Good girls don't lie

Calum Hood's twin sister was a sweet, non popular, natural girl before Claum left for tour. She changed everything. Now she is a sassy, popular, girly, make up wearing girl. She has everything she wants and needs. But what happens when Calum comes home from his tour, what will he think?


10. Kisses and tickles

Ashton's P.O.V

I wake up to find Ashley asleep next to the door. Why is she there? Her bean bags are on the other side of the room. I grab my phone and call Calum. "She sleep walks" he says and hangs up. "Thanks Cal" I grin to myself. How did he know what I was going to ask?..

"What the hell?" Ashley mumbles sitting up. Her hair is all over her face. I clamp my mouth shut and try to keep myself from bursting into a fit of laughter. "How did I get over here?" She asks me. "Apparently you sleep walk" I inform her. "I forgot to take my tablets" Ashley groans hitting her head on the door. Tablets? "CALUM!!!" Ashley yells. "Oh wait..NEVERMIND!!" She yells. "I'll be back in a minute" she says standing up.

She opens the door. I follow her to the kitchen, I'm hungry. She grabs a tablet of some sort and throws it in the bin. She smiles at me and grabs a bowl and some cereal. "Do you have any ba-" "Second draw in the freezer" Calum says joining us in the kitchen. I grin and grab the bacon. I hand it to him and he starts cooking it for me. "Do you still eat like a pig or have you changed that too?" Calum asks, sounding, almost, nice. "I changed that too" Ashley say eating her cereal. 

"Since when did you eat low fat cereal?" Calum asks raising both his eyebrows. "Since you left" Ashley says softly. Calum sighs. "Michael, Luke and I are going out" Calum says handing me a plate of bacon. I nod. "I'm staying" I tell him. "Alright see you both later, boys lets go!" Calum calls walking off. Michael and Luke grab some bacon and follow him. 

"Why did you change?" I ask, curious. "When Calum left I was upset and couldn't handle being a lonely teenager for the rest of my teenage years. So I lost some weight, changed my clothes and kept my diet healthy" Ashley shrugs. "I haven't changed all that much, you just have to get to know me for me to be myself and not some stuck up queen bee" Ashley shrugs. "That's just my cover" she adds. I nod. "It's your coping mechanism" I nod. "Excatly" she smiles and places her bowl in the dishwasher. 

"You seem to get me" she observes. "I do seem too" I chuckle. She pokes my sides and runs off. I shove the last piece of bacon in my mouth and chase her.

After running around the house for ten minutes trying to catch her I finally catch her and pin her on her bed. I tickle her sides. She screams and her arms are waving about wildly, trying to stop me. 

"S-st-o-op!!" She screams. I laugh and finally stop tickling her. We stare into each others eyes. We both start leaning in, are we going to kiss?! 

We kiss. Holy cow. 

We spend our day cuddling and kissing. The front door opens and closes. "Ashley! We need to talk!" Calum sings. Ashley jumps away from me. "Nobody is to know about today" she hisses. I nod, feeling defeated. "Thank you" she whispers. She kisses me one last time before opening her bedroom door. "In here Calum!!" She calls "I'm sorry Ashley" Calum says.

"I overreacted, I'm sorry, it's still you, you just look different and have a cover" Calum says. "How do you know this?" Ashley asks crossing her arms. "We ran into Mandy and we talked for a bit" Calum smiles. Ashley grins. "I've missed having a brother" Ashley grins. Calum smiles and hugs Ashley. "What did you guys do today?" Michael asks sitting on the end of the bed. Luke sits on the couch that I just noticed that is in Ashley's room. Calum and Ashley sit on her bean bags together. "Watched some movies, died a couple of times" Ashley shrugs. 

"Died?" Luke chuckles. "Ash kept tickling me" Ashley laughs. "So it's Ash now is it?" Michael teases wiggling his eyebrows. "I suppose, actually it feels like I'm talking to myself" Ashley chuckles. "Are you free this weekend?" Calum asks. "I'm probably with Mandy, otherwise yes" Ashley smiles. "Mandy and you could come to the zoo with us" Luke suggests. "Maybe, I'm not actually sure. I was asked on a date" Ashley shrugs. I feel my face drop. "With who?" Calum asks. "Mandy" Ashley laughs. Calum shakes his head. My smile is placed on my face again. 

Calum, Michael and Luke all go to the living room to watch some show. Before I can go, Ashley shuts the door and hugs me. "Thank you Ashton" Ashley whispers kissing me. "Why aren't we telling people?" I ask. "Because I just got my brother back and I am not losing him again, but I don't want to lose you either, so if nobody knows about us, nobody can seperate us" Ashley explains. I nod. She's right. "You won't lose me" I kiss her lips softly. "Now let's go to the living room before they start asking questions" I suggest. She nods and opens the door. I take my hand away from hers and walk in.

"Where's Ashley?" Luke asks. "Toilet" I answer. He nods and turns back to the TV. I sit beside him on the couch. Ashley joins us and sits on Michael's lap. "Hey Ashy" he grins. "Hey Mikey" Ashley grins. He moves over and they sit on the swirley chair together, talking quietly. I see Calum staring at them. I rest my hand on his shoulder. "They're just friends, nothing more" I reassure him. "Thanks Ash" Calum smiles. I nod and turn to the tv. 

I wish Ashley was sitting with me and not Michael. 



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