Welcome {Michael Clifford}

Y/n closed her eyes…and never woke up.

Now y/n's in the afterlife and meets people from all over who have passed.

But she takes special interest in demon Michael Clifford-who has a horrid past

What will happen when y/n has to choose, stay in the afterlife? Or leave back to earth for a second chance?

What about her boyfriend on earth,Troy!?

Read to find out!☺️❤️thanks��


12. Chapter 12

Hey guys (: sorry I haven't updated in a while ): but I am now(:






 I woke up early and went to take a shower since I didn't last night.


 I got out of the shower and into a large hoodie that went to below my bum and some panties and skipped down the stairs.


 I got into the kitchen and heard the living room t.v


 I walked into the living room slowly and saw Michael on the couch eating cereal and watching Spongebob.


"Nice panties" He chuckled to himself


 I looked down fast,realizing I was only in my hoodie and like green, lace panties


"I-Uh" I stuttered blushing.


"Mhm" He laughed getting up. "Wow...You're kinda short!"


"Wha-?" I looked up at him. I knew I was a little short but not 'too' short, but Michael still towered over me. "Shut up Mikey."


"Wow, even in the mornings you can be bitchy!" He laughed walking past me.


"Why are you here?" I asked following him.


"That's no way to speak to me babe" he winked.


I followed Michael to the backyard.


"Sit child" he commanded pointing to the concrete as he sat down.


"Not a child" I mumble sitting anyways.


"Shush up and listen" he said sternly.


"Okie Dokie" I hummed smiling.


He looked at me seriously and laughed.


"Why can't you be serious for a second?" He laughed.


"I have a problem-oops?" I giggled.


"Many. You have many problems." He poked my cheek hard.


"OWW MIKEY!" I pouted.


"Here" he leaned over and kissed my cheek and froze. "I-uh-all better...." He moved back blushing.


I blushed as well...I guess it did make me forget the pain in my cheeks and think about the new tingling sensation running.


"J-just listen will ya?" He blushed changing the subject.


"Fine" I rolled my eyes laughing.


"Remember the choosing?" He asked.


"Uhhh the choosing?" I asked.


"Yeah, it's the thing were you're chosen to go back to earth for a second chance, if you want..." He explained.


He laid back on the cold concrete and shivered but stayed.


"I'm cold." He complained and still didn't move.


"Here" I laid down beside him and snuggled in and froze. "I-uh..." I tried to think of an excuse and was about to move back.


"Thanks" he smiled wrapping his arm around my waist and holding me beside him. "I forgot, you're not wearing any clothes." He laughed holding me tighter.


"I'm okay." I shivered, I was FREEZING but I was comfy and didn't want to leave this position.


"So...what about the choosing?" I asked laying my head on the side of his chest.


"Oh, yeah, well, the choosing's in a few days and they're having a ball right before it and I was wondering-" he explained but I cut him off


"That's cool! Wait, how do you get chosen?" I asked.


He froze and blushed a little and continued "well, they put your name in a bowl with everyone else's and you're just picked and they ask if you want too and you answer in like a month or so..."


"Everyone's name? In the whole underworld?" I asked.


"Yeah, well they add another paper with your name on it every year you're here unless you want to be taken out of it." He explained looking down at me "yours is only in once."


"Yours is in 10 times right?" I asked looking up at him solemnly. I don't want him to go.


"Well, yeah. I'm 18, so I've been here 10years-10papers" he rolled his eyes and smiled "but I ain't goin anywhere anytime soon."


"Good." I mumbled and snuggled in closer, if possible.


"Let's go inside, I can feel you shivering" he said, about to get up.


"I'm okay" I replied.


"I'm not okay with you freezing out here in nothing but a hoodie and sexy panties." He chuckled getting to his feet.


"You think they're sexy?" I joked sitting criss-cross.


"I do, now get your ass off the floor and let's go get food!" He blushed slightly running inside like a superhero with his arm up.


"WAIT!" I ran behind him.


Before I knew it I was thrown over his shoulder and he was running up the stairs.


"MIKEY PUT ME DOWN GOD DAMN IT!" I yelled laughing.


"DAMN YOURE HEAVY!" He complained laughing.


I stayed silent... And he put me down at the top of the stairs.


"I didn't mean that, you're actually pretty light..." He explained looking into my eyes.


"Yeah, sure" I got up slightly irritated and went to the bathroom.


I was embarrassed now. I knew I wasn't skinny, pretty curvy actually, and I hated it about myself. I was VERY insecure.


"Y/n..." He followed after me but I locked the bathroom door.


He wiggled the bathroom door lightly and then harder when he realized I locked it.


"Occupied" I said turning on the shower.


"I know you aren't taking a shower, you took one this morning, when you woke up, now just open the damn door, I'm sorry." He pleaded.


"Why are you sorry? You didn't do anything wrong." I mumbled turning off the shower and sitting on the sink.


He didn't do anything wrong, he just struck a nerve and now I'm embarrassed that I threw a tantrum like this.


"God damn it" he mumbled.


The next thing I knew the door was kicked open revealing a smiling Michael.


"What a waste of a perfectly good door." He smiled walking over to me. "I'm sorry..."


"Why? You're not the one who threw a tantrum" I mumbled. "Wanna leave now so I can hide under the covers and die of embarrassment" I giggled quietly and swung my feet.


"Why leave when we can go under the covers together?" He smirked standing in between my open legs.


"In. Your. Dreams. Clifford." I whispered smiling.


"How'd you know?" He responded grinning.


I blushed slightly and looked at him because he was staring at me.


"What?" I asked smiling completely clueless.


"You...." He responded still staring.


I started to blush as we stared into each other's eyes.


He looked down and looked back up at my face and bit his lip.


I looked down to where he was looking and noticed I was just in lacy panties with a hot man standing between my legs.


"I-uhh.." I blushed looking back up at him but he just moved closer to me.


"Here..." He whispered


His eyes started to flutter shut and so did mine as we both leaned in slowly. Only a breathe awa-

"IM HERE Y/N!" Ashton yelled coming into the house.

That's all for now(: oops? Haha! I'll update when I can (: Thankyou<3 Love y'all



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