Good girls don't lie

Calum Hood's twin sister was a sweet, non popular, natural girl before Claum left for tour. She changed everything. Now she is a sassy, popular, girly, make up wearing girl. She has everything she wants and needs. But what happens when Calum comes home from his tour, what will he think?


18. What's over?

Ashton's P.O.V

"Calum. I am putting you in charge as your mother and I both have to work away. You know the drill. I will be checking in every few days. I am trusting you" Calum's and Ashley's father states. Calum's mum stands up and struts out, followed by his father. "What did Ashy mean, you're over?" Calum asks narrowing his eyes at me. "A stupid game we were playing, it's kind of...complicated" I mutter. 

Did Ashley mean that we were actually over? Was it heat of the moment? Calum nods. "I'm off to bed" Michael mumbles and walks off. Luke and Calum stand up and go off to their rooms. I go to Ashley's room. 

I knock on the door softly and go in. "I know about you two" Michael states. "Well there isn't a you two anymore" Ashley rolls her eyes. "What do you mean?" I ask. "I mean I dumped you" Ashley snaps. "Ashley-" "No Michael! I just can't handle it! I have so much pressure on me and you and Ashton are not helping" Ashley yells. "What's happening?" Luke asks, coming in. "JUST LEAVE ME ALONE!" Ashley screams running into her ensuit. She slams the bathroom door shut and locks it. "Ashley-" "Go away Luke" Ashley sobs through the door. "No" Luke states. "I said go away" Ashley yells. Calum comes in and throws a key to Luke. Luke catches it swiftly and unlocks the door. 

"We aren't leaving you. You need some friends right now" Luke says calmly. "Well get me Mandy and Claudia!" Ashley snaps. "We are your friends" Michael smiles. "If you were my friends you wouldn't have dobbed me in to my parents!" Ashely yells. "And if you won't leave, then I will!" Ashley grabs a handbag from under her bed. Calum and I block the door. Michael and Luke back her to the wall. 

"When you are trying to stop someone from escaping. A little word of advice, don't back them up against an open window" Ashley flashes us a grins and jumps out the window. She lands with a soft thud and sprints off. "Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant" Calum groans. Michael slams his fist on the wall and jumps out the window and runs off. I sigh and rush out the door. I jump into my car and drive towards Mandy's house. I call Calum. "Yeah?" He asks. "Don't call your parents" I order and hang up. I spot someone sitting on a bench at the park, curled up. It starts to pour with rain. Thanks Australia. Always raining when I don't need it. I park the car on the side of the road and jump out. I run to the bench to see it's Ashley. Bingo.

"Are we really over?" I ask Ashley. She looks up at me. "Yes" she states. "Why?" I ask. "You wouldn't understand" Ashley shakes her head. "Please just-" "I can't go home. Calum will go off and I can't deal with that" Ashley sobs. "I'm sure he won't go offfff" I trail off. "He will. I know him" Ashley sighs. She stands up and kisses me. "No you idiot. Don't do that" she hits her head against a tree. "I gotta run" she kisses me once more and runs off. "No! ASHLEY!!" I yell. "Forget me Ashton. I was just a girl you knew!" Ashley yells from the darkness. I groan and deliever the bad news to the boys. 

This is not goood.

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