The Niall Guy

When Caissie Started to date the famous Niall Horan everything started to be amazing.


4. The New Day


Niall was sleeping beside me on the huge fold out couch we have. Oh I live with Niall and the boys now. The boys meaning Niall, Loui, and Harry. Zayn lives with Perrie now. Yeah he found someone else. And Liam lives with Danielle. The only two girls that live here are Eleanore and me. Anyway Niall was beside me and I was awake. Niall get up. I said. (from now on this will be a boy talking and this a girl talking) noooooo he complained. Fine then don't get up  I thought. I got up and headed to the kitchen. HI Lou, Hi har.... i paused. Harry put some fricking clothes on I said as I covered my eyes. But i am comfy. No clothes = no breckfast. Fine i will put a pair of pants and a tank top on. That      is      it.  Dork. I mumble as he walks out. NIALL BRECKFAST!!!  I WAN'T TO EAT BUT I DON'T WAN'T TO GET UP!!! FINE I WILL EAT IT ALL THEN!  I shout back.  El came barging down the stairs. CAIS IF YOU DONT STOP YELLING I WILL TACKEL YOU! whos yelling now? I sas back. Just like me lou says. oh thats it c your getting it. She says. 

I started to jun away from her. She almost got me. She wasn't chasing me so i slowed down. I was slowing down more when Harry came down the stairs. Better get running love. He said wile looking at his phone. Why? Because We are going to get you! El, Lou and Harry yell.  

(im just going to type not the phonts) 

Crap. I started to run. I got to the living room and got picked up and thrown onto the couch. I screamed. Niall, Why are you on there team?! I scream. What do you mean?.....  You know what i mean Niall. i say. No i really don't. He said back. Yeah they got me and tickled me. 

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