You Won't Be Forgotten

Trevor Beck is a college student. He and his friends like to drink and party every night.
Emma Charles is a freshman college student. Her best friend is Heather Williams. She is left in despair after one of Trevor's friends tries to rape Heather. Later on, Emma finds out that she has cancer.


3. Emma - Piano

- Emma's side - 

When I went inside Trevor's house, I couldn't believe how huge it was. Was a house like this real?

He was wearing a white tee and khaki shorts. You could see his muscles and abs through the shirt.

I sat down and grabbed my study guide out of my backpack.

I could smell his axe smell he put on.

"I could smell your axe smell," I giggled.

"Oh. Is it too much?" he said grabbing his shirt and sniffing it.

"So you put it on on purpose?" I asked smiling.

"Did you put on your cherry blossom perfume on purpose?" he asked giggling. It's true; I did put it on on purpose.

Heather told me that I should stay away from Trevor because he likes to mess with girls a lot, but I couldn't just ditch him tonight. So I decided to wear something nice.

"Totally," I said smiling.

After studying the chemistry test for 2 hours, I was exhausted. My eyes were getting droopy.

"Tired?" he asked concerned.

"Yeah. Just lots of homework on the first day," I said trying to smile.

"That's how college is," he said smirking.

I noticed his giant piano in the corner and drew my attention there. He saw that I was staring there.

"You know how to play the piano?" he asked.

"Not really..." I said shyly.

"Come here," he said standing up. "I'll teach you," he said pulling my arm.

"Trevor..." I said, but it was too late, I already stood up.

"Here's a song that I composed. I'm not sure what to name it," he said getting his hands ready.

He played the soft romantic song. I was amazed at how his fingers moved so fast. I paid attention to the music, but I couldn't stop staring at Trevor. I've never seen someone play the piano with so many emotions. I've never seen someone do something with so much effort.

"So what should I name it?" he asked while he stopped playing.

"I don't know," I said trying to get back to my senses.

"How about... 'To Emma Charles'?" he said smiling. I was kinda shocked. We just met for one day and he's already naming a name after me?

"I don't know, Trevor... it's your song...," I said looking away.

"Since it's my song, I'll name it that then," he said smiling. "Here. It's a duet song," he said while grabbing my hands. His hands were soft.

"I sang at choirs, but I don't know how to play the piano," I said embarrassed.

"Sing? That's great!" he said happily. "We can sing and play the piano at the same time."

After teaching me how to play the song, I got a hang of it. There were mistakes there and here but I loved it.

"There's no lyrics, yet," he said. "But I can make the lyrics. Soon."

"Great. When you do, tell me," I said as I went back to get my backpack. "It's getting late. I should go."

"I'll drive you," he said grabbing his keys.

He escorted me outside and escorted me in the car making me feel uncomfortable.

"You didn't have to open the door for me," I said when he sat in the car.

"Yes, I did have to," he said as he started the car.

As we drove in the car, he kept staring at me.

"Why are you staring at me? Look in front of you," I giggled.

"You just look... beautiful," he said. My cheeks became red.

I didn't reply anything. I told him where I lived and he took me there.

When he reached my house, he saw my mom standing outside waiting for me.

"Your mom?" he asked while parking the car.

"Yup. My mom," I said unbuckling my seat.

I stood up, but he grabbed my wrist.

"Want dinner tomorrow night? I can pick you up," he asked while holding my hand.

I was embarrassed and didn't know what to say.

"Pick me up at 6?" I said accepting his offer.

"6 it is," he said smiling.

I got out of the car and waved bye to him. I ran to my mom smiling.

"Who was that? I saw a boy," my mom said suspicious.

"It's just someone, mom," I said passing her.

"Tell me, honey," she said curious.

"It's a boy, mom," I said taking off my shoes.

She ran after me and kept asking me questions.

"Mom, I'm tired. It's ten and I'm sleepy," I said walking in my room.

"Okay, daughter. Sleep. I'll see you tomorrow morning," she said leaving the room.

"Thanks, mom," I said smiling.

That night, all I thought about was Trevor. I thought about the date tomorrow. 

The next morning, I woke up feeling refreshed. I hurriedly put on my makeup for school. I put on a floral tank top, a black cardigan,  and navy skinny jeans. My mom stayed up last night preparing for her new job, so she didn't get time to cook me food. Which was totally fine since I wasn't hungry anyways.

I ran out the door holding my black ribbon flats.

I ran into my car quickly putting on my shoes. When I was done, I began to drive to Heather's place.

I stopped by her house and I waited five minutes for her, but she didn't come outside. I was worried we were going to be late so I ran into her house.

I knocked on the door patiently waiting.

The door opened and I saw Heather's dad open the door.

"Hi, Emma. What're you doing here?" he asked.

"Where's Heather? I was supposed to pick her up for school," I said looking at my watch.

"Heather already left to school," he said.

"What?" I was so confused. Why did she leave to school already?

I then ran back to my car and took out my phone. I realized that I haven't even been checking my phone since yesterday at school.

I turned on my phone and I had 15 missed calls and 28 unread messages. All were from Heather. I opened some of the most oldest unread messages:

Emma. Going out on a date with Chris. So excited! He's taking me out to a steakhouse. Can you believe that?

- Heather

Then I read the most recentest messages:

Emma...... Chris tried to. He tried to touch me. HE TRIED TO TOUCH ME. Emma, save me. I almost lost my virginity to him! TELL ME, EMMA. Tell me this is a dream.

After reading this message, I drove immediately to school. I ran some yellow and red lights, but that didn't stop me.

I then started crying and then arrived at school.

I wiped my tears away and walked towards the school. I saw a group of people---probably about 20 people, standing in front of the entrance looking up. I looked up and there I saw... Heather standing at the edge preparing for her death.

I screamed and ran to the rooftop. On my way there, Trevor grabbed my wrist and asked me what was wrong.

"What's wrong? Why are you running?" he asked confused.

"Let me go!" I let go of his hand and ran upstairs. Trevor followed me.

When I went to the rooftop, there was about 30-40 people standing there doing nothing. NOTHING.

"Heather!" I screamed. Heather looked back at me. I saw it in her eyes. That she wanted death.

"Emma..." she slowly said. "Why didn't you answer me on your phone?"

"I... I..."

"She was with me, so she couldn't answer her phone," Trevor said cutting in.

"Trevor," I whispered. I burst into tears and couldn't stop crying.

"Sorry, Emma... That I wasn't a good friend, that I almost lost my virginity..." Heather said as put one feet in the air preparing.

"NO!" I yelled and ran towards her. As I ran towards her, she had already jumped down... and Trevor had already grabbed me to not run to stop her...

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