Welcome {Michael Clifford}

Y/n closed her eyes…and never woke up.

Now y/n's in the afterlife and meets people from all over who have passed.

But she takes special interest in demon Michael Clifford-who has a horrid past

What will happen when y/n has to choose, stay in the afterlife? Or leave back to earth for a second chance?

What about her boyfriend on earth,Troy!?

Read to find out!☺️❤️thanks��


16. Chapter 16

It's been awhile! In this update you might need to read the last chapter for a refresher, maybe not, but answers will be given in this update:) Most anyways.;)






I criss-crossed my legs and held Michael's hands, like I did the night he told me about his death.


Except this time, Michael had barely any sympathy in his eyes.


Michael's P.O.V


I stared straight ahead, not because I was scared of what she'd say, but of what she'd think afterward.


"When I first arrived here, I was really lonely." I began. "I didn't have anyone, all my friends were alive and I didn't have my parents. Sadly enough, when you're dead most people seem to forget you have feelings, or need help. So my first weeks here I slept on park benches and sometimes the late workers let me sleep on the couch of the main office."


She just stared at me.


"Stop me whenever you want." I laughed slightly.


"Continue." She spoke up after a little silence.


"Okay, well, it had been a year of being homeless and alone, my friends started showing up. All together, scared, but their fear gone when they saw me sitting on the couch." I paused remembering the day. "They smiled at me. They were shocked to say the least, but it was like I never left."




I was about to go to sleep in the office, after the janitor left and the night guards came in.


I sat up for some water when 3boys appeared in the corner of the room.


3boys I knew before. 3boys I thought I'd never see again.


Since I was, now, 9, I got excited at seeing my friends.


But their faces weren't scared like mine was the night I showed up.


They looked at me and smiled.


Ashton almost cried as they all ran to me with open arms.


I just sat there on the couch, engulfed in arms.


"Excuse me?" The night man, Jim, said.


The boys let go of me and looked up at him.


"And who is you?" Calum asked, being the sassy, yet un-educated 9year old he was.


"Calum Hood, Ashton Irwin, and Lucas Hemmings?" Jim asked checking the computer.


"I go by Luke." Luke chirped up.




"Shh, guys listen." Ashton said, calming the boys.


"But I wanna be batman if we can be superheroes, he's better than the rest." Luke mumbled.


"Follow me please." The man said walking towards the hallway.


"Can Mikey come?" Ashton asked with a smile.


"Yeah, I'm not gonna go with out Mikes." Calum stated crossing his arms, Luke doing the same.


"Ha, kinda like the Mike-and-Ikes you get at the corner store." Luke laughed.


"Shoosh." Calum snipped.


"Fine, come on Michael." Jim said.


"YAY!" The boys shouted and I laughed un-raveling from the covers.


We went into the counsellor,Gavin's, office.


"Sup Gav." I said sitting on the floor.


"Hey Mikey, how are you tonight?" Gavin asked.


"Good, Great actually! Remember how I told you I had friends, and not my imaginary ones?" I smiled up at him.


"Are these them Michael?" Gavin asked smiling.


"YEAH!" I laughed, joy rushing through my entire body.


"Introduce me?" Gavin smiled standing up.


"This is Luke, he's cool and he's 9 too!" I said as Gavin and Luke shook hands but Luke looked awkward.


"This is Calum! He likes soccer and he's also 9!" Gavin reached to shake his hand but Calum hugged him instead.


"If Mikey likes you, I like you too." Calum smiled, making his face really squishy.


"This is Ashton, but he goes by Ash, he's the one who told his mum that night." I smiled.


Ashton just looked down and slightly smiled and shook Gavin's hand.


"It's nice to meet you boys, if you're friends of Michael's I bet you're great boys." Gavin smiled sitting back in his chair.


"Where's my mum?" Luke asked getting worried.


"She's not here." I responded.


They sat down in the chairs and Luke looked like he was going to cry.


"Are you okay Lucas?" Gavin asked.


"It's Luke." Luke corrected.


"Sorry, Luke, are you alright?" He asked again.


"I just wanna hug my mum." Luke said a tear falling from his eyes.


"Well you're mom's not here." I said without sympathy.


"Michael Clifford." Gavin threatened.

I looked down knowing I should've been nicer "Sorry Luke."


"It's okay Mikey." Luke smiled hugging me.


I hugged back.


"So where are we?" Calum asked wanting to get to the point.


"...We're dead..." Ashton mumbled holding his temple with his hand.


"What?" Luke asked holding me tighter.


"It's okay guys." Gavin reassured them.


"No! We're dead! How's that okay?!" Calum asked standing up.


"It's okay Cal." Ashton said pulling Calum back onto the couch.


"You guys are in the underworld, you're pretty young, so I don't expect you to know how to deal with this, but I'm here if you need me, and Michael's been here for a year, so he knows his way around." Gavin said typing something on his computer.


"Can we stay with Mikey?" Calum asked looking at me.


"Yeah can we stay at his house?" Luke asked smiling.


I let out a sigh and looked up at Gavin, who gave me a sympathetic look.


Gavin knew everything about me, he cared, any night it was his shift he made sure I was allowed to sleep here and didn't leave until I was sound asleep. He fed me breakfast, lunch, and dinner whenever I saw him at those times. He was like my father, except, better.


"Michael doesn't have a home." Gavin said slowly.


I wasn't offended, I knew I was homeless from the first 3days here, I learned to accept it.


"What?" Ashton asked getting slightly irritated. "You guys let him be alone for a whole year?!"


"No, that's not how it is you have to understand Mr.Irwin-" Gavin tried to calm him.




I was shocked by his sudden outburst but smiled that he cared that much.


"That's not cool." Luke said standing up along with Calum.


"I'm okay guys." I spoke up with a smile.


I haven't smiled like this in such a long time.


"Michael, you're not okay. It's been a whole year, and you've had nobody, after you-di-passed." Ashton corrected himself. "They sent in people to help us deal with it, and the majority of the class didn't even know you!" He said getting angry.


"They didn't Mikey, no one knew who you were, we all sat at the playground and just swung on the swings, while everyone else ignored the fact you died."  Calum said with tears in his eyes.


"Except us, we would never forget you, Mikey." Luke said smiling.


"Ashton didn't even go to school for the first month. He went to classes and therapy." Calum said hugging Ashton.


"It's fine." Ashton stated. "I just wish I could've helped."


I felt so bad in that moment, there was nothing Ashton could've done that would've helped, he did the best thing possible, he called for help, and that's what I got, he didn't know it was too late.


"I'm okay Ash, I promise." I smiled.


"Cross your heart, hope to die?" Luke asked.


"Stick a needle in your eye?" Calum continued.


"We're all already dead." Ashton said laughing.


We all started laughing and Gavin did too a little.


"We'll be okay, you have us, now, Mikey." Luke said as we huddled for a hug.


"Boys, I think I can arrange something, for a place for you to live." Gavin said smiling as he stood up.


We all smiled and hugged him too.


That night he brought us to his own house and we stayed up, giggling and eating sweets.


"Boys please be quiet, I work tomorrow." Gavin said going back into his room.


"Sorry Gav." Ashton laughed as we turned on Spider-man and Calum cheered.


That's when Gavin took us in as his own. His wife had divorced him for someone else so he had extra space.


The boys and I shared one room, with only 2 beds, but we loved it.


We became brothers and bestfriends. And I was happy.


That was until my 15th birthday.


Calum and Luke were still 14, but Ashton was already 16 and had planned a surprise birthday party.


I arrived home after my shift from the café downtown, and I was exhausted.


My boss hadn't let me have the day off since 2people were fired and they needed the extra help.


I walked into the house and all the lights were out.


"Guys?" I asked turning on the light.


"SURPRISE!" People I didn't even know shouted as Gavin came forward with a cake saying 'Happy Birthday Mikey' on it.


"Thanks." I smiled hugging him tight, but avoided hitting the cake.


I smiled and enjoyed myself that night, dancing with strangers, having my first kiss with Ashton's ex because she wanted to make him jealous, which just lead to Ashton and I laughing and taking a shot of tequila behind Gavin's back.


Around 11 everyone rushed out and left, Calum, along with Luke, were passed out on the couch.


"Happy Birthday, I'm sorry, but I have to go to the choosing ball. Love you guys, bye" Gavin said kissing the top of my head and hugging me.


"Thanks again, love you too" I smiled as he left with his coat.


The choosing ball, that's why everyone rushed out.


"Like it?" Ashton asked, clearly a little buzzed.


"Absolutely, how about you head to bed, I'm going soon." I laughed.


"I have to get the boys." He said walking over to Luke and picking him up and threw him over his shoulder.


Luke only mumbled something before falling back asleep.


I woke up Cal and put him in the same bed as Luke and Ashton was already sound asleep in the other, his limbs spread out.


I guess I'll sleep on the couch.


I got situated on the couch, pulling a small blanket over me, and fell asleep.


Only to be awake again, 10 minutes later with a phone call.


"Hello?" I asked groggily.


"Hello Michael." The person said.


"Uh- who is this?" I asked.


"You don't recognize my voice?" He asked.


"I'm sorry, but you must have the wrong Michael, sorry." I said about to hang up.


"Michael Gordon Clifford?" He asked.


I put the phone back up to my ear. "Yes? That's me."


"Gavin's your guardian am I correct?" He asked.


"Yes." I respond. "How'd you know?"


"He's been picked at the choosing ball, he's leaving for earth in 2hours." The man said.


"Wait, he wouldn't do that to us, we need him." I said, tears filling my eyes.


"He has chosen, I guess you can't have such high expectations Michael." The man said.


The way he said my name was like he loathed it.


"W-who is this?" I asked a tear falling.


"I'm the man who draws the person." He stated.


"You drew Gavin?" I asked.


"Yes." He responded.


"He would never leave us like that." I stated.


"It seems he already has, See you soon, Happy birthday...son." He said then hung up.


I sat there on the couch, unable to move.


My father.


He was here.


Here in the underworld.


He chose Gavin's name.


He did it on purpose.


To hurt me.


I stood up and flipped the couch backward.


I grabbed the vase with the flowers in it and smashed it to the floor knocking everything off the counter.


"Michael?" Luke asked coming out of the room, rubbing his eyes.


"S-sorry." I said wiping away the hot tears I didn't notice were flowing.


"What the fuck Michael?" Ashton asked coming out of the room, now more sober.


"What's going on?" Calum asked entering as well.


"I-I'm sorry." I whispered.


"Are you alright?" Luke asked putting his hand on my shoulder.


I flinched at the contact.


"I wasn't going to hit you..." Luke said retracting his hand.


"M-Michael, are you okay?" Calum asked.


"No." I whispered. "No, no, no, no..."


"Hey, where's Gavin?" Calum asked looking around. "It's after the ball."


"Michael?" Ashton asked coming closer.


I began to shake and fall to my knees.


Ashton ran over and held me as I broke down.


"H-he w-was chosen, he l-left." I said in between sobs.


"What, Michael, Gavin would never do that, unless he was forced." Luke said kneeling on the other side of me.


I started shaking again and couldn't catch my breath, going into a panic attack.


"Call for help!" Ashton said, and Calum was already dialing 9-1-1.


"Shhhh." Ashton whispered.


I woke up later that morning.


All the boys sitting on the hospital couch, beside my bed, awake and waiting.


"Michael, you feeling okay?" Calum asked getting close.


"Yeah." I mumbled.


"We know Gavin left." Luke said looking down. "A man showed up at the house, Michael."  


"What? Who?" I asked sitting up.


"I don't know, he was asking for you, and said he had something to tell you." Ashton said. "We told him you were at the hospital and he'd have to wait."


"We asked if he wanted to leave a message, but he said he had to give you something too, and it had to be in person, then he just left." Calum said.


I'm so sorry y'all but I have to end this chapter here bc it's so long already. :(, but don't worry, I'll update this before any other when I can bc I have to finish the flashback. :) Thankyou for reading so far<3 Love y'all
















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