Good girls don't lie

Calum Hood's twin sister was a sweet, non popular, natural girl before Claum left for tour. She changed everything. Now she is a sassy, popular, girly, make up wearing girl. She has everything she wants and needs. But what happens when Calum comes home from his tour, what will he think?


12. The boyfriend

Ashley's P.O.V

"Sorry" Lucas says as he bumps into me. "It's ok, where are you going?" I ask. "Geography. You?" Lucas asks. "Same" I smile. He grins and we walk together. 

Lucas is one of the popular, strong, good looking, muscles kind of guy. He plays afl for the school and is by far the best player. He is also the only person I can tollerate at this school for more than an hour. "How's your break up going?" Lucas smirks. I roll my eyes. "Fine thanks" I smile. "Your ex would say different" Lucas chuckles. "Let him say what he wants, I don't care" I say. Lucas nods.

I think back to what Calum said earlier and an idea pops into my mind.

"Ashy, do you have a boyfriend? You keep smiling at your phone" Calum asks. "Uhm, yeah" I smile, not bothering to lie. "Can I meet him?" Calum asks. "If you promise not to freak" I say. "Promise" Calum smiles.

Aston shoots me a confused look. I simply wink at him. There's no way Calum is finding out about Ashton and I.

"Lucas, you know how I helped you with your girl in nineth grade?" I ask. Lucas nods. "Can you help me?" I ask. I explIn my plan to Lucas. I leave out who I'm secretly dating. "Of course, so you'll take me home tonight?" Lucas asks. "Yes" I smile. Lucas nods. "Great, see you then" Lucas hugs me and takes his seat. I take mine and text Ashton under the table.

'Everything is taken care of. No need to worry babe. Calum won't find out about us xxx - Ashy<3'

'Ok, what's the plan xxx - Asht<3'

'I'm bringing home my 'boyfriend' tonight xxx - Ashy<3'

'Should I be worried? ;) xxx - Asht<3'

'Deffinately not babe xxx - Ashy<3'

'Shouldn't you be at school? Xxx - Asht<3'

'I am at school xxx - Ashy<3'

'Do your work missy! ;) xxx - Asht<3'

'You sound like my teacher xxx - Ashy<3'

'I am your teacher, gotta go. Bye babe xx - Asht<3'

'Weirdo _-_ Bye hun xxx - Ashy<3'

I put my phone away and do my work, reluctantly.


"Ok, if my brother asks a million questions I truely am sorry" I say as we near the front door. "Don't worry" Lucas smiles. He puts his arm around my waist, I do the same to him. He pulls me close to him, so that there's no space between us. I unlock the door and walk inside with Lucas. 

I shut the door and throw my bag on the couch. "I'm home!!" I call out. "ASHY!!!" Michael grins sprinting over to us. He hugs me tightly and shakes Lucas' hand. "I'm Michael" Michael smiles. "Hey Mikey" I chuckle. "Hey Ashy" Luke smiles. "Hey Luke" I grin. He hugs me and shakes Lucas' hand and introduces himself.

"Where's Ash and Cal?" I ask. "Ashton is somewhere and Calum is making food" Luke shrugs. "I'm here" Calum smiles. He hugs me and turns to Lucas. This will be embarrassing. "Calum, this is my boyfriend Lucas. Lucas, this is my brother Calum" I introduce them. Lucas sticks his hand out and Calum shakes it.

"I'm going to find Ashton" I say and make my way upstairs as Calum asks Lucas a lot of questions. I knock on Ashton's door lightly and walk in. I close the door and lean against it. Ashton is facing away from me without a shirt on. 

I walk behind him and wrap my arms around his waist. He spins around and smiles. I hug him tightly and kiss him. "Why aren't you downstairs?" I ask him. "I didn't want to see you with another man" Ashton says. I smile. "Well you will have to suck it up, if you don't want Calum to split us up" I kiss him once more. "Now get downstairs" I order and go downstairs. "Ash is coming down shortly" I smile. Luke nods and hugs me. "Can Mandy come over soon?" He asks. I smile. "Of course" I grin. "Yey!!" He grins. 

I text Mandy, demanding she comes over right this instant. "Mandy's comin' over" I smile. Luke grins and the other boys, including Lucas nod. 

"I better go, I have afl soon" Lucas smiles. I nod. "Bye Lucas" the boys chorus. I shake my head and lead Lucas out. "Thank you so much" I whisper. "No problem, it was fun" Lucas chuckles. I see the boys looking at us through the window and decide to play my part.

I wrap my arms around Lucas' neck and hug him tightly. He chuckles and spins me around. "Goodnight babe" Lucas says, so that my brother will hear. "Goodnight Lucas" I smile. "Love you" I grin. "Love you too" Lucas kisses my cheek and gets in his car. I wait for him to drive off before going inside.

"You know most couples kiss" Ashton accuses. Why did he bring that up? "Lucas has a bit of a cold and is wayyyy to paronoid that he'll give his cold to me, so at the moment he only kisses me on the cheek" I chuckle. "That's cute" Mandy smirks walking past me. "Hey Mandy" I laugh. She waves weirdly and hugs my brother. "Hey Cal" "Hey Mand" Calum chuckles. Mandy hugs the other boys. As she hugs Luke, Luke has the biggest smile I have ever seen placed on his face.

They would be cute....

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