Welcome {Michael Clifford}

Y/n closed her eyes…and never woke up.

Now y/n's in the afterlife and meets people from all over who have passed.

But she takes special interest in demon Michael Clifford-who has a horrid past

What will happen when y/n has to choose, stay in the afterlife? Or leave back to earth for a second chance?

What about her boyfriend on earth,Troy!?

Read to find out!☺️❤️thanks��


13. Chapter 13

Hey guys! (: I know you're curious so here you go babes (;







Michael and I were a breathe away from kissing when Ashton burst through my front door, yelling his arrival.


"Ashton's here?" I mumbled disappointed.


"...perfect little shit at ruining things" Michael said sighing and stepping back away from me and I could tell his eyes were fading from black to his natural green. Horny little shit.


We stared at each other with blush rising on both of us.


Michael cleared his throat "might wanna put some pants on?" He laughed scratching the back of his neck.


I snapped out of my daze and blushed a deep red "oh. Yeah-probably" I laughed jumping off the counter.


I walked into my room and threw on a pair of sweat pants.


"Ashton?!" I yelled going down the stairs.


"Here!" He yelled laughing as I reached the kitchen. "I see you drank all the alcohol I gave you?"


"Yeah Mikey helped of course" I giggled.


"Michael's here?" Ashton asked looking around.


"Well, yeah, he's upstairs probably putting on a shirt" I laughed.


"WHAT?!" Ashton yelled wide eyed.


"What?" I said.


"He had his shirt off!? At your house?! In the early morning?!" Ashton asked.


"Yeah he took it off a little but ago when we came inside because it was cold outside but pretty hot in here" I said getting a glass of water.


"I'm sure it was..." Ashton laughed and winked.


"Wha-?" I asked clueless "OH GOD ASHTON SHUT UP!!!" I laughed.


"Why are we telling Ashton to shut up?" Michael asked coming down the stairs putting on a new shirt.


"'We' aren't doing anything y/n was" Ashton snipped.


"Ok then asshole" Michael laughed coming into the kitchen.


Michael came in and looked at me and smiled and got a glass of water.


He knows damn well it would've been more than 'just a kiss' if Ash didn't ruin it.


"So, not to be a prick or anything, like some people, but why are you here?" Michael asked.


"I could say the same for you" Ashton snipped again. He needs to chill, what the fuck?


"I always come over, sometimes stay the night..." Michael said like it was obvious and expected.


"Wait...you guys are dating?" Ashton asked quickly blushing.


I looked at Michael and he stared back and bit his lip and cleared his throat "...No..." He said blankly taking a sip of his water and pouring it down the sink.


"Good." Ashton said smiling.


I took a sip of water and raised my eyebrows up at Ashton "why's it good?" I ask.


"Well I was gonna ask if you wanted to...well if you wanted to go to the choosing ball with me." He said smiling "...as ya'know my date...OR JUST FRIENDS IS OKAY TOO!" He said blushing.


I blushed slightly and looked at Mikey who was giving Ashton the deadliest look possible while clenching his jaw and grabbing his a bottle of beer tightly, he found somewhere, making his knuckles white.


I gave him a curious look but he didn't see me as he was too focused on giving Ashton a scary mean look.


"Well...I don't see why not" I said smiling.


"Thanks y/n, we'll have fun, I swear!" He smiled bringing me in for a hug and he kissed my cheek.


And out of the corner of my eye I saw Michael about to walk up to Ashton as he kissed my cheek and I just smiled at Ash to make him more comfortable.


"One new question..." Ashton smiled "as my friend or...?" He blushed.


"I'm hungry, y/n let's go to mcdonalds?" Michael cut in.


"Yeah sure I'm starved- let me go get dressed I'll be right back" I said smiling and running upstairs.


Ashton's P.O.V


I stood awkwardly in the kitchen after y/n went upstairs. Just staring at Mikey as he stood firmly in front of me.


"Why the hell did you cut me off?" I asked rudely.


"Well it wasn't your question to ask" He said sternly.


"What do you mean?" I asked


"God damn it Ashton!" Michael yelled and walked away.


I'm happy y/n decided to go with me... I actually thought Mikey was going to ask her, guess not.


I turned around and left the house.


Michael's P.O.V


I ran up the stairs after Ashton left and heard y/n humming in her room.


I smiled to myself and opened her bedroom door to reveal a beautiful girl in black skinny jeans and a flowy 'My Chemical Romance' tanktop with her straight gold-ish hair falling almost to the middle of her back as she softly sang 'I miss you'-Blink-182 to herself.


She turned and saw me and smiled.


"Hey Mikey." She laughed walking past me and into the bathroom.


I followed her and leaned on the opening of the door...since there was no door left...oops.


She leaned over the counter and applied eyeliner and mascara.


"You don't need to wear make up" I said smiling.


"Hello again Mikey" she laughed walking past me, yet again, and into her room to put on her black combat boots. "I'm ready!" She smiled.


"Well hello y/n." I mocked.


"Let's go!" She giggled running down the stairs.


I stayed at the top of the stairs and just admired her body as she jumped from step to step giggling when she almost fell.


"Coming?" She asked.


I snapped out of my daze and stared at her already at the bottom of the stairs as I was still at the top.


"Yeah" I laughed and jumped a few steps and ran down the rest.


"Show off" Y/n laughed and ran outside.


I ran out right behind her as the air hit us making her hair fly back.


"Car this time" y/n asked smiling.


"Ew no!" I laughed grabbing her waist from behind and transporting us to the lot of McDonalds.


"AH" she half screamed half laughed. "Do you have something against cars?!"


"Why ride in a car when you can get there way faster by transporting." I said winking. "Let's go in"


"K" she giggled.


"God, you laugh a lot" I said laughing myself as I held the door open for her.


"Shush, I want French fries." She stated putting a hand on her hip.


"And I want a burger, so we shall share, because I barely have any money on me at the moment." I laughed as I blushed a little.


"Aww, it's cute when you blush!" She said smiling.


"You guys are an adorable couple, so in love, I can SEE it!" An old woman in front of us said turning around to face us.


I felt my jaw drop to the ground and looked at y/n, who was also in shock.


I took matters into my own hands and grabbed y/n by the waist and pulled her close "Thanks" I smiled.


What. Did. I. Just. Do?


I started to blush when we ordered.


Y/n hasn't said anything about it yet....They handed us our food and we made our way to a table in the back.


I just stared at her as she ate a French fry.


"...What?" She asked after swallowing her fry.


"...Nothing." I said too quickly and took a bite of my burger.


"Bullshit, tell me!" She laughed.


"MAJBHSDB" I mumbled pointing out that there was food in my mouth and I couldn't speak.


"Whatever" She giggled eating 2more fries.


"Y/N?!" Someone yelled from behind me.


I looked at y/n's face to indicate who it was but got no hint other than a smile appearing on her face but a tint of disappointment in her eyes...


I wiped my head around to see Calum and Ashton walking towards us.


Of course, Ashton, back to ruining everything.


"Hey mates!" Calum laughed pulling up 2chair for himself and Ashton to sit...In which they both did.


Y/n stayed silent as she ate another fry, awkwardly.


"In the middle of a date?" Calum asked laughing and stealing one of y/n's fries.


"Get your filthy hand off my fries!" Y/n giggled.


"But I wanted one!" Calum argued eating the fry.


"And I want a million bucks, but life's a bitch ain't it?" She laughed.


I decided to test something- "Can I have a fry?" I asked smiling.


"Obviously." She laughed tilting the cup of fries my way.


I smiled really wide and grabbed a few fries and ate them with pride flowing through my veins.


"WHAT?!" Calum laughed acting jealous....yeah 'acting'.


"Can I have one?" Ashton asked politely.


Y/n looked down at her fries that were almost gone and sighed. "I guess" She 'smiled'.


Ashton smiled, not recognizing her fail attempt to smile at him, and ate a fry.


"What time is it Mikey?" She asked looking at me.


"Uh" I scrambled to find my phone in my pocket, found it and was about to see when-


"Noon." Ashton said.


I stared at him with an evil glare.


"I don't recall your name being Mikey, Ashton" Calum laughed.


"Meh" Ashton shrugged.


Y/n looked down biting her lip...I don't know if she's uncomfortable or just thinking...so I don't know how to help.


"So, when's the ball?" Calum asked, changing the subject.


"Uhh, Tomorrow?" Ashton guessed. "Yeah, I think it's tomorrow."


"It's in 2days, not tomorrow, the day after." I said sternly.


It's bad enough Ashton asked y/n, he can at least get the date right.


"Ah, Thanks 'Mikey'" Calum laughed, saying 'Mikey' in a girl voice to mock y/n.


"You guys have called him Mikey too!" She defended.


"Not like you said it!" Calum argued, "We're gonna go now, gotta buy some stuff to wear to the ball...Wanna join Mikes?" He asked as Ashton stood up.


"Nah, I'll go later." I responded.


"K" Ashton said standing by y/n, expecting her to stand up.


Y/n just looked up at him, clueless, and finally got that he wanted her standing.


She got up quick and Ashton pulled her into a hug.


She didn't hug back at first, probably shock, but hesitated to hug back in the end. God, she seems uncomfortable now.


Ashton released the hug and kissed her cheek and she just smiled back as they left.


"You okay?" I asked throwing away our trash.


"...Hmm? Oh, yeah, I'm okay..." She said biting her lip.


She looked up at me and stared.


"What?" I asked sitting back down.


A blush crept onto her cheeks as she spoke- "Well, since you didn't go with the guys, wanna come with me to find clothes for the ball?" She asked.


"Definitely." I laughed as we got up.


That's all for now(: I hope you liked this update and I can't wait for the ones coming up:D Thankyou for reading so far<3 Love y'all













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