Welcome {Michael Clifford}

Y/n closed her eyes…and never woke up.

Now y/n's in the afterlife and meets people from all over who have passed.

But she takes special interest in demon Michael Clifford-who has a horrid past

What will happen when y/n has to choose, stay in the afterlife? Or leave back to earth for a second chance?

What about her boyfriend on earth,Troy!?

Read to find out!☺️❤️thanks��


17. Chapter 17

Hey guys, It's been such a long time and I'm soo sorry, I expected to lose a bunch of fans but i actually gained a few...Wow, I love y'all so much :) if you still can't get Chapter 16 on the app, I apologize, I sent in a complaint, and that's all I can do for right now, sorry again:(  but, for those who could read  the last chapter here we are, continuing the flashback :) (sorry again for the VERY long delay)


Michael's P.O.V


*still flashback*


I got out of the hospital that day, the doctors just told me to keep my blood pressure low, just in case.


But that was the least of my worries.


"Did the man leave his number?" I asked the boys as I paced the room, and they sat on the living room couch, together.


"No, like I told you, he just wanted to talk to you...in person." Calum said.


"Okay...I'm going to try and find him." I said grabbing my jacket.


"WAIT WHAT?!" Ashton asked standing up.


I looked at him confused.


"Gavin just left us, for good Mikey, and now you're going to see some stranger you don't even know?" Ashton asked.


"I think I know him, let me go Ash." I said trying to push by him, but he wouldn't let me.


"I can't lose you both, I WILL NOT lose both of you in 24hours." Ashton whispered.


"I'll be okay Ash, I just need to talk to him." I smiled and Ashton released his grip, looking defeated.


"Just, call, okay?" Ashton asked.


"I promise." I smiled and walked out the door.


I drove my car all through the town, looking for the man that is my father.


while behind the wheel, I began to think.


Why did Gavin leave?  Was it his fault? Did he choose to go, or was he forced? How'd my father find me? How'd he know?


I slammed the breaks at a red light, almost running through it.




I looked to the side and there was another car curving around me, annoyed with my instant stop.


I mumbled a 'sorry' even though they couldn't hear me.


I rubbed my eyes and rested my hands on the wheel.


I looked to the left and saw a man in an ally on a chair and reading something.


I thought.


No ones brings a chair into the ally...why are they just sitting there and reading?


I kept staring until I heard another honk.


I looked up and saw that it was now a green light {What a coincidence-sorry, please continue}


I pulled over and got out, walking towards the ally.


I started to shake a little.


It was getting a little dark. '6:02' my phone read.


I got closer to the ally and almost had a heart attack, when I turned the corner just as the man got up from the chair.


"Finally, I almost left, thinking you'd be back tomorrow." The man laughed, sitting back down.


I slowly inched forward but for every 1 step forward was 2 steps back, from fear.


"Come sit!" He smiled patting another dirt covered chair beside him.


"I-I'm good." I stuttered.


"Okay, suit yourself." He cleared his throat.


"W-why did you need me?" I asked.


He smiled again and opened his mouth "I'm guessing you have many questions, son."


I cringed at the word 'son'.


I'm no one's son.


Never have been, the closest I got to a parent was Gavin, and now he's gone too.


"Yes." I said standing up a little straighter.


"Okay, start asking." The man crossed his legs and grinned.


"Oh o-okay, umm." I struggled to find the right words.


"How's Ashton?" He asked.


I looked at him shocked. "How do you know Ash?" I asked.


"He's the one that told his mum. He's the one that heard you." He snarled.


"You're the one who can't control yourself." I snipped.


"You're getting wiser, that's not always good." He said.


"Well." I shrugged.


I was 15, I wasn't going to listen to a complete stranger telling me my faults.


"The boys said you had something to tell and give me?" I asked wanting to go home soon.


"Indeed." He smiled, his gold tooth and yellowish teeth shining from a small ray of light the sky still held.


"Then what?" I asked rolling my eyes.


He got up from the chair again and walked close to me.


I started to get scared again.


Every step he took, I cringed.


"That night." He started, stopping a few feet in front of me. "That night, your mother left, I was a mess, and you did what you did best, you made things worse."


"I WAS 8!" I snipped.


"Yes, you were. You were old enough to know, that you should've left me alone." He said.


"I didn't know where mum was and I was scared!" I defended.


"I DON'T CARE!" He shouted. "That night, you wouldn't shut up. You just wouldn't stay quiet!" He seemed to be recalling every step of that night in his head. "Then that little kid heard you, and told his mum...I was almost done Michael, so close, when they came in and took you."


"W-why did you want to end me?" I asked a tear rolling down my face.


Whenever the boys talked about their parents they seemed to be so happy, and wanted to see them someday again, on the other hand, they kept the talk to a minimum, knowing I couldn't share that experience.


"IT WAS YOUR FAULT!" He shouted stepping closer.


"What? What was my fault?" I asked completely shocked.




Before I knew it I was against the cold ally wall with a hand around my throat.


All too fast...almost supernatural...


As a car drove by, it's headlights caused a some light to shine in the ally.


It shined on us and I felt my heart beat as loud as possible when it shined on his face.


His regular pale skin. But- his deep, hate-filled brown eyes were gone, and replaced with eyes the color of the sky that night. Pitch black.


I hope I didn't look as scared as I was.


He made a weird growl-like noise when my phone rang.


*ring ring*


I tried to grab it but his hand was tight on my throat.


I knew it was Ashton calling, to see if I was alright and when I'd be home.


"You will suffer as much as me Michael." He said.


I looked at him confused.


"We will be more alike then you know." He 'smiled.'


I started to get a little dizzy from the lack of oxygen, or something.


"You'll never find love. You'll be alone. Forever. Unable to feel the affection that others can. and you'll need me, because no one else will understand." He spoke softly.


I started to black out, only getting tunnel vision now.


"Go to sleep..." He whispered and I felt my eyes slowly close.


That's all for tonight but I SWEAR I'll be posting another chapter sometime tomorrow, because I've been pretty terrible at updating frequently, sorry again babes, I wanna thank y'all for being so patient with me and y'all are just the best, Love y'all

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