Good girls don't lie

Calum Hood's twin sister was a sweet, non popular, natural girl before Claum left for tour. She changed everything. Now she is a sassy, popular, girly, make up wearing girl. She has everything she wants and needs. But what happens when Calum comes home from his tour, what will he think?


6. Meeting the band

Ashley's P.O.V

"Come on Ash, I'll come, if you want," Mandy shrugs as we stand outside my house debating whether or not I will go inside. Mandy says I should, I on the other hand think I should stay outside. I sigh. "No, you go home Mandy, I'll talk to my brother" I groan.

"Good luck" she chuckles hugging me. "Thanks!" I call after her as she walks away to her car. She flashes me a grin and disappears into her car. I think about not going inside, but remember what Mandy said.

'It'll be fine babe, and if you need someone you text me and I'll come pick you up and talk to your mum, be brave Ash'

I sigh and slowly walk into my home. "Ash, living room is where your brother is, I'm off to work, goodnight sweetie" dad kisses my forehead and leaves the house. I smile slightly and go into the living room, expecting Calum to start yelling at me again. 

"Hi" I say, seeing three boys, but not Calum. "Hello! Calum's gone to sleep. I'm Luke, this is Michael and this is Ashton" Luke flashes me a grin as he points to the two other boys as he says their names.

"I'm Ashely, sorry for earlier. I kind of over react with my idiotic brother" I chuckle slightly. Ashton laughs. "It's fine, it's just nice to finally meet you" Michael grins. I chuckle. "So what do you guys do in the band?" I ask, I always get their positions in the band mixed up.

"I'm on the drums, Michael plays guitar and Luke is the lead singer thing and plays guitar" Ashton smiles. His smile is to die for. He's so cute! "I can't play an instrument, I tried playing the drums once and I knocked someone out with the disc thing" I say. "How?" Luke asks as Michael laughs. 

"I was hitting the drums and I hit the disc thing with my fist by accident and it flung up and knocked someone out. I decided to stay away from the drums after that" I trail off. The three boys burst out laughing, gasping for air. I laugh at their faces.

"You're funny" Ashton laughs. "I try" I grin. "I better see if Calum's alright, I'll be back" I say and jog to Calum's room. I knock on the door lightly. I get no response so I open the door and slip in.

"Hey Calum" I say. "What do you want?" He asks roughly. "I was wondering if you wanted to start again, from earlier" I say. "No" Calum spits. I roll my eyes. "Suit yourself" I say and walk out, silently fuming on the inside.

"Ashley, are you okay?" Luke asks as I try calming myself down. "Fine" I say, gritting my teeth. "What's up?" Michael asks making me sit beside him and Ashton. "Calum's an idiot" I roll my eyes. "What happened?" Ashton asks. "Nothing. I'm staying over my friends house" I say getting up and walking out the door, fuming. 

Calum annoys the life out of me. Maybe he shouldn't have come home at all. 

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