Good girls don't lie

Calum Hood's twin sister was a sweet, non popular, natural girl before Claum left for tour. She changed everything. Now she is a sassy, popular, girly, make up wearing girl. She has everything she wants and needs. But what happens when Calum comes home from his tour, what will he think?


24. World Tours

My god it's been a while!! I am so very sorry, I've just had extreme writers block!! This will probably be my last chapter on this Movella, as for one, I have a bit of writers block and two, I'm focusing on 'Teach me how to love again' my new Harry Styles fanficiton. Well, anyways, enjoy. As always, lots of love,

    ~ Jedi_granger (previously Elounor_forever) Xxx


Calum's P.O.V

I watch Ashton and my sister as they cuddle on the couch. I sign, turning my head away. I know I shouldn't care but I'm scared she'll get hurt, Ashton's lovely, but still, you never know...

"They'll be fine" Claudia says softly, stroking my hair as I rest my head on her. "I know" I sigh. Claudia chuckles softly and kisses my head. 

I look over at Luke and Mandy who are talking softly and occassionally glancing at Ashton and Ashley. I see Ma dy punch Luke's arm and turn away to face Michael, who is sitting by himself at the other end of the couch to Claudia and I. Ashley see's me looking at Michael and stands up. She walks over to Michael and sits on his lap. Michael wraps his arms around her and chuckles to himself. 

Ashton glares at Michael and Ashley, now it's my turn to chuckle. 

"Mickey, can you help me?" Ashley asks, turning around to face Michael. "It depends" Mickey shrugs. "Just come with me" Ashley stands up and leads Michael out the room. Ashton stands up ready to follow them.

"Sit down Ash. After all you two have been through she isn't going to cheat on you with her best friend" Mandy waves her hand at Ashton, reluctantly, Ashton sits back down. 

Michael's P.O.V

Ashley leads me out the room and to hers. "Since you boys are going on tour and won't come back for a long long long time, I want to make something for you that'll make you remember me, but I don't know how to do it" Ashley explains, sitting on her bed, I sit next to her and nod for ner to go on.

She explains her plan to me, wanting to make a massive collage of all our moments. 

For most of the afternoon Ashley and I sit in her room gluing pictures of all of us boys or the girls with Ashley. After we've covered every part of the paper ,except the middle bit Ashley ordered us not to cover, Ashley picks up a sharpie and starts writing a message.

'Boys, you've made me realise that it's not just looks and good voices that matter, it's personality. I love you boys so much, you're my family. I was wrong about what I said to Calum, life gave you all a second family and Cal, you didn't lose your first <3 I love you boys, don't forget me. Lots of love, Ashley <3 Xoxoxo'

Ismile as she decorates the space around the writing with different coloured flowers, microphones, musical instruments and random little drawings. 

She puts the poster on her bed and stands up, helping me up. "Only read these when you've left this city, okay? Make sure the boys all get them" Ashley hands me four envolopes, adressed to each one of us boys.

Ashley picks up her poster and I help her carry it downstairs. "Boys, get up" Claudia orders, spotting up. Ashley mouths thanks to her as the boys all stand up. I go and stand with the boys and Mandy and Claudia come to help hold the massive piece of paper. 

Ashley silently hands it to Cal and Luke. We all look over it together and read the message. Luke steps away first and hugs Ashley, saying something in her ear. She nods, silent tears are sliding down her cheeks. I look at the clock, an hour until we leave..

*an hour later*

Aston hugs Ashley first, they both cry, talking softly to each other, Luke and Mandy are laughing about something and Claudia and Calum are hugging each other, not saying anything. I as the only one who's girlfriend is not here am standing alone with the bags. Calum pulls away from Claudia and goes to his sister. He completely breaks down, to the floor. 

Ashley sits on the floor next to Calum and pulls him into her arms, stroking his hair. She starts singing softly to him and eventually Calum stops crying, he hugs his twin sister and kisses her forhead. "Don't change again" Calum jokes. Ashley chuckles through her tears. "Don't become a stuck up obnoxious idiot again". Calum laughs and goes to hug Mandy. 

Luke turns away from Claudia and opens his arms, Ashley runs over to Luke and hugs him tightly. They both cry. She must have said something amusing as Luke chuckles. Ashley says something to Luke who nods. "And you look after Mandy" Luke orders. I go over to them, getting ready for my hug. I hear Ashley say to Luke, "Look after Ash and Cal, but keep a special eye out for Mickey, he hasn't been home in so long and has had to be pretty much in charge this whole trip, let him loose for a bit". Luke chuckles and nods, eyeing me. I smile. 

Luke hugs Ashley again and goes to stand with the rest of our friends. 

Ashley and I latch onto each other. She's my best friend and I don't know if I can leave her. She cries into my shoulder and I cry into her hair. We pull away but not completely, just so we can talk.

"Look after yourself" she orders. "Same goes for you" I nod. "Visit me soon" she sighs. "Deffinately" I smile softly. Ashley smiles at the idea and looks to the boys who are all softly crying. "Look after them alright" She smiles. "And you look after them" I signal my head to Claudia and Mandy. "Deal?" "Deal" we both say.

She hugs me tightly, I hug her back just as tight. "Don't forget my envelopes" Ashley yells after us as we start to board the plane. "Be safe!" She yells. "Call soon!" She adds. "Visit soon!" She adds. "I love you!!" She yells. I stick my head out the door and blow her a kiss. She waves, smiling and crying. 

Mandy and Claudia lead her away, the three girls all crying and laughing and chatting, bumping each other as they walk towards the carpark.

"Envelopes?" Luke asks me. I hand each of the boys their envelope and open mine. 

Inside is a picture of a drawing she must have drawn it on the Skate Park as lots of colours and drawings surround it. It's a coloured picture of me and her holding hands, above it it says 'Never to be separated'. 

I turn the picture over and read the note she wrote.

'Mickey. Be safe. Live long. I love you. Thank you <3 XOXOXO'

I smile. It's short, but it means so much. So. Much. 


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