You Won't Be Forgotten

Trevor Beck is a college student. He and his friends like to drink and party every night.
Emma Charles is a freshman college student. Her best friend is Heather Williams. She is left in despair after one of Trevor's friends tries to rape Heather. Later on, Emma finds out that she has cancer.


1. Emma - My story

- Emma's side - 

Emma Charles. 18-years-old. Best friend is Heather Williams. Struck with cancer ever since two days ago. Still living. Still breathing. Still believes that the doctors had lied about the cancer part. But... tests show that it was no lie.

Me and my best friend, Heather Williams, exclaimed out happiness when we walked out of 345 Mall. We were getting ready for college. College starts in one week and we didn't know if we were supposed to be happy or not. For me, who wanted to major in fashion, I was pretty excited. On the other hand, Heather, wanted to major in being a nurse, wasn't so happy. She had recently broken up with her boyfriend, Chris Jackson and was already stressed with that.

Me, being the best friend I could be in this situation, took Heather out for shopping to cheer her mood up. With a job working at four part-time jobs, I paid for what she had bought and bought me something too.

"It feels so nice to be out," chucked Heather.

"I'm glad I took you out. You needed it!" I laughed.

"Let's go home. I'm exhausted!" said Heather as she put her head up.

I took Heather home and quickly said my goodbyes to her. She grabbed her bags from the trunk and left smiling brightly.

I arrived at home and saw my mom watching her favorite TV show, Revenge, while eating popcorn.

"Honey! I missed an episode and I didn't even know!" my mom shouted as I put my bags on the floor.

Let me tell you a bit about my family and me. My dad left when nine years ago because he thought gambling was more fun in his life. One day, he argued with my mother and packed his bags and left. Ever since then, I never saw or heard of him. My brother, William, left eight years ago because he couldn't stand being called a gambler's son. He had left somewhere without me and my mother knowing. From then on, it was just me and my mom at home. Which was nice, but it was hard since we had no men in the house to help us out.

"Mom. I bought you something today," I exclaimed as I grabbed my present to my mom.

"Honey, you didn't have to," my mom said looking at me.

"Yes, I did," I said while giving her the box.

"Here, mom. Open it. I want to see your expression," I said while sitting next to her.

My mom opened the present and saw a necklace in the box. It was a necklace that I had asked one of the malls' stores to carve the necklace. The necklace said on the back:

To my mom, who was never alone. I'll be here with you. Never leaving and never will.

- Your one and only daughter, Emma Charles

"Oh honey! I love it!" my mother exclaimed.

"You have to wear it with you everywhere you go to know that I'm there," I said smiling brightly.

My mom put on the necklace and smiled brightly.

"You look nice!" I said giggling.

"Thank you so much, Em," my mom said while putting my head to her chest.

"Thank you, mom," I said.

"I made pasta for dinner," my mom said while putting my head up. "You must be hungry from hanging out with Heather for so long."

"Thanks, mom. I'll go eat it," I said while standing up and walking to the kitchen.

I peeked at the kitchen while grabbing pasta and saw my mother watching TV and touching the necklace I bought for her. I smiled and hurriedly brought my pasta to my room.

I passed by my brother, William's, empty room. I entered slowly in his room and put the pasta down on the coffee table in his room. The room felt cold and lonely. Everything in his room was clean and there was no sign of people in there. Me and my mother always visited his room from time to time for no specific reason.

I then saw him in his room packing like he did eight years ago. I remembered seeing him pack and the sadness in his eyes. He was packing in a hurriedly to leave without me and my mom knowing. I then started tearing up and wiping my tears. I grabbed my pasta and left the room closing the door.

For the next two-four days, me and Heather were preparing hard for college. We both had only one class together so we mostly prepared alone for college. Because we were both freshman's in college, we both thought that we were going to have a hard time dealing with people older than you.

Two days before school starting, I remember Heather knocking on my house door and telling me that she and Chris got back together and is serious---or as she says.

"Are you sure?" I asked confused.

"He called me and told me he was sorry and that he loved me," Heather said while smiling brightly.

"Well, I hope you guys will do fine," I said not worrying much.

Two days later, I woke up two hours earlier than heading out to school. My mom woke up and prepared breakfast for me. She was full of smiles and happiness.

"My baby is going to college!" she squealed happily.

"Mom. It's just like school," I said trying not to be happy.

"Honey. It's college!" she said as she passed me the pancakes.

I finished eating two pancakes and a four-egg omelette. I was full to my ends.

I grabbed my backpack and got prepared to leave. I looked in the mirror for the last time. I was wearing a knitted sweater, light blue skinny jeans, and white sneakers. I carried my black backpack and left the door. My mom kissed my forehead goodbye and there I was. Heading to college.

I picked up Heather. She came out the door wearing a navy blue sweatshirt, white jeans, and ugg boots.

"Ready to go?" I asked Heather as she put on her seat belt.

"I think," Heather said with a smirk on her face.

"Let's go," I said as I began driving.

We reached school and that was then. When my life changed.


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