Welcome {Michael Clifford}

Y/n closed her eyes…and never woke up.

Now y/n's in the afterlife and meets people from all over who have passed.

But she takes special interest in demon Michael Clifford-who has a horrid past

What will happen when y/n has to choose, stay in the afterlife? Or leave back to earth for a second chance?

What about her boyfriend on earth,Troy!?

Read to find out!☺️❤️thanks��


10. Chapter 10

I know y'all are SUPER curious to find out what happened to Mikey (I would be too) so I'm just gonna begin! enjoy(:



Warning;cussing,major abuse


Michael's P.O.V


"Well..." I began to tell y/n what happened, zoning out while I explained to keep back tears.


(flash back)


I wasn't the best student in school...I mean I was only 8 so I wasn't too worried about school.


But my parents were. They had dreamed of a child with perfect grades, joining extra-curricular classes, and a great attitude. None of which, I enquired. And my father let me know that. Every. Single. Day. If I talked back or glanced wrong-I was hit...if I sneezed without covering my mouth-I was hit...if I didn't stand straight-I got hit... continuously... anything I did wrong, I was sure to have a mark to prove so.


My mother NEVER hit me, but did something much worse...She would leave the room. If I was getting beat, she would leave to her room and turn on music to drown out my screams for help and to hide from the situation. She ignored it. At least when I was beat...I was noticed.


One day, after school, a kid asked me to come over.


"Hi I'm Ashton, but you can call me Ash! That's Lucas, or Luke...and that's Calum! Play with us?!" The cheeky boy suggested.


I, of course, agreed, "OKAY! I'm Michael, but you can call me Mikey."


"YAY" The 3 boys yelled.


We played until the street lamps came on and Ashton's mum came outside to get him.


Ash groaned throwing his head back but quickly smiled "HUGS!" All of us joined in for a group hug...It felt nice.


"Bye, Mikey, See you tomorrow!" Ash yelled from his door. I smiled and waved.


I walked to my hell hole, I called home, dreading every moment.


When I got home, my mums car was gone and I couldn't find her. I entered the garage and saw my father sitting in a corner, sobbing.


"Daddy..." I asked walking towards him slowly "Where's mommy?" I asked again, but going slower from fear.


"GONE! SHE LEFT! ALL BECAUSE OF YOU, ASSHOLE!" He yelled getting up walking towards me as I backed away.


"I-I" I stammered. I knew what was next...




"I-I...at a f-friends house..." I managed to say, shuffling backward.


"YOU DON'T HAVE ANY FRIENDS! FUCKING LIAR!" He yelled at me coming closer, almost in my face.


"No daddy, I swear, I was at Ashton house, playing with Calum and Luke!" I explained terrified.


"ANOTHER LIE!? REALLY?! YOU'RE REALLY ASKING FOR IT  NOW AREN'T YOU!?" He yelled grabbing my arm tightly.


"NO, NO PLEASE!" I begged a tear rolling down my cheek.


He pushed my into the house, so the neighbors couldn't hear from outside.


He slapped me hard across my face. I yelped at the sudden stinging sensation.


"SHUTUP!" He screamed punching my arm.


He continued to punch and scream at me until I was on the ground curled up sobbing.


He began kicking me continuously. I became numb to the pain. Only shaking from the impact.


*knock knock*


There was a knock at the door which made me cling to hope of help.


"Help..." I cried softly but kind of loud.


When no one came inside I knew I was too stupid to actually believe someone would help.


Then, came the hammer... My father hit me once on the leg, making a cracking noise.


I felt only a small sting.


Then, one more hit. But harder this time, and at the ribcage.


I felt a lack of air, the wind, literally, knocked out of me.


I laid on my back staring at the ceiling.


I began to slowly close my eyes, but quickly opened them when I heard faint shouts, then my door busted open revealing 3cops pointing hand guns in our direction.


My father froze. The cops came to him and rustled with him until he was outside.


I heard a young boy yelling and coming towards me.


"Hey, Mikey, you're gonna be okay! They're gonna help ya!" The boy smiled.


I blinked a few times before I realized the boy. "Ash?"


"YEAH DUDE! It's me! You left your bookbag in my yard, so I came to bring it over...But when I knocked no one answered but I could've sworn I heard someone...so I told me mum and she called the coppers." He smiled grabbing my hand.


I struggled to smile back.


Next thing I knew I was lifted onto a bed and being moved somewhere.


I got outside and felt the rush of chilly air but couldn't move to cover myself.


Sirens?...Yeah sirens. The 'wee-woo' noise scaring me at first by instinct but deep down I was relieved.


I ended up in the back of a large truck with 'White-coats' (doctors) surrounding me and shouting terms I didn't know.


A nurse sat down beside me as the truck began to move.


The nurse was beautiful. Golden hair and calming pink lipgloss and kind, soft brown eyes. I pondered where I'd be if I had a mother with kind eyes...or kind.


Was it really my fault my mother had fled? Was it really my fault I was beat? All these questions floated in my mind as the nurse scooted closer to my head.


She began stroke my hair back and looking at me like a wounded puppy.


"Ya'know darlin'? You'd probably be dead if it wasn't for your little friend back there..." She whispered to me.


"Yeah.......Thank you...................................." I dozed off.


"INTERNAL BLEEDING!" Some one shouted.


"FROM WHERE!" Another yelled.








"I-It's....Too late....." The nurse from beside me shouted. "You're going somewhere better Michael Clifford. Somewhere far better than here." She whispered in my ear.




And I was gone. And arrived in a white room, for a new beginning, not much better, but better.


"Wow....Mikey......" Y/n mumbled squeezing my hand.


I had let a few tears roll down my cheeks and quickly whipped them when I realized my eyes were now their solid black color.


Y/n continued to stare into my eyes, as if she could see past all my danger and pain.


"Ashton saved me...I was far happier to die in an ambulance peacefully than a floor curled up crying alone." I said.


My eyes faded back to green as I continued to stare at her.


"Yeah..." She mumbled looking down to play with her hands "Damn, and I thought I had it bad..." She smiled.


I laughed...A real one. I always was real around y/n.


She hugged me tightly and brought me to lay down.


We ended up spooning in the dark as close as possible.


"You're okay Mikey...Never alone, Not anymore..." She whispered.


Luke was right. I couldn't let her know, but there was only a certain person that could ease the pain and forget the danger. That person had to be different than anyone else in the world. And y/n is that person. I NEED her.


"Goodnight y/n....." I whispered kissing the back of her head.


She didn't respond, being already asleep.


The pain of my past and corrupt curse I have, channeled and contained...By y/n and only y/n.


That's all for now! SO SAD ABOUT MIKEY GAH! I hope you liked this update, I know it's long, sorry! ): Please leave feedback or anything (: Thankyou for reading so far! <3 Love y'all

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