The Niall Guy

When Caissie Started to date the famous Niall Horan everything started to be amazing.


3. The Breakup



( This is going to be really really short) 


2 Weeks Later




Zayn broke up with me. I can't believe it. He broke up with me. I have been living with Liam for 1 and a half weeks. I wen't to go to Nandos and Niall was there to. 




Later that night





The next day

Niall and I announced to everyone including the media and fans that we were dating. We didn't have any concerts for a week so we got to just sit around. Niall and I were watching The Fault In Our Stars. I knew he was staring at me. I continued to just watch the movie. He said Caissie like he was trying to scare me. I looked at him and BOOM he kissed me. It was so romantic because of the movie. "Niall asked me out of no were. Would you ever like to marry me and have kids?" Why? I asked.  I dunno he said back to me. "yes" i mumbled under my breath. What? Yes i said I would like to marry you and have kids. He looked shocked but extremely happy.

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