nights away

waking up 400 feet in the air was my first inclining that this wasn't going to be my normal day.

Tia was thrown into a world in the shadow of her own and soon loses herself while, to fit in she has to reinvent her whole personality .
with one piece of advice.
morals are a weakness


3. the ordinary


Exhaustion, and a dry throat eventually halted my screams. Tears felling a steady waterfall down my cheeks as I sobbed in failed hope. I turned my head away from the mass above me. His grasp had loosened as the crying had began and I had stopped thrashing. Now he just hung over me. A reminding presence, in my cage, of lost freedom. Closing my eyes the lump in my throat still choked my breathing but I didn't care. Sleep began to claim me. The only comfort in this foreign place.

I woke in a different room this time. It was furnished the same as the last but a balcony expanded over the city to my right. An en-suite bathroom stood adjacent to the bed. Clothes lay over a chair in the corner, labels still hung on them cloaked in the horded fabrics. " hope they fit." no signature or words of recognition.

I tried the door it was locked. Exasperated within the whitewashed walls I fell down on the end of the bed. I laid back staring out my cages glass wall across the illuminated city. Each cell was buzzing, awake after recuperated sleep. My hair matted on the sheets. 

I stood up, checking the door, it was locked, I walked into the bathroom. Locking the bathroom door behind me, I grabbed a towel off the rack. Stepped out of my clothes and into the shower. Embracing the refreshing heat of the water that trailed in scorching ribbons down my skin scraping away the dirt and grim leaving behind the smooth freshness of reddened skin.

After the shower I returned to the room, running my finger through my knotted her. Catching the tips in my worn nails. I replaced my dirty clothes with the ones on the chair and once again tried the door. It opened. my growling stomach once again awoke its interest so I ventured out.


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