Good girls don't lie

Calum Hood's twin sister was a sweet, non popular, natural girl before Claum left for tour. She changed everything. Now she is a sassy, popular, girly, make up wearing girl. She has everything she wants and needs. But what happens when Calum comes home from his tour, what will he think?


19. Lying for her

Hello everyoneee. We've taken a reallly long time to update and it is really shorg. I am really sorry, don't hate ussss??? As you may have notice I now have two new co-authors. They are....Black Cat Suicide<3 and Katy M. So go give those wonderful people a follow!! Also, I'm going camping for a week, so I will not be on until Sunday, but these two lovely people can uldate for you, if they can, I'm not promising anything. As always, lots of love,

  ~Elounor_forever xxx


Calum's P.O.V

I pace around this living room. I'm so worried about my sister. I regret telling my parents about the party. It was a stupid idea, I should have kept my big mouth shut! Ashton comes walking through the door, absolutely soaked. "She's gone" he sighs, rubbing his neck. "No she's not, she's at the local pub" Luke mutters, standing up. "All of you stay here, I'll get her" Luke states, taking the keys from Ashton and going outside. My phone rings, showing that it's mum calling me. I take a deep breath and answer it.

"Mum" I nod. "How is she?" Mum asks, sighing. "I wouldn't know" I shrug. I can't tell her where she is. She'll get in even more trouble. "Why not? Where is she? Can I talk to her?" Mum asks, sounding worried. "She's in her room and she's upset and angry, talk to her when she's calmed down" I lie. "I tried to call her phone but she didn't pick up" mum worries. "Yeah, it's flat" I nod. "Ok" mum says, not sounding convinced. "Gotta go mum, love you" I say and hang up. 

"So we're lying for her now" Michael remarks. "It would appear so" Ashton chuckles. I smile. "I don't know whether I'm angry with myself or upset" Ashley sighs, coming through the door. "Well you broke up with your boyfriend, so I'd say both, come on, lets go" Luke grins, taking her upstairs. We all follow them. "What are you doing?" Ashley asks. "Being your best friend" Luke chuckles, putting Ashley's least favourite movie in. "I'm still confused" Ashley mumbles. "You broke up with your boyfriend, so we eat chocolate, ice-cream and watch sappy love movies" Luke smirks. "Can we watch Fast and Furious instead?" Ashley asks. "Thank god you asked that" Luke grins, changing the disc. Ashley laughs and jumps on the bed. 

"Are they watching it with us?" Ashley asks. "How am I supposed to know?" Luke asks. "You might be God?"Ashley smirks. "Fair enough, in that case. No, they're not. Go away" Luke says and goes into the kitchen. 

Ashley's P.O.V

I sit on my bed, waiting for Luke to come back. At the moment, he's the only one I am ok with. He came and apologised, he actually tried. How he found me, I have no idea. I'll have to ask him that later. "I'm backkk!! Let's watch!" Luke grins closing the door and jumping on the bed next to me, pulling the covers over us. He places the popcorn and chocolate in the middle of us and presses play on the controller. 

We watch all six fast and furious movies. "We need to watch seven" I state as Luke puts the disc in it's packet thingy. "Yeah, we'll go to the movies" Luke grins. "I'm grounded?" I chuckle. "That didn't stop you before, now did it?" Luke challenges. "Eh, fair point" I chuckle. Luke nods and grins like he just won a major award or something. I chuckle and throw the empty popcorn bowl on the floor, along with the empty chocolate wrapper. "Don't you need to take pills or something?" Luke asks, as I close my eyes to sleep. "Oh yeah, thanks Lukey" I grin. "Ew no" we both say at the same time, pulling faces at what I called him. "Never" "Again" we both nod and I go to the kitchen to take my tablets. 

I pour a glass of water and grab my tablets out of the cupboard. I swallow them and drink the glass of water as fast as I can. For the reason, that Ashton, Michael and Calum all just came into the kitchen, and it is extremely uncomfortable for me. I dodge past Calum and Michael and run upstairs. I sigh and fall asleep. 

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