Good girls don't lie

Calum Hood's twin sister was a sweet, non popular, natural girl before Claum left for tour. She changed everything. Now she is a sassy, popular, girly, make up wearing girl. She has everything she wants and needs. But what happens when Calum comes home from his tour, what will he think?


21. The Skate Park

Michael's P.O.V

"WHAT THE HELL DO YOU MEAN YOU CUDDLED? YOU CAN NOT CUDDLE ANOTHER MAN! YOU ARE MY GIRLFRIEND! MINE!" Luke roars at Mandy as silent tears roll down her cheeks. "Luke" Ashely warns, trying to catch his eye. What happened between them two? "No Ashley! You are no better. You-you-" "If you dare finish that sentence I will personally cut your voice box out" Ashley hisses. "Why can't Calum know that you and Ashton were dating? Huh?" Luke yells, cutting Ashley's pleads off. 

Mandy and Calum gasp together. Ashley's face takes over a look of pure rage, steam practically coming out of her ears. "I. Was. Protecting. Him" Ashley spits out each word dangerously. Luke has a look of terror on his face, he knows he's gone too far. He regains his confidence quickly. "From what? You were the only one who was being protected. You were being SELFISH!!" Luke yells out selfish. "How Luke? How?" Ashley laughs. "Ashton obviously wanted people to know about your relationship-" "Actually I didn't want Calum to know because I knew he would do whatever it took to break us up" Ashton pipes up. 

Calum nods slightly. "You guys are perfect for each other" Luke laughs bitterly. "That is quite enough from you young man!" Claudia orders pushing Luke over to me. "Actually no, please come back" Claudia smiles. Luke waddles back over to where he was before, yes he waddled. 

"Ashley go blow off some steam before you murder us all" Claudia orders, directing her to the front door. "Be safe!" I yell after her. "Now Luke. Mandy can cuddle whoever she likes and you can not stop her! And Mandy, I don't see what you did wrong, you were honest and loyal, so waddle off my dear, go make some dinner for us yeah?" Claudia smiles, basically telling her to go away. Mandy hugs Claudia and heads to the kitchen. "Now Luke. You are one of the only lucky men who gets to date Mandy now you will not get mad at her for cuddling one of her best friends!" Claudia yells pointing at be. 

"You are one of the luckiest men in the world to be able to date Mandy and you will not sabotage your relationship because you were jealous!" Claudia yells. "Now go and apologise to Mandy" Claudia orders. "I did nothing wr-" "GO!" Claudia snaps. Luke rolls his eyes and stomps to the kitchen. "DON'T GET IN A FIGHT!" Claudia yells to them. She spins around to Calum.

"Where does Ashley go to blow off steam?" She asks. "I know" I say remembering a conversation Ashy and I had once. "Then tell me?" Claudia pleads. "I can't. I promised her. I'll go and get her" I say. Everyone left in the room looks at me. "It's private" I mutter and grab my phone. I take Calum's car keys and drive to the skate parl.  I spot Ashley and walk over to her. She's drawing a picture of a dragon, it's very detailed. "Like it?" She asks, not looking up. 

"It's amazing" I smile, sitting beside her. She sets the sharpie down and looks around at the deserted skate park. "It's beautiful isn't it?" She says softly. "The park, it's tragically beautiful" she smiles. The trees are all burnt, victims off a terrible fire, the only things left is the old skate park.

"I started coming here the first time Calum hurt me, this was my first drawing" Ashley runs her hand over a fairy, a really good one too. "You drew that when you were little?" I ask amazed. Ashley nods, smiling weakly. "Everything here was drawn by me, nobody removes it, it's a piece of art, the police won't let anyone touch it except me" Ashley smiles. She turns to me. "What brings you here?" She asks. "Claudia wanted you" I say quietly, scared to break the quietness. "Then let's go" Ashley gathers up her sharpies and slides them into her pockets.


I am really sorry for the reallly late update from me!!

I've been busy with school and reading and stuff. I will make a bigger effort to come on more, but for now, I apologise. 

I'm going camping for the night so I'll try and come on later tomorrow. 

As always, lots of love

~ Elounor_forever xxx

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