"Well I guess they were attractive but we're only friends so." I explained.


"Well do you have their numbers, because you can set me up." She winked again.


"They're actually all taken." I laughed...except Michael....Michael isn't taken...or he wasn't when I left.


"Lucky, lucky girl, meeting a handful of charming boys." Holly smiled, her crows feet prominent.


"Yeah..." She has noooo idea.


"Well, come on, tell us about them." My mom smiled wide.


I remember seeing her with my dad inside my apartment, bawling and holding each other as if they were scared to breathe alone.


"Well, There's Ashton." I smiled, looking at my feet, "He became one of my best friends and stood up for me whenever. He provided me a place to stay and bought me food and he was there for me when I cried because-" I caught myself "because I was homesick..."


"Enough about chivalry, how are his looks?" Holly smiled.


"Okay then, he has a mop of brownish-blond hair that's uncontrollably wavy, he has greenish-hazel eyes and he usually goes scruffy on the facial hair. Oh and, sorry Holly, but he's dating Ashlynn Belle. Funny right? Two Ash's." I smiled.


"Okay blah blah, next." My younger cousin yipped.


"Well, there's Luke. He's the youngest of the guys, but you couldn't tell, because he's practically a giraffe." I laughed again, talking about these guys make me so happy I got to be the one to know them, "He always puts his golden hair into a quiff. He has piercing blue eyes and likes to make everyone feel secure."


"He sounds CUUUUTE!" My cousins exclaimed.


"And again, Holly, he's dating a girl, named Camille." I giggled as I saw Holly take a gulp of her drink.




"Four. Two down. Next up, Calum." I couldn't help, but feel another smile come on.


"Asian or what?" My mom asked.


"Uhm no...They're all actually Australian. " I bit my lip. "Anyways, Calum is a giggly shit. He has black hair and a face like a freaking puppy. He could literally poke your cheek all day, but there would be no way to be angry with him. And, haha, he is practically married to Helen. And, surprisingly, all these girls are fantastic and not bitches." I took a sip of my tea and sucked in air at Holly's next words.


"And who is Prince Charming Number Four? Saved the best for last?"


"Well, uhm, next is Michael." I looked down at my feet and tried to keep myself together.


"Y/n will NOT shut up about these guys at home, they better pay her a visit or I'll lose my mind." Troy said, getting the attention off of me.


If there was one pro about Troy, it was that he always had the spotlight. So I never had to feel self-conscious.


"Michael is a fucking little...I don't know what you'd call it. He's like a kitten. He can get SO annoying, but you can't help but smile every single time he locks his emerald eyes with you. He can cuddle with you all day and never complain about the uncomfortable positions you put him in." I took some more air in to steady myself.


"Then the next minute, he can be so demanding and confusing. You never truly know where you stand with him. It's like an endless battle for existence. You never know if you're good enough for him. He's so great and you'll think you have him all figured out when you're eating ice-cream together in your jammies, then boom he dresses in all black and sips is whiskey telling you everything is different now." I felt myself getting angry.


I was getting hurt, all over again.


"Wow Y/n it's almost like this guy tore your fucking heart out, you okay?" Holly asked, slightly worried.


Wow these people literally have no idea.


"Yeah well, I just miss him-them. I just miss them all, a lot." I covered up my hurt expression with a fake smile.


"Well invite them one day, I'd like to meet this Michael, if he's single..." Holly winked.


"Hahhaahaa..." I took another long gulp of my tea and soon enough Troy and I headed home.


Ashton's P.O.V


If only Y/n knew the guys and I chose today to watch her...


We need to visit.


She needs us.


That's all lovelies ;) Do you think Mikey is going to be okay? It looks like thing took a turn for the worst...Maybe Mikey will go visit her too?? Comment your thoughts and feelings toward this story/chapter/whatever. Feedback is ALWAYS welcome ;) ;) Thankyou for reading so far<3 Love y'all







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