Welcome {Michael Clifford}

Y/n closed her eyes…and never woke up.

Now y/n's in the afterlife and meets people from all over who have passed.

But she takes special interest in demon Michael Clifford-who has a horrid past

What will happen when y/n has to choose, stay in the afterlife? Or leave back to earth for a second chance?

What about her boyfriend on earth,Troy!?

Read to find out!☺️❤️thanks��


11. Chapter 11

Oh gosh, I feel so bad I haven't updated in a while! ): Well! Here's your new and SUPER long update (;






I woke up in Michael's arms again.


I didn't want to leave them. He's perfect to me.


Even if he's bad, he's good.


There's a whole side no one has seen of him, that I'm privileged to say I get to see.


When his eyes turn black, I don't know what it is, but I just stare into them and it feels wonderful, especially watching them fade back into their beautiful green.


Who would've thought a punk on the street that called me darling before he knew me and tried to kill me would be the same sweet and goofy guy that was holding me in bed?


Ashton had warned me about him, but I don't think he meant that he was scary and harming, I think he meant emotionally dangerous....but I felt like I could handle anything when I was with Michael...Anything.


*buzz buzz*


My phone buzzed and I groaned and reached for it.


"Wanna come to work today with Ash and I?"-Cal


"SURE! WHAT TIME?!"  I asked excited.


I realized I hadn't moved out of my pace in Michael's arms...And I wasn't planning on it until needed.




"OK!" I responded looking at the clock...it's 10, enough time to get a shower and dressed.


I lightly touched Michael's shoulder with my fingertips.


I saw him grow goosebumps as his touch sent shivers down my spine.


I ignored my shivers and lightly held his bicep(which was large, might I add) and gently shook.


"Mikey...? Time to wake up..." I whispered so close to his face to almost touch.


Our noses bumped slightly as his eyelids slowly lifted revealing his emerald green eyes.


I stayed as close to him I first was and he just smiled tiredly.


"Good morning Mikey..." I whispered.


"It is now." He smiled.


I started to blush deeply before his grip grew tighter for a quick squeeze and he loosened his strength.


He looked up at me and just stared for a while, and I did the same.


It was about 2minutes of just looking at each other before Michael broke out into a smile.


"God...so beautiful" He whispered. I barely heard and decided to act like I didn't.


"Hmm?" I asked smiling.


"Oh, I just said that if you're going to work with the boys, you should get a shower and get dressed." He smiled.


"How'd you know?" I laughed.


"I talked about it with Calum earlier, he asked if we were doing anything and if you could go to work with them." Michael responded releasing me and sitting up.


"Oh. okay." I giggled a little disappointed he let go. "Well, I'm gonna get a shower?" I laughed getting up.


"Need company?" He asked smirking.


"Taking volunteers!" I laughed as I blushed deeply.


"Is this seriously an option?!" Michael asked ready to jump off the bed.


"Haha, maybe one day" I laughed and winked walking out of the room after grabbing some clothes.




I went into the bathroom and got undressed and turned on the shower to a warm temperature.


I got in the shower and quickly shaved my legs. I washed my body and hair with a pomegranate scented body wash and shampoo with conditioner. Let's just say I smelt fruity and I LOVED IT!


I got out and rung out my hair putting it in a towel to dry while wrapping a towel around my figure.


I had just tucked in the top as Michael came stumbling in.


"Hey princess, just wondering if the offer is up for next time?" He grinned.


"I'll think about it..." I blushed. "NOW GO!" I laughed pushing him out the door...or attempting to.


He just stood there looking at me laughing.


"YOU SMELL GOOD!" Michael shouted out of no where.


He leaned in and started to sniff me and then whispered in my ear "I hope one day, we'll share the shower, ya'know...to save water and all" He laughed the last part trying to seem cool, but I could see some pink to his cheeks.


I looked closer and I saw a foggy looking color start to appear in his eyes...


"GOTTA GO! TO UH- WORK! BYE Y/N SEE YOU WHENEVER!" He shouted hurriedly running down the stairs.


"TEXT ME!" I laughed.


Nice to know I make him horny, I said to myself.


I didn't bother shutting the door since he'd left.


I blew-dried my hair and put on mascara and eyeliner and got dressed in black skinnies and a tank top labeled 'The1975'. I put on my combat boots and grabbed my phone seeing a few missed messages.


"I'll pick you up in a few!"-Cal


"I'm here!"-Cal.


"Why's Mikey running out the door?"-Cal




I ran outside to see Calum in his car.


I signed an apology and got in the car.


"About damn time." Calum laughed.


We were there in a matter of minutes and Calum took me inside the building.


It looked exactly the same as when I first arrived here.


The long hallway showing Ashton's office door closed and Calum's large desk in the middle of the waiting place.


"Is it busy today?" I asked.


"Well, I don't get to pick when people die y/n." He laughed walking me to his desk.


"What do we do?" I asked already bored.


"Well, we help." He smiled.


"Wha-?" I almost asked but was cut off when an old man appeared in front of us.


Calum stayed quiet as in waiting for the old man to realize he was no longer on earth.


"Sir? Where am I? WHERE'S BETTY?!" He looked panicked.


That almost killed me. This old man calling for his, I assume, wife.


"Daniel Roberts?" Calum asked calmly.


"Yes...it's Danny... Where's my wife? Sir? Please help me." The old man begged.


I felt like crying but forced myself to remain calm.


"Danny...Will you please come with me?" Calum asked walking towards the man.


"BUT SIR?!" Daniel cried out.


"Please remain calm, and follow me into this hallway Mr.Roberts." Calum said grabbing the mans wrinkly hand.


The old man seem terrified as he was walked down the hallway.


*knock knock*


"Daniel Roberts-heart attack" Calum said tapping on Ashton's door.


"Yes, Please, come in!" Ashton said sweetly and brought the man in and closed the door as Calum walked back to me at the desk.


"H-How'd you?" I asked freaking out.


"First one of the day, It's upsetting but I've worked here for a while now, it was only effective till about a month after working here, then I accepted that everyone dies one day." Calum said bluntly.


"Oh..." I replied.


I could never do this. EVER.


"What about his wife?" I asked.


"Maggy Roberts...She'll become a widow and die of old age." Calum said after looking her name up in his computer.


"When?" I asked.


"...2days..." Calum said clearing his throat.


I smiled, only 2days and the Roberts are re-united, sadly they both die but they get to love again!


Close to the end of the day about 17people came through. Car accidents, Fires, Lightning, Heart attacks, Cancers... Too many deaths...


"Almost time to leave." Calum announced looking at the clock. "15more minutes."


As we looked back in front of us we saw 2people standing holding each other.


One was a woman that looked maybe early 20's and the other was a small boy, maybe 12?


Calum looked at his computer and cleared his throat.


The pair stared at us in shock.


"Hello....Missy Hollens and Matthew Bushwik?" Calum asked slightly tearing up.


What's going on, why is he crying? He said everyone dies...


"Yes...I'm Missy, I'm Matthew's nanny...Who are you and where are we?" The woman spoke holding the kid close by her side.


"Hello, I'm Calum Hood, and I need you 2 to please follow me?" Calum asked in a shaky voice.


"Yeah....Okay..." Missy responded holding Matthew's hand and bringing him with her.


*knock knock*


Calum cleared his throat at looked at the kid and almost broke down crying.


"M-Missy Hollens and M-M-Matthew B-Bushwik -D-Drowning, C-Caught in the net while p-playing..." Calum stuttered a tear almost falling.


I heard Ashton clear his throat and answer the door in person.


"Hello Missy" Ashton smiled, He bent down to look at the crying child. "You're going to be okay darling...Shhh, You're better now, no more struggle." He spoke softly getting back up and clearing his throat as well. "Come on in!" He fake smiled.


They shut the door and Calum came with me back to the desk.


"Are you and Ash okay?" I asked.


"...." no response.


"Calum?" I asked again.


"NO! WE'RE NOT OKAY!" He snapped.


I was taken aback by his sudden anger.


"I-I'm sorry..." He apologized looking down and stopped packing his things.


"What happened...?" I asked as we walked to his car.


"Really wanna know?" Calum asked starting the car.


I nodded.


"Fine..." He cleared his throat and kept a steady stare on the road. "When Luke,Ashton, and I found out about Mikey's death we were heart broken...About a year later of missing our friend we threw a pool party in his memory, and when Luke, Ash and I were playing in the pool, and Luke and I got caught in the net playing...We screamed for our mums but they were inside. Ashton being the oldest, 10, tried to help us but only got caught himself. We all died struggling to help the other from drowning...Luke, 9, Ashton, 10, and me, 9..." He said letting a tear roll down his cheek.


I started to cry but stopped when he let out a large laugh.


"What's so funny?" I asked sternly.


"The day we came together, we saw Mikey in a lot playing and we immediately joined him and never stopped hanging out." Calum laughed.


"Wow..." I mumbled.


"Y/n, the point is, is that Ashton and I started working here to help people, make it easier and give them a new beginning." He smiled as we pulled into my drive way. "Death can bring people a life together."


"Thanks Calum, Thank Ashton for me too yeh?" I asked getting out.


"Yeah...for what?" He giggled.


"When I first arrived, you guys did everything possible to make me comfortable, and happy, Thanks." I smiled.


He smiled back and drove away as I walked into my house.


I immediately went upstairs and got in pj's and jumped on my bed.


I was happy I'm here now... What'd Calum mean by 'Death brings people lives together? I asked myself.


I died and I met the boys...My life has been better...I don't know, I'm happier here, I guess. I kept thinking until I became too exhausted and fell fast asleep.


That's all for now! ): WE KNOW NOW HOW THE REST DIED SO SAD! ); GAH ): I CRI! Gah! Sorry it's soo long but I think I needed a long chapter (: Thankyou for reading so far<3 Love y'all.



















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