Welcome {Michael Clifford}

Y/n closed her eyes…and never woke up.

Now y/n's in the afterlife and meets people from all over who have passed.

But she takes special interest in demon Michael Clifford-who has a horrid past

What will happen when y/n has to choose, stay in the afterlife? Or leave back to earth for a second chance?

What about her boyfriend on earth,Troy!?

Read to find out!☺️❤️thanks��


14. Chapter 14

Hey guys!(: I know you're probably curious because this IS the update of the ball shopping and the ball! (: It's REALLY long so I hope that's okay! Enjoy(;




Michael's P.O.V


I followed y/n down the street, since she demanded we walk instead of transport.


"Okay, we're here Mikey!" She smiled opening the door for me.


"Isn't the man supposed to hold the door open for the woman." I laughed grabbing the door.


"When'd you qualify as a man?" She smiled.


"I can show you proof, if you want, but you asked." I said winking.


"Uh-actually second thought here's the door." She awkwardly laughed putting the door handle in my hands and walking inside.


"That's what I thought darlin'" I laughed walking in after her.


We spent about an hour in there, finding nothing good enough to wear...actually, I found a suit within the 1st 5minutes of being here, just waiting for y/n to find something.


"Almost done Mikey!" Y/n called from inside a stall.


"Can we just leave? I bet you have something in your close-" I complained but was cut off when y/n walked out of the stall nervously smiling.


I stared, unable to move, let alone blink. I let my eyes fall upon every inch of her body, the beautiful long,one strap, turquoise dress flowing perfectly down her figure.


I found myself looking back at her face as she just looked down at herself with worried eyes, biting her lip.


"I-I'm just gonna change and find something else..." She mumbled with disappointment.


I was barely able to talk as my mind swam with thoughts- "Wh-Why...N-No don't change" I stuttered clearing my throat and standing up to walk towards her.


"Mikey, just...it's okay, I'll find something" she 'smiled' "Hopefully..." She mumbled.


I saw how insecure she looked and I just wanted to help but-


Before I could think I grabbed her arm and spun her towards me, making us so close I could feel her hot breathe hitch in the back of her throat.


I stared at the closeness and whispered in her ear "You. Look. Absolutely. Perfect."


I stared at her face again and she just looked down blushing slightly and I saw a little smile forming.


I lifted her chin up with my fingertips and let her beautiful blue eyes stare into my green ones.


We both started to lean in as her top lip just grazed my bottom lip when someone cut us off yet again-


"Buy it, or take it off...We close in 30minutes." The clerk said with a 'smile' and walked away.


I sighed at the same time as y/n and rolled my eyes. Why is everyone so god damn perfect at ruining my moments.


"...Yeah thanks ma'am." Y/n finally responded backing a little away from me and back into the stall.


"So you're going to buy that right?" I asked smiling walking to the door of the stall.


"I guess I am." She said, and I swear that there was a smile on her face.


I leaned beside the door waiting for her to come out.


"Okay. I'm ready Mik-" She said coming out and stopped when she saw me in front of her. "I-I'm just gonna go check out..." She mumbled walking towards the short line.


"Now where?" She asked as we walked out and down the street.


"Well...Your place?" I suggested.


"How about yours?" She suggested instead.


I froze "M-My place?" I asked shocked.


"Yeah! No dead bodies right?" She giggled.


"No, not dead bodies, just...No one ever wants to come over to MY place..." I mumbled walking slowly.


"Well, I do" She smiled grabbing my hand and gave it a squeeze.


"Fine, but it's a little messy.." I said scratching the back of my neck.


"I don't care, we're just gonna chill, it's not like it's a date." She laughed pulling me forward "So which way?"


I paused...yeah, 'not a date' I whispered to myself as a reminder...I don't even know why I always needed one with her.


I shrugged off the feeling and pointed the way to my apartment.


"Open, open, open!" Y/n shrieked as we arrived to my locked door.


"Chill will ya, babe?" I laughed unlocking the door and opening it for her.


"Hush up" She giggled walking in.


I started to panic as I shut the door.


"I LOVE GREENDAY!" She announced from somewhere.


I followed her voice into my room when I saw her admiring all my band posters.


"I do too." I smiled scratching the back of my neck again.


"YESYES! AND BLINK-182! AND NIRVANA! AND-...5 seconds of summer?" She blurted excitedly prancing poster to poster but stopped at my '5seconds of summer' one.


I couldn't help but smile at her enthusiasm but blush when she read the last one aloud.


"Who's 5 es-oh-es?" She asked and I chucked to myself.


"It's actually pronounced 5sauce...and they're a terrible band, never EVER listen to them, EVER." I said sternly.


"But I wanna, you're blushing like a tomato...Wait a second...Are you in this band" She asked smirking and slowly walking my way.


"N-No, never..." I trailed off blushing even harder.


I ran to the poster and covered it with my body.


"Aw, how cute, too bad for you, I have a phone and youtube." She laughed unlocking her phone and searching up our band and soon enough...'She Looks So Perfect' was blasting in my room.


"AWWW!" She exclaimed smiling like a cheshire cat.


"What?" I asked walking over to her.


"It's just cool...How all of you are the best of friends" She smiled.


"Yeah..." I mumbled.




"So are you excited for the ball?" I asked sitting on his king sized bed.


"Not really, no" He admitted sitting beside me.


"Why not? It seems exciting!" I tried to cheer him up. I hope nothing's wrong, but he does seem out of it...


"Yeah, for you, you're going with Ashton." He said sternly shifting on the bed as he laid back.


"What's so bad about Ashton? We're just going as friends, I don't wanna go alone." I defended.


"You wouldn't have." He said sitting up.


"What do you mean? Of course I would've, if Ashton didn't ask I wouldn't be going with someone, and I would be better off at home." I said looking him in the eye.


"I would've gone with you, y/n" He mumbled standing up. "Let's get you and your new dress home so you can tell Ashton when to pick you up for the ball."


I shifted but stood up, "Fine, okay." What'd he mean he'd take me? As bestfriends...right?


He walked me home and left.


Wow, he didn't even kiss my cheek or give me a hug. He's acting REALLY weird.


I shut my front door and put my dress in my room, upstairs.


*buzz buzz*


I looked down at my phone to see a missed call from 'Ash' and a new text message.


'Hey, I'll pick you up at noon for the ball, all us mates are meeting up at Calum's place to chill beforehand, maybe you can make friends with the other girls, everyone has a date!(: - Ash'


'Yeah, okay...Everyone has a date?"  Surely, Michael, doesn't have a date...


"YEAH! EVERYONE! It's actually pretty shocking, but yep, okay so I'll see you soon and at noon(; -Ash


I laughed because he made it rhyme and was a little childish, but it was cute.


I sat on my bed and thought.


Who's Mikey taking?




I woke up a 5a.m, barely able to sleep anyways, it's now 10 and I've only had a shower to get ready.


I looked at myself in the mirror.


Time to get ready, I guess.


I was finally done, and by 11:48.


I was in my beautiful long, one strap, turquoise dress, and white heels (not too high or I'd snap my neck).


I gently curled my gold-ish brown hair and put on mascara, eyeliner, and winged eyeliner, with a white-ish eyeshadow and light pink lipgloss.


I liked what I saw in the mirror for once.


I was confident...This one time, in my whole life, I felt confident in my looks.


"You. Look. Absolutely. Perfect." Kept replaying in my mind.


His soft voice, calming my nerves and erasing all insecurities I have and ever had.


His lips...so close but so far away {What a coincidence-Sorry please continue}


Back at the store, I could've swore our lips actually grazed.


That one moment was-




"I'm here y/n!" Ashton called from outside my house door.


I looked in the mirror once again and shook my thoughts of Michael, I'm going to the ball with Ashton. Ashton. Ashton. Ashton. Besides Michael has a date for tonight anyways...and I get to meet her...


I grabbed my white, sparkly clutch and put my phone in it and went to the door.


I opened the door and saw Ashton on his phone.


I stood there and cleared my throat.


"Oh-uh, hey, you look fantastic." Ashton smiled putting away his phone as I shut my door.


'Fantastic', he said- putting away his phone...'Perfect', Michael said- almost kissing me.


"Let's go sweetheart!" Ashton smiled grabbing my hand and walking me to his car.


I frowned...'car'. Michael doesn't like cars. We transport and walk. No cars.


I let out a large exhale, I didn't know I was keeping.


"You don't like cars either?" Ashton asked playing with his keys.


"Wh-What?" I asked.


"Michael hates riding in cars...I'm guessing you do too, you guys spend a lot of time with each other, wouldn't be a surprise." He mumbled getting in the car himself.


I walked to the car alone and opened my own door, since, may I recall, it wasn't opened for me.


I sat down and shut the door gently and got buckled.


"You didn't shut the door hard enough" Ashton said buckling up.


"Oh really?" I said raising an eyebrow I opened the door once again and, dramatically, slammed the door shut.


"Better." He 'smiled' and we drove to Calum's.


>>>At Calum's house<<<


Michael's P.O.V


We all stood around the house waiting for Ashton and Y/n to show up.


I grabbed a bottle of beer but it was snatched away by Calum.


"No drinking, your date is in the living room hanging with mine." He smiled putting the beer back in the fridge.


I groaned. My date, Ashlynn Belle, she's amazing, her emerald green eyes and dirty blond hair, but she's not y/n....And to be honest, I only asked her because I remember Ashton saying he had a crush on her.


"Fine..." I groaned walking with Calum to the living room to see our dates.


"HEY MIKE!" Helen yelled getting off the couch.


Helen is Calum's girlfriend...they've been dating for quite sometime, so long that the guys and I wouldn't be surprised if he proposed.


"Hey Hel." I laughed when she hugged me tight.


"Don't call me 'Hel' it sounds bad!" She giggled releasing our hug.


"It sounds cute." Calum interrupted hugging her side and not letting his hand escape her waist.


I looked a Helen's dress, long, pink and sparkly, making her black hair stand out and her makeup complimenting her light brown eyes.


"Good dress." I complimented.


"Thanks Mike, go talk to Ashlynn, she's alone...I actually think she's waiting for Ashton, outside." Helen smiled and kissed Calum as I walked outside.


"Hey Ashlynn." I smiled handing her a beer, I snuck from the fridge, sipping mine as well.


"Hey Mikes." She sighed. "You're going to develop a problem if you keep drinking."


"Eh, I look fine to me." I said shrugging. "Waiting for Ash?"


"Yeah, well he IS my bestfriend and I just want to hang with him, ya'know?" She smiled, blushing slightly.


"Mhm..." I mumbled taking a gulp. "He's actually bringing y/n...as a date." I said facing her.


"Oh...Well, you brought me so..." She said, sort of disappointed.


Oh god, Ashton's going to hate me.


Well, he asked y/n, so I asked Ashlynn.


"Cool dress" I smiled, trying to cheer her up.


It was a knee length, strapless, black dress with lace at the top and she was wearing high black heels and her hair was in a bun at the top of her head.


"Thanks." She said taking a drink.


She was cool, she was one of our friends...that Ashton took more interest in, then we did, and we all knew she liked him too, but neither made a move.


Ashton's car FINALLY pulled up and Ashton got out immediately walking to Ashlynn to give her a large hug, leaving Y/n in the car.


I saw her through the window, roll her eyes and un-buckle.


I walked towards the car and opened her door for her before she did herself.


She looked up at me shocked and smiled getting out.


"Wow..." I exhaled. She looked perfect...like always, but this time it was okay if I said it aloud because it would just be a simple compliment...right?


She looked down and blushed slightly and bit her lip.


"Let's go inside?" I asked grabbing her hand.


"Okay Mikey." She giggled as we walked up the steps back to Calum's house.


As we walked in I saw everyone in the living room just mingling and Ashton and Ashlynn hitting it off.


"OH MY GOD THAT DRESS IS GORGEOUS!" Helen exclaimed running over to y/n making her laugh.


"Thankyou..." She blushed smiling.


"Y/n!" Luke laughed coming over and giving her a hug and kissing her cheek. "This is Camille, she's my girlfriend" Luke blushed pointing to a girl walking our way with her reddish brown hair pulled into a bun and her hazel eyes sparkling, as she shook y/n's hand and smiled.


"Hi I'm y/n!" Y/n laughed shaking every hand that was thrown her way as she looked slightly uncomfortable but happy.


"I'm Helen" Helen smiled hugging Y/n instead of a hand shake.


Y/n laughed and hugged back loosely.


"I'm Ashlynn" Ashlynn smiled shaking her hand.


Ashlynn 'smiled' but her eyes were full of envy, since we all knew her and Ashton liked each other and it was slightly annoying they hadn't come together.


Y/n, I'm guessing, also noticed the strange behavior and awkwardly smiled and walked back my way.


I was leaning on the doorway, waiting for everyone to finish so we could go already.


"Well, that was fun!" Y/n laughed "I can go home now?"


"Not yet, darlin', we still have to go to the ball." I laughed.


"So, Ashlynn's your date?" Y/n asked looking down at her hands.


"Yeah, didn't wanna come alone, remember?" I 'smiled' "LET'S GO GUYS!" I yelled as everyone looked at me and smiled, walking out the door with their dates...and what wasn't surprising is that Ashton was walking out of the house with Ashlynn on his arm.


"Let's go" I smiled at y/n grabbing her hand and taking her outside.


We looked at each other and laughed.


She stared at me and hugged me tight and hid her face in my chest as I transported us to the ball.


I don't like cars.


Ashton's P.O.V


We rode in the car on the way to the ball when I noticed y/n and Michael weren't with us.


"They transported." Ashlynn said smiling at me.


"Oh, haha" I 'laughed'.


So...I took y/n...and Michael took Ashlynn, HE DOESN'T EVEN LIKE HER!! WHY'D HE TAKE HER?!


"Why aren't you with your date?" Ashlynn asked.


"I could say the same for you." I said smiling.


"Mmmm, true, true...Well, I don't even like Michael, and I KNOW he doesn't like me, because when he asked me he said he didn't want to go alone" Ashlynn laughed.


"Haha, probably because I asked Y/n, which I was fucking surprised that Mikey didn't ask her." I confessed.


"Michael likes y/n?" Ashlynn asked smiling.


"I think so, but probably not, because I asked her and she said yes, so they obviously aren't dating...right?" I said getting worried. If I pissed off Michael, he knows many ways to get revenge.


"Well, I guess so...do YOU like y/n?" She asked looking down.


"Well, as you can see, she's very beautiful, and fun and-" I said.


"Good for you!" She smiled cutting me off.


I thought...I don't even like y/n, now that I think about it...I just asked her because I didn't know who else to ask.


Oh god...Was Michael planning on asking her? No, no, no, no. It's okay calm down Ashton.


We arrived at the ball and it was crowded with everyone from the underworld.


I wasn't even worried for getting picked, I would say no anyways.




I smiled at everyone when we arrived at the ball.


The guys came in with their dates and Ashton awkwardly smiled at me.


"An hour until midnight!" A large, man in a tux at the front of the room said.


Everyone screamed and 'woop'ed in excitement.


"Midnight?" I asked Ashton as all of us went to the dance floor.


"Yeah, at midnight, is the choosing." He smiled spinning me once, as the slow song continued.


"Ah, that makes sense" I laughed.


"Yeah..." He sighed.


I looked over Ashton's shoulder to see Michael dancing with Ashlynn but it ending soon because he seemed annoyed.


"I'm gonna go see what's wrong with Mikey." I said to Ashton.


"Of course you are." He mumbled.


"Excuse me?" I asked.


"Nevermind, just leave your date and talk to someone else." He said sternly.


"Kinda like you did on the way here, so, gladly." I sarcastically smiled reaching beside me for a drink and splashed it in his face. "Might wanna look at your date next time instead of staring at someone else" I said and walked towards Michael.


Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Ashlynn run to Ashton and help him clean up as they gave me evil glances.


"Nice one" Someone said.


I looked towards the voice and saw Michael leaning against the door, again.


"Thankya!" I smiled standing beside him. "Why'd you walk away from Ashlynn?" I asked.


"Didn't want to dance." He stated quickly. "Why'd you pour a drink on Ash?"


"He didn't want me over here talking to you, for some reason." I laughed....for some reason....


"Well, as Luke has told you before, you're pretty special." Michael said smirking.


"Yeah, I forgot to ask you about that because you shut him up...what do you guys mean by 'special'" I asked standing closer to him.


"Last song before midnight!" The man in the tux said as everyone crowded to the floor...Already?


"Let's dance!" Michael said avoiding my question and dragging me to the dance floor.


The music played and it was another slow song.


"It's a slow song, Mikey." I stated.


"Congrats, you know what a slow song is, now dance with me." He smiled grabbing my hand a twirling me around twice before my chest hit his. "See, easy." He smiled.


We danced REALLY close until the song finished, laughing at some people's dresses and actions to each other. It was perfect...


"NOW!" The tux man called and the lights dimmed and a spot light was set on him and a large bowl with A LOT of pieces paper in it.


Everyone spaced out, to sit or stand against the wall and Michael dragged me to a table as he grabbed a drink and we stood against the wall.


"Why aren't you nervous, what if you get picked?!" I said as he took a sip of the drink and made a bad face.


"Ew, champagne" He said still holding the glass. "It takes a lot to make me nervous babe." He laughed.


I forced a nervous laugh.


"Don't be nervous darlin'" He whispered in my ear as he put the hand without his drink around my waist and pulled me close.


His voice sent shivers down my spine, and not because I was scared...


"IS EVERYONE READY?!" The tux man called making the crowd scream responses and bird-like screeches.


The man put his hand in the bowl and shook it around a bit and grabbed a paper strip.


Before he looked at it he swapped it for another and pulled it out, clearing his throat. "Y/n Y/l/n is this times winner of the choosing!"


I froze, staring straight ahead.


Michael's P.O.V


I did my best to stay calm.


As my glass dropped to the floor and shattered.


That's all for now babes!(; HAHA! This one was pretty long and I hope that's okay, because it's too late now!(x Thankyou for reading so far<3 Love y'all
















































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