Good girls don't lie

Calum Hood's twin sister was a sweet, non popular, natural girl before Claum left for tour. She changed everything. Now she is a sassy, popular, girly, make up wearing girl. She has everything she wants and needs. But what happens when Calum comes home from his tour, what will he think?


8. Mandy meets Luke

Luke's P.O.V

Mandy seems like a really cool person. "Come on Ash! He isn't going to kill you!! If anyone kills anyone it'll be me killin' you for not going into that room! Now lets go lets go lets go!!" Someone yells. The door flings opens and Ashley is shoved inside followed by a beautiful girl.

Ashton stands up before I can and walks over to the two girls. "Ashley, you're back! You must be.." "Mandy" Mandy flashes Ashton a grin. "I'm Ashton, this is Michael and-" "Luke" I say standing up. Mandy smiles at me and waves at Michael.

I go to speak to Mandy. "Where is Calum?" Mandy asks. "You are as blind as the three blind mice, he is sitting on the bed" Ashley rolls her eyes. "Oh" Mandy goes over to Calum. "Idiot. Come over here" Mandy orders. "But Man-" "Over here" Michael snaps at Calum a he tries to run away. Ashley tries to hide her smirk and stands next to Mandy.

"listen you two, If you don't mend your relationship I will go mental and kill everyone" Mandy rolls her eyes. I smirk.

Mandy has a lip ring, like me! She is wearing ripped jeans and an old band's t-shirt. "But he's an idiot," Ashley rolls her eyes, crossing her arms. "Well you're not that flattering either" Calum snaps. "At least I'm not a big-" "That's quite enough!" Michael cuts Ashley off, before she can go any further. "Why are you even here?" Calum asks roughly. "To mend relationships!" Mandy says dramatically. 

Calum rolls his eyes. "Come here Mandy, Ash, Michael" I order. The three follow me. "Don't kill each other" Ashton calls behind him. "Seriously though, don't" Michael says more seriously. When Mandy isn't looking I shoot Michael and Ash a look, signalling for them to get out. They nod and leave the room. "Where did they go?" Mandy asks turning around, chewing her lip ring. "They went outside to kick a ball around" I shrug. Mandy nods and smiles a little smile.

"So you're Luke" Mandy half smiles. I nod. "And you're Mandy" I smile. "Nice to finally meet you" I smile. Mandy nods, agreeing. Mandy and I talk for a bit, she's hilarious.

"Mandy!! Mandy help!!" Ashley yelps. Mandy jumps up and runs to Calum's room. I follow her, worried. Mandy tries to open the door, but it's locked. "You're such an idiot Ashley, thinking they would help you! They're my friends!" Calum yells, angry. I never knew he could be so angry.

I go to the door and bang on the door. "Open the door!" I yell, still banging on the door. "Go away Luke, you don't want to meet her, she's a stuck up, stupid-" "HAVE NO FEAR!! ASHTON'S HERE!!" Ashton yells sprinting towards the door. This is going to end badly, I can see it.

Ashton runs into the door and falls to the ground, laughing. Whenever he's hurt, he laughs. "Dears! I'm off for my honeymoon with your dad, look after each other, love you!" Mrs Hood calls out, completely oblivious to everything. "Bye mum" Calum calls out. "Have fun mummy!" Ashley calls back. The door slams closed and Calum starts yelling at Ashley again. 

Michael helps Ashton up. "I though they were already married" I say. "They are, they never had a honeymoon, so they are going for one now" Mandy informs us. I nod and look over to Michael. "Ashton do that again, but kick this time" Michael orders above the yelling from the other side of the door. Ashton nods and steps back as far as he can go.

He sprints to the door and does a flying kick. He does it a couple more times. He does it one more time and pieces of door go everywhere. I help Ashton up as Mandy and Michael run into the room. Ashley is sprawled out on the floor with Calum sitting on the bed, trying to control his breathing. Ashton and Mandy rush to Ashley's sides and Michael walks over to Calum.

"My god Ash, what happened?" Mandy gasps. "I said a sarcastic comment" Ashley hisses in pain as she tries to sit up. Ashton and Mandy help her. "And then Calum went off, and I learnt some very valuable truths" Ashley hisses again. "What did he say?" I ask eying Calum. "Why do you care?" Calum spits. Ashley takes her time getting up, hissing in pain and slowly walks over to Calum. Michael stands between them. "Michael, move aside, let's see what this thing can do to me" Calum smirks.

Michael obeys, after Mandy shooting him some looks, warning him. "Calum Calum Calum, what has fame done to you?" Ashley sighs, playing with his hair. "You used to be so lovely, you yell at me for changing, which may I add, is a part of life, but when you change everything is okay" Ashely sighs again. "You told me when we were younger, we would be together forever, no matter what. You told me nothing could ever seperate us, no one could ruin our friendship, siblingship" Ashley pauses for a moment.

"And then you are the one who causes us to part, yes I could have told you I changed, but I though you wouldn't care. I love you Calum, even after today, even after everything that you said to me, even after all the kicks and blows you threw at me. If Mandy was going to drive me anywhere else last night, and yes it is morning, it's one thirty, anyways, I wouldn't have gone, but I came for you Calum" Ashley sighs. 

"I came because I was hoping some part of my twin brother would approve of me, some part of him would forgive me, take care of me" Ashley looks as if she will burst into tears. Michael puts a protective arm around Ashley. "But noe that I know that he won't I have nothing else to do here except protect Mandy, goodbye Calum. We had a good run you and I, but as they say, when life gives, it also takes. Life gave you fame, a second family" Ashley points to me, Ashton and Michael. "A new life, but it took me from you" Ashley finishes her speech. 

She hugs Michael and slowly walks towards the door. We all, even Calum follow her downstairs. "Oh and one more thing Claum" Ashley says, picking up her handbag. "I hope you are proud of what you did today, and I hope you can live with it through your life" Ashley says, before slowly walking out into the night. "Well I must say, first impressions of you, Mr. Calum, have not been very good" Mandy smirks. "Now I must be off, before my mother goes off" Mandy laughs at her pun and leaves the house. 

"And then, there were four" Ashton declares. "OUCH OUCH OUCH!! PRICKLE IN MY FOOT!! WHY DO I NOT HAVE SHOES ON!! WHY DOES THE WORLD HATE ME?!?!" Ashley yells hoping around her front yard holding her foot. 

"I really think I need to see a doctor about my ribs, I wish I had my own car" Ashley says to herself. "Maybe if I took someones, no that's stealing. Hmm, aha!! Mum left her car, oh how I love you mum" Ashley sighs. "She took her keys! I can't go back inside, Calum is there, hmm, this bush looks comfortable. Nighty night world that seems to be against me today" Ashley mumbles.

"Michael, come with me" Ashton orders going outside. "Where are we going?" Michael asks. "To the doctors" Ashton says. "But we're not sick" Michael says in that tone where you think everyone is dumber than you. "Not for us you idiot, for Ashley" Ashton snorts. "That does make sense, see you guys later" Michael calls as he follows Ashton.

"What is wrong with me?" Claum asks me as I close the door. "Nothing Cal, nothing" I sigh.


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