Welcome {Michael Clifford}

Y/n closed her eyes…and never woke up.

Now y/n's in the afterlife and meets people from all over who have passed.

But she takes special interest in demon Michael Clifford-who has a horrid past

What will happen when y/n has to choose, stay in the afterlife? Or leave back to earth for a second chance?

What about her boyfriend on earth,Troy!?

Read to find out!☺️❤️thanks��


15. Chapter 15

Hey babes(: I know it's a kinda late update but I update all my stories in order, so it's time for this one! AND it's pretty long:D






I was frozen, but before I knew it I was being pushed to the stage for a speech.


I got to the microphone and cleared my throat.


"I-I" I stuttered. I looked over at Michael and saw his glass shattered on the floor. I guess I wasn't paying attention when it dropped. "Umm, thank you?" I said making it sound more like a question as the crowd cheered.


I made eye contact with Michael and started walking off the stage when he just looked to the ground and walked away.


Michael's P.O.V


I got out of there as soon as possible.


I heard y/n repeating my name over and over again but I didn't look back.


When I reached outside I finally turned and saw y/n right behind me.


She opened her mouth to speak but I transported to my apartment.




I stood in the lot staring at where Michael was standing.


"You okay Y/n?" Calum asked touching my shoulder.


"...Y-yeah...." I trailed off.


"Mikey's gonna be okay." Helen reassured smiling as Calum pecked her cheek.


"We're going to go back inside for the last part, want to join us?" Calum asked holding Helen's hand.


"Ya'know, I think I'll just head home." I replied fake smiling.


"CONGRATS!" both Luke and Ashton announced coming out of the building with Camille and Ashlynn by their sides.


"Haha...I know right?" I 'smiled' again.


"LUCKY!" A group of girls called while leaving.


I 'laughed' and looked to the ground.


"Well don't be a party pooper y/n" Ashton laughed kissing my cheek.


"Mmm, I'm gonna head home, see you guys later?" I said.


"Oh-Ok, yeah sure" Everyone said slowly walking back inside.


"Wait, do you have a ride?" Ashton asked with a grin holding Ashlynn's hand.


I rolled my eyes " No, but I'm gonna walk, thanks for the offer Ash." I smiled.


I started walking and thinking.


I wasn't jealous of Ashlynn and Ashton I just wish that they would've gone together and saved me the alone time.


Or maybe Mikey would've asked me....I don't know.


Michael's P.O.V


I paced back and forth, running my hands through my hair.


"She's not considering going back, she's not, she's not..." I mumbled to myself.


I knew it was a lie, anyone in their right mind would NEVER pass up the opportunity to be re-united with family and friends.


I wouldn't go, but who said I even HAD a right mind?


I kept pacing and ruining my hair, but I didn't care anymore.


I decided to call Ash.


"Hey dude, why'd you disappear?" He asked.


"Oh, uh- no reason, what's up?" I asked changing the subject.


"The ball just ended, Y/n walked home and-" He said.


"Alone?" I asked cutting him off.


"Y/n?, oh yeah, she insisted she wanted to walk." He said.


"Oh, yeah, I might be a small part in that reason" I laughed.


"I know." He laughed. "Talk to her, she seemed upset you left."


"Hmmm, I don't know, I'll see you later." I said.


"Yeah sure dude." He said as I hung up.




I was walking the long distance to my apartment as it started to drizzle.


"Just perfect." I mumbled to myself.


"Yes you are." Someone said from behind me.


"Uh, who are you exactly?" I asked spinning around to see a tall, man in a top hat and a can wearing a tux. "Oh you're the announcer, correct?" I asked.


"Yes ma'am." He smirked. "I'm surprised you recognized me."


"Hard to forget." I 'smiled' "Oh, and not in a good way." I snipped.


"Ah, sassy, learn that from Mister Michael Gordon Clifford, did you?" He asked walking towards me.


"Clifford?...You mean Mikey?" I asked.


"Aw, how cute, he's even lets you call him a nickname." He grinned touching my shoulder which I yanked away. "Aw, Don't run from me...I'm just being friendly."


"How do you know Michael?" I asked rolling my eyes.


"Oh...hmmm." He acted as though he was thinking hard. "We're...close friends." He smiled ear to ear.


"Hmm, well nice to meet you, I'm leaving now." I snipped walking away.


"I wouldn't do that if I were you." He said running in front of me.


"Well it's good you're not me." I smiled and continued to walk.


"Ah, nice, okay, let's make a deal." He smiled stopping in front of me again.


"Why would I make a deal with YOU" I asked putting my hand on my hip.


"I can transport you home, and you'll owe me...It IS raining, wouldn't want you ruining your make-up and hair now do we?" He asked.


"I thought only Mikey could transport." I said raising my eyebrow.


"Is that what he told you?" He asked smiling again.


"Stop smiling, it's creepy." I stated. "And, no, Michael didn't tell me anything."


"Aw, too bad, might've known why he's a demon in the first place...guess not." He said faking to be disappointed.


"What do you mean?" I asked...I guess I never even wondered why he was a demon, I thought it just happened.


"Oh sweetheart, do you actually think he'd choose to be like this?" He asked as we started walking slowly.


"Well, no, but I thought it just, ya'know, happened..." I trailed off.


"Ha." He laughed to himself. "I guess you can say that."


"What's so funny?" I asked getting annoyed.


"Why don't you ask Michael." He smiled before grabbing my waist as we transported somewhere.


Michael's P.O.V


I was sitting on my couch and thinking harder than I ever had before.


*knock knock*


"Not in the mood for company, go away." I called groaning.


"That is no way to speak to a lady Mister Clifford." Someone said after opening the door.


I knew I had heard the voice before so I whipped my head around feeling the hair on the back of my neck stick up.


"Shocking, isn't it?" He smiled holding y/n's waist as she looked around.


"Why are YOU here?" I asked standing up.


"I could ask you the same, why didn't you stay for the ball Michael?" He asked grinning.


"You know damn well." I growled.


"Do you still think he's so perfect y/n?" He asked y/n making her look him in the eyes.


"I never said he was perfect..." She said sternly.


"Feisty, Clifford, you always know how to pick'em." He smirked.


"What?" Y/n asked looking between us.


"Shut up." I threatened him.


"She should know." He winked at me.


"Know what?" y/n asked.


"Michael here has a secret y/n, and I'm afraid he's kept it from you for too long." He said laughing.


"What is it Mikey?" She asked me looking like she was about to break.


"See there it is again Michael." He said letting go of her and swinging his arm around my shoulders. "The cute nickname..."


"It's just a nickname." I said sternly clenching my jaw.


"Just a nickname?" He asked smiling. "You see, I find that funny...'just a nickname'" He repeated to himself.


I looked down then at y/n who looked SO clueless as to what was going on.


"Oh, let me tell you Miss." He said laughing and grabbing her hand to sit on my couch.


"Uh, I-umm." She stuttered.


"It's okay." He said with a small smile moving her hair out of her face.


"Stop." I said feeling my eyes get black.


"Whoops? Am I making you mad Michael?" He asked walking around me in slow circles.


"Hey, just leave him alone, yeah?" y/n said standing up.


"NO!" He called loudly gripping my shoulder tightly.


My eyes turned completely black as y/n started thinking of things...I could tell by the way she was pacing and biting her lip......


"You forget, Michael, I am VERY powerful...I can almost feel those thoughts in that head of yours." He whispered in my ear.


I grabbed his wrist and flipped it so if I turned my hand, just a little, it would break.


"Why are you even here?" I asked.


"Just checking on you." He winked. "making sure, you're not...you know."


"I'm not." I said sternly.


"You sure?" He asked smiling.


I grabbed his shoulders and slammed him into the wall.


"Oh, I'm sure." I said smiling as y/n let out a squeal.


"Let her know Michael...Let her know how you're a monster, evil, unable to show affection..." He trailed off eyeing her.


"Stop it." I mumbled.


"It's all your fault Michael." He whispered.


"I SAID STOP!" I yelled slamming him again.




I stood there watching Michael and, some stranger, fighting over something.


I wanted to help, but it didn't seem like I had a fact in the matter.


I kept thinking of ways to help.


Before I could think another thought I spun Michael around to see his eyes completely black.


It was like the black I saw when I met him...the black I saw at Luke's house...the black meaning anger.


I felt scared.


But, I felt a good kind of scared.


One that gets you ready to face the world and it's challenges.


One that makes you indestructible.


I looked at Michael, his face red with frustration and his obsidian black eyes reflecting the light in the room.


I held his shoulder and hugged him tightly, closing my eyes.


I didn't feel him hug back, as I let a tear fall down my face when I released.


"W-why are you crying?" He mumbled.


"Please Mikey...calm down." I begged cupping his cheeks with my hands.


"But I-" He tried to say.


"HE'S A LIAR Y/N! A MONSTER!" The man yelled, cutting Michael off and stepping towards us.


Michael turned, punched his jaw and threw him to the floor.


"SEE! DO YOU SERIOUSLY THINK HE'S NORMAL?!" The man called out picking himself back up.


I looked down as Michael faced me and sighed.


"You don't think he's sane, that's okay, because he's not." The man said calmly dusting off his jacket.


"I think we're all a little insane, don't you?" I said looking him in the eye.


"One question for you y/n?" He smirked.


"What?" I asked.


"Are you considering going back to earth?" He asked.


I stood still and looked to my feet.


"And no ma'am, your thinking is sane for any being, leaving 'this place' to see family and friends, to find REAL comfort." He laughed. "Michael, have fun explaining this to her, or... I'll take matters into my own hands, and look how that worked out for you."


"What the hell happened?" I asked. I was getting annoyed by all the secrets.


"Might want to calm him down first, Lucas DID say you could do that correct?" He asked.


"Well, I've just talked to him, anyone could do it, why don't you guys understand that?" I asked.


"HAHA!" He chucked. "Michael Clifford...You REALLY haven't told her a thing have you?"


"Leave." Michael commanded walking up to him. "You have ruined my ENTIRE life, before and after!"


"I take pleasure in that...enjoy explaining." He winked transporting out.


I walked up to Michael and his eyes were still black but slowly fading.


"You should go too." He mumbled walking to his room.


I followed him and sat with him on his bed.


"Just- Tell me what's going on." I pleaded.


"Here I am, yet again, finding myself explaining too many things to you." He said his green eyes returning.


"I'm sorry." I said looking down at my hands.


"And again, finding myself unable to say no to you..." He said as I lifted my head to be met by him looking into my eyes.

"...Explain Mikey..." I said biting my lip.

That's all babes! HAHA! It's 1:30 here while I'm updating, oops? Haha, cliffhanger! Why's Michael a demon? Why's Y/n able to help Michael's anger, but no one else? More importantly-Who's the man in the tux and hat? All questions will be answered in no time! Thankyou for reading so far<3 Love y'all












































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