nights away

waking up 400 feet in the air was my first inclining that this wasn't going to be my normal day.

Tia was thrown into a world in the shadow of her own and soon loses herself while, to fit in she has to reinvent her whole personality .
with one piece of advice.
morals are a weakness


1. Something not quite right


Violent shaking woke me. The jarring pain of lying on a hard floor wracked my body. Blinding pain blurred my vision. Fumbling around I crawled bleary eyed. The ground lurched again, I fell back onto the few pillows that made up the makeshift bed that I was previously lying on. As the ground settled once again I clung to the metal supports and dragged myself to my feet. Another shudder, It threw me against the wall. I closed my eyes and lent my forehead against the icy steel bars, the fire eating into my head was slightly quenched. I blinked a few times, my vision or lack of it was unchanged even with the fractured relief given from the cool metal.

With the pain sapping my strength. I fought to remain standing as the pain numbed my surroundings. The tension in my hands, as the muscles ceased-up, whitened my knuckles. Unable to deny the anguished screams of my muscles any longer, I unlatched my fingers and collapsed. Exhaustion shook my body with writhing movements  as each cell in my body forces itself to relax. The muscles relaxing cleared my vision a little. Enough to notice the boisterous woven hessian bags in a corner in a corner diagonal to me; new alloy spokes and gleaming hub embraced in leathered rubber tyres towards my feet; and a pair of men's black leather shoes.

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