The Niall Guy

When Caissie Started to date the famous Niall Horan everything started to be amazing.


2. The Beggining



ZAYN WHERE ARE YOU!? I yelled to him. It was time for us to go pick up Liam, Louie, Harry and Niall. We were going to get some things for the next concert. Before we went we had to wait for the boys to get to our house. Zayn still wasn't down it has been a wile now so i sat down on the couch and looked at my notifications on my phone. I yelled to him again. Nothing. I was standing up when lou ( the girl ) sent me a picture of lux. So I looked at it. It was a picture of her sleeping.

To lou,

She is just so cute when she is sleeping. Wake her up tho. Zayn, the boys and I will be over soon.

I was looking down at my phone when all of a sudden Zayn came down and picked me up. He threw me on the couch and started to tickle me. I kept trying to get out of his grip but he was to strong. I was laughing my head off when he finally stopped tickling me. About 5 minutes after he stopped tickling me the doorbell rang. Zayn and I looked at each other. We smiled and ran to the door pushing and shoving each other like we were 3 year old's racing to get to the door first. The boys were waiting in the car and Harry was at the door.  Hey guys we have to go get Niall and lux now. Harry said happily. We got in the car and headed over to lou's to get Niall and Lux. I got out of the car to go get the, (the boys could have but)I got Tackled by fans. God sometimes that can be so annoying! Niall must have seen me from the window and he came running out. He ran to the car and jumped in. ( He had just healed from his knee surgery)  No Lux with him. This meant I had to go back in and get her. I brought Lux out and the fans started to scream and aww. Sometimes I think Lux is more famous than the boys. Lou came out and said her and Lux would meet us at the concert. I said ok and headed to the car. There were no more seats left so i sat on Zayn's lap. I treat Lux just like she is my own daughter. I don't think Zayn likes this. I think Zayn doesn't like me like a girlfriend/dating thing. I know Niall likes me tho. 

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